Chapter 4: It’s All About Love

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s heart palpitated once more due to this post. He was at a loss about what to do next as he thought of the consequences if he got caught. He ran to the bathroom to wash his face to calm down.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

He sat in front of the computer again, taking a look at the replies of others.

“Fool, the truth can’t be proven without a picture!”

“Crap, the OP burned the pic!”

“Above posters all are scum, don’t feel bad sis, little brother will help you find the pervert!”

“Eh, according to the OP’s description, why do I feel as if this is to seek a marriage partner?”

“What to do? What to do? My skin is also snowy, and my eyes bright, but I didn’t grope the OP’s buttocks!”

“Above poster, don’t cover up, quickly tell us how it felt!”

Su Ke’s mind had calmed as he read through each of the replies. “As far as I recall, no one had seen me at that time, however, what should I do in case I’m caught?”

Thinking of the new mission within the space—yet another ‘groping’ mission—even though the enticement of the 200 RMB was huge for Su Ke, he could only renounce it to avoid being caught.

Su Ke’s family’s circumstances were average; the profits from his parents’ small store could barely maintain their livelihood. Moreover, the time for the college entrance exam was approaching, so striving for the university fees was the entire family’s current target.

Feeling his mind turn mush again, he instinctively opened his school bag, taking out today’s homework. Su Ke’s achievements could be considered as mediocre within the class, as for the entire year, his ranking was among the lowest, around 500 out of 650 Science students.

It was so bad that he could only carelessly write some answer in the school assignments, which had a 50% correct rate. Only, the previously complex mathematics problems now felt easy to him. The Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Basic Level) reward turned out to be effective.

By the time Su Ke had completed the homework, his parents had entered through the house door.

At the dining table, they didn’t show the least bit of exhaustion, even though they worked throughout the day. Su Ke bowed his head to eat the meal, casually saying, “Dad, Mom, I picked up 300 RMB today!”

Su Ke’s mother is named Zhang Xue. Though only around her forties, wrinkles had appeared on her face due to the fatigue; her looks from her youth were still prominent when she smiled. She laid the chopsticks down and looked at Su Ke. “Picked up? Su Ke, you didn’t pick them up at our store, right? Those are all our neighbors; it wouldn’t be good if they come knocking at our door!”

“Mom, I didn’t pick it at the store, I picked it up on the way home after classes!” Though Su Ke could hide this matter, thinking about how the value of the 300 RMB within his hands was equivalent to the food expenses of 2 months, he wished to lighten the burdens of his home even by a little bit.

“Really?” Zhang Xue felt skeptical.

“Ahh, my wife, why must you be overly suspicious? If Su Ke says he picked it up along the way, he must have. Do you want him to hand it over to the police uncle? Nowadays, it’s better to keep stuff than giving it to the police!” Looking at the expression in Zhang Xue’s eyes, Su Ke’s father hurriedly shut his mouth. “Let’s eat quickly!”

Su Ke’s father’s name is Su Youfu. Though there was a senior of the family, Su Youpeng of The Little Tigers band, the actual circumstances were quite different. He seemed to be over-aged, but in reality, he had only reached his forties recently. The vestiges of time left wrinkles behind on his face, and his once black hair was now dyed with patches of white.

Finishing his dinner, Su Ke put out an act of reviewing his homework, but all his head could think of was about buttocks, the reward, and so on. He simply couldn’t concentrate on anything; feeling helpless, he took a bath and laid down on the bed.

Darkness filled the room, but Su Ke couldn’t fall asleep; he had gone through a lot today. Though this Flower Pickup System had already appeared for five days, he had only completed the mission today and obtained a reward.

He closed his eyes to access the system space within his mind; the words displayed on the LCD screen were still the same:

Only allowed on

“Mission: Touch Li Feifei’s buttocks; Reward: 200 RMB.”

“Anyone?” Su Ke called out.

There was no response.

“No customer service! There should at least be a ‘Help’ section, right?” Su Ke carefully sized up the weird LCD screen, but there was nothing there except the words of the mission, completely bereft.

The more he thought, the more jittery he felt. He sat up and looked at the moonlight sprinkle into the pitch-black room through the window; seeing the silver-white floor unconsciously made him feel peaceful.

“Hooh!” He exhaled a long breath as he went towards the toilet. However, on the way, he happened to hear the voices of his parents talking in a low voice as he passed by their room.

“Wife, have you calculated yet?” Su Ke’s father said in a low voice, but it fell into Su Ke’s ears clearly during the silent night.

“En, 78.2 RMB!” Mama Zhang Xue’s voice seemed downcast. “Inflation’s been going on recently, business is also no good now!”

Total profit of 78.2 RMB a day sounds like much, but if calculated, a month would only roughly bring in 3000 RMB, leaving no time for the tired couple to rest.

Hearing his parents speak nothing of much interest and then go silent, Su Ke felt his mood become gloomy as he stood outside the door. Hardly had he taken a soft step when he heard his father speak again, “It’s nothing, the business will become better after a while. I heard from Old Zhang yesterday that the expenses for his family’s child for university were quite high!”

“Yes, I already asked a few people. Several thousand are needed nowadays to study at university for a year, I wonder where our Su Ke will qualify for?” Speaking of Su Ke, Zhang Xue’s voice turned gentle.

“Don’t put huge pressure on the child; it’s all good as long as he does his best. They often say on TV that students jump off from buildings to suicide due to huge pressure; it’s scary!” Su Youfu changed his posture, reaching out to embrace Zhang Xue’s shoulder with his hand. “I want Su Ke to get above the 3rd tier in the college entrance exam, so he should at least complete an undergraduate course!”

“3rd tier? The fee of those universities is about 10,000 RMB a year, that too without the other expenses!” Zhang Xue had queried about it clearly and hence blurted out.

“Only those with an undergraduate course as their educational background can find good work; we can’t allow Su Ke to become like us!” Su Youfu’s voice contained helplessness as well as hope.

Su Ke felt his eyes become moist. Paternal love was as high as a mountain; it held a massive weight, which directly struck his heart.  “Dad and Mom are worried about my studies even though they are exhausted, but what can I do for them?”

“Flower Pickup System! I have it!” Su Ke returned to his bed while clenching his fists. “I will change my destiny and let Dad and Mom live a good life!

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