Volume 1, Chapter 5: The Shameless Mother and Son Pair


“Greeting the Lord!” A group of people wearing armors appear in front of Situ Han Yi.


“I want to see Yun Qian Yu’s head by tomorrow.”


The black-armored men pause hesitantly.  The leader struggles on the inside as he speaks, “Master, the black-armored guards are not the equal of Yun Valley’s guards.  Besides the old master once ordered us to never have enmity with Yun Valley.”


Situ Han Yi is furious when he hears that.  He was humiliated to that extent by Yun Qian Yu and now, even his own guards self-deprecate themselves against Yun Valley’s guards?  He feels really angry, he has no idea where to vent.


“Not the equal of Yun Valley’s guards?  Then why is the Situ Family keeping all of you?” Situ Han Yi bellows in anger.


The leader’s eyes turns dark, he grits his teeth as he answers, “Please do not rage, master.  We will go now!”


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“Stop!”  The old madam says as she walks towards Situ Han Yi.  When he looks at his mother, his eyes are dark and unreadable.  If only his mother was honest to him from the very beginning, he would never experience the humiliation he experienced today.  The old madam looks at him, naturally knowing what is playing in his heart.  She turns to the kneeling guards and says, “All of you no longer have to do anything to Yun Qian Yu.  Retreat.”


The guards glance at Situ Han Yi.  After all, he is the master now.


When Situ Han Yi waves his hand away, those guards fade away.


The old madam sits in Feng Yun Hall, “Ever since your father was ill, Feng Yun manor did not create any new weapons.  That bastard son was indeed talented, but Mother could not allow him to have any success, so Mother designated a way to have him killed.  But Situ Clan is not adept in business.  When our financial condition turns dire, tragedy strikes Yun Valley.  Since Yun Qian Yu was your fiancée, Yun Tian sent her to Feng Yun manor and promised to send us one million liang of silver for every year she lived here before your marriage.  After your marriage, he would have given you the power to half of Yun Valley’s properties.  That marriage’s keepsake is the object that will give you the authority to them!”


When he hears that, Situ Han Yi is even more regretful!


They can easily fork out one million liang of silver each year, how much will the Yun Valley properties’ worth?  Besides, if Yun Qian Yu marries him, the entire Yun Valley will be more or less his.  This is the thing he regret the most in his entire lifetime.


“Han Yi, the reason Mother didn’t tell you the truth from the beginning was because Mother did not want you to lose face to Yun Qian Yu, unable to raise your head in front of her.”  Situ Han Yi is quiet.  She is right.  If he knew the truth from the start three years ago, he definitely would feel short compared to Yun Qian Yu.


“I originally planned to wait for a couple of days, she is of age this year.  Once she marries into Situ Family, everything she owns is also yours.  Including Yun Valley.  By then, even if you knows the truth, she is already your wife and will have to spend the rest of her life with you.  You no longer have to feel like you are one level below her.  But Mother underestimated that girl.  And Mother did not expect you would be so enthralled by Bai Fei Xu.”


The old madam is really regretful, she really didn’t think Yun Qian Yu would be so obscure.  If she had known this from the start, she would’ve told Han Yi everything long ago.   Thinking about her getting locked up in her own courtyard for an hour, she grits her teeth in anger.  Now that she thinks about it, that must have been Yun Qian Yu’s doing as well.  She knew she would try to stop Han Yi from breaking the arrangement.


Even though Situ Han Yi understand what the old madam is trying to say, he is already stuck in a sticky situation.  He has no idea what all those martial arts practitioners would say to others after witnessing their drama.  Situ Han Yi’s reputation has plummeted so hard!


The old madam look at her dispirited son and sighs.  “Han Yi, the current emperor is old.  The crown prince died early and the imperial grandson is still young.  Who do you think will own this world in the future?”


Situ Han Yi blanks out for a moment, before understanding what she is trying to imply.  “Rui Qinwang is the only heir.”


The old madam nods in agreement.  “Rui Qinwang have five sons and three daughters.  The eldest daughter married General Liu Mu’s eldest son.  The eldest son married the prime minister’s eldest primary daughter.  Half of the power in the current court is biased towards Rui Qinwang.” The old madam says meaningfully.


