Volume 1, Chapter 4: Fascinating the Crowd


Yun Qian Yu gently rubs the hand she just used to slap Situ Han Yi.  She mumbles to herself, “Thick as expected.”


Bai Fei Xu is stunned while Situ Han Yi staggered in shock.


What is going on over here?  The gentle Yun Qian Yu who is frail enough to be blown by wind actually slapped Situ Han Yi, the Lord of Feng Yun Manor!  Situ Han Yi actually staggered from the blow; just how much force did she put into that one slap?  One must know that Situ Han Yi’s martial art prowess is actually one of the top in the circle.  Not many dare to seek trouble with him.


Is she really fifteen years old?  Wasn’t she supposed to have no redeeming qualities?  The crowd cannot help but look at Yun Qian Yu with brand new eyes.


“Lord Situ, I can teach my own maid.  I don’t need you to trouble yourself.  Besides, what Man Er said isn’t wrong, please think through before you speaks.  For three years, Lord Situ ignored the existence of this fiancée.  You were busy with Miss Bai every single day.  Young and frivolous, the hero saved the maiden; love makes you lose control over yourself, I can understand that.  The moment you received your place as the lord of the manor, you hastily arranged the breaking of our marriage arrangement.  This is an arrangement of marriage without love, and I don’t like men like Lord Situ anyway, so I can still understand your action.”


“But, not only were you two not grateful for my cooperation, you actually laced your words with insults.  You cannot blame me for not enduring.  I shall not speak about the morality and personality of Lord Situ and Miss Bai, instead I shall speak about your actions.  My face were only injured three years ago, it wasn’t something my Yun Valley’s medicinal knowledge cannot fix.  But why did you two announced my disfigurement to the world?  Lord Situ should not feel wronged over that slap.  When compared to what Lord Situ did three years ago, that slap is light.”

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Yun Qian Yu takes off the veil from her face, revealing a face that is so beautiful it can ruin cities.  Such a fair and flawless skin, there isn’t a single scar in sight.


Situ Han Yi is startled, is this exceptional beauty the same person whose scar-laden face disgusted him three years ago?  Such a beautiful face, even