Chapter 7: Help The Empress Change Clothes.


Jun Qian Che gazes at her in anger, “The man in your heart, who is it?”


Mo Qi Qi blanks out and stares at him, her brain has stopped moving:  What kind of situation is this?  Weren’t we talking about the women in his heart?  Why is it on me now?


“Your Majesty, I—— uh!”  Mo Qi Qi wants to tell him that nobody is in her heart, but before she gets the chance to say it, he suddenly leans down and kiss her lips.  His kiss is overbearing and unreasonable, as though it is a punishment.


Once Mo Qi Qi gets over her shock, she immediately protests and pushes him away.


But Jun Qian Che seems to have a lot of anger inside, he restrains her against the side of the pool tightly, pressing her two hands against the white jade stones.


Mo Qi Qi is taken aback, is this idiot planning to use force? This despicable man, she must not let him succeed!  Since she can’t use hands, she might as well use her legs!


But the moment she lift her legs, Jun Qian Che sees through it and presses against it with force.  Both her hands and legs cannot be used, there is only one way left.


As Mo Qi Qi thinks of that, she uses force and bite his lips.  Once she did that, the taste of blood spreads.  Jun Qian Che frowns and pulls away immediately.  He stares at her.


Mo Qi Qi quickly pushes him away and increases their distance, she points at him and says, “You—- Please have some respect, even though I am your empress, you still can’t force me to do things I don’t like!”


Jun Qian Che suddenly outstretches his arms and pulls her out of the pond.


Mo Qi Qi nervously tells him, “Wei!  What are you planning to do?  If you dare to force me, I— I—- I—— I—– I will die for you to see! Ah!  You hoodlum!”


Now that they’re out of the pond, Mo Qi Qi realizes he isn’t wearing anything on him.  She sheepishly turns her head around in embarrassment.


Jun Qian Che walks in front of a long couch and picks up a black long robes.  “Somebody come,” he says coldly.


Palace maids and eunuchs quickly enter in large numbers, carrying clothes, headgears and incense.  They help Jun Qian Che change clothes.


Mo Qi Qi twists her own sleeves dry, her heart steeps in anger.


Jun Qian Che opens his golden mouth again, “Help the empress change clothes.”


Mo Qi Qi is flabbergasted and immediately rejects his order, “No need, no need.  I’ll change in Feng Yang Palace.”  He wants her to strip in front of him and so many people.  Hehe, she is not as thick-skinned as him.


A couple of palace maids circle her, humbly speaking, “Your Ladyship, the night is cold.  If Your Ladyship goes back like this, you will definitely get sick.  Please take off your clothes.”

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“I don’t want to!” Mo Qi Qi places her two hands in her chest protectively.


By then, Jun Qian Che has already finished changing, seeing her so uncooperative, he coldly speaks, “Stop being so willful.  If you refuse to take it off, zhen can help you.”


Mo Qi Qi really have the urge to attack him, how could he said such embarrassing things in front of so many people?  She really wants to dissect his face and see just how thick his skin is.


“No need, chenqie will do it myself.  But chenqie is used to being served by Ban Xiang, can I have Ban Xiang over?” Mo Qi Qi sweetly says as she looks at Jun Qian Che.


Jun Qian Che glances at a middle-aged eunuch and nods.


Eunuch Lin immediately go and do his bidding.


Mo Qi Qi continues to be brave, “Your Majesty, can you go out first?”


Jun Qian Che stares at her for a moment before he turns around and leaves.  Mo Qi Qi quickly exhales in relief.


Ban Xiang arrives with her clothes not too long later, “Your Ladyship———“


Mo Qi Qi looks at her in dissatisfaction and scolds her, “Why did you come only now?  Bengong’s life was almost over!”


Ban Xiang looks at her in grief, “Your Ladyship, this servant has always been in front of the Dragon Pool Hall, but this hall is a restricted place by the emperor.  This servant dares not enter without the emperor’s order.”


“Where did you get that scam painter?  He almost harms me to death!” Mo Qi Qi angrily adds.


Ban Xiang quickly explain everything to her, “Your Ladyship, Paint Master Zhao is the palace’s best painter.  Your Ladyship’s map was required too hastily, so he mistakenly mark the dragon pool as toilet.”


“Because of his mistaken mark, I almost lost my innocence!”  Remembering the scene in the pool just now, Qi Qi is really scared ah.  She was almost taken by force by that Jun Qian Che.


A smile emerges on Ban Xiang’s gossip-piqued face, “Your Ladyship, what happened between you and the emperor just now?”


Mo Qi Qi lifts her hand and strikes her playfully in the head, “Nothing close to what you think happened. Hurry and help me change, I want to quickly leave this cursed place!”


Ban Xiang pulls her lips in disappointment and quickly helps Qi Qi change clothes.


The moment she finish changing, she walks out thinking Jun Qian Che has left.  But he hasn’t.


Jun Qian Che’s eyes fall on her, under the candlelight, she looks refined like jade, like the faint glow of new moon.  She looks calm and unfettered, gentle and graceful.


They have been married for two years but Jun Qian Che has never taken a good look on her because everytime they met, she would always got unreasonably irritating.  She would blame him for being with other women, complained that she wasn’t happy etc, so rather than her appearance, he would always associate her with her temper first.  Just thinking about her foul temper makes him want to walk away, who will have the heart to appreciate her beauty?


Mo Qi Qi sees the way he looks at her and unhappily draws her clothes together and says, “Your Majesty, chenqie retreats first.”


“Stop,” Jun Qian Che taciturnly says and once again blocks Mo Qi Qi from leaving.



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