Situ Han Yi understand what his mother is trying to say.  She is telling him to change a new master.  Thinking about Rui Qinwang’s second son, Murong Xiu’s visit a couple of days ago, his eyes twinkles.  Even though the eldest son is Murong Xun, but the son Rui Qinwang like the most is Murong Xiu.


When the old madam knows Situ Han Yi understood her meaning, she laughs pleasantly.


“In a few days, Murong Xiu will come over to listen to your decision.  By then, your younger sister, Han Yu will also return.


Situ Han Yi’s heart brightens.  If his sister can marry Murong Xiu, she will be Tian Shun’s most distinguished lady!  By then, Feng Yun Manor couldn’t care less about Yun Valley!  By then, he will definitely shows it off to that lowly Yun Qian Yu!


“It is okay if that doesn’t work!  With my son’s impeccable look, I am sure the two unmarried daughters of Rui Qinwang will like you once they set their eyes on you!” The smile on the old madam’s lips is cunning.


When Situ Han Yi hears that, his eyes light up.  But, even though the Feng Yun Manor has quite a reputation in the martial arts circle, from the perspective of authority, they are just a merchant clan appointed by the royal family to develop weapons.  Can they climb into the royal family?


“Mother, our Situ Clan does not have a single new design at hand,  Even though we have the craftsmanship of our ancestor’s weapons, will we be able to negotiate with Rui Qinwang?”


Thinking about how their Situ Clan hasn’t release a single new design in the past three years, Situ Han Yi is stressed out.  The old madam feels a little lost as well.  Her son did not inherit her husband’s talent.  If only that bastard son is still alive.


The old madam takes out a piece of diagram from her chest, “This is that bastard son’s design.  It looks almost complete.  You study it for a while.  This is your final chance.”


Situ Han Yi accepts it happily, opening it up like it’s a treasure.


“Han Yi, you need to recruit some talents ah.” The old madam earnestly says.  This is the first time she regrets what she did back then.  She will not be able to face the Situ ancestors in the future.


Situ Han Yi nods, “Don’t worry, mother.  Son had begun recruiting long ago!”  He might not be good at designing weapons, but he isn’t downright clueless.





Murong Yu Jian stands all alone in a cooling pavilion on top of an artificial hill in the courtyard.  The position and height of that pavilion is just right for him to see the main entrance to the manor.  His little face carries anticipation as he stands straight unmovingly.


His black phoenix eyes are suddenly filled with excitement.  He runs down the pavilion and heads straight to the main entrance.


“Qian Yu Jiejie!”  Yun Qian Yu’s slender figure appears, her beautiful face carrying a trace of smile.  Just that little smile is enough to excite Yu Jian to no end.  His Qian Yu Jiejie has always been cold, she has never smiled to anyone, other than himself before.


“Slow down.  Why are you running so fast?” Qian Yu stretch out her hand and hold Yu Jian’s hand as they walk side by side towards the inner courtyard.  There is a trace of loneliness on Yu Jian’s face, “I thought Qian Yu Jiejie would never come to see Yu Jian again.”


He knows that after breaking the engagement, Qian Yu Jie Jie will no longer live in Feng Yun Manor.  Does that means he can no longer see her?


“How can that be?  Yu Jian is the younger brother Jiejie likes the most.  No matter where Yu Jian is, Jiejie will definitely find the time to see Yu Jian.”  A trace or warmth flashes in Yun Qian Yu’s eyes.  She used to have a brother in the past, he too was younger than her by five years.  They lost their parents since they were young, so she was the one who brought him up; she was the one who taught him worldly wisdoms, she was the one who taught him how to manage a household. When she suffered from cancer, she spent her last days being taken care of by her brother.  She was so happy.  When she left, she left in assurance.  The brother she nurtured with her own hand will not be weak.


“Really?” the delight in Yu Jian’s face cannot be described with words.  Yun Qian Yu is happy as well upon seeing that expression on his face.


A feeling flashes within Yun Qian Yu, it has been a while since she last feel this way.  Since she left her past life with no regret, she originally thought she would be able to live this life in peace, like a still-water.  But everything changes because of people and circumstances.

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“Of course.”  The two people chats until they reach the entrance of the main hall.


“Qian Yu!” A warm and gentle voice lightly calls her name.


Yun Qian Yu looks up to the approaching person.


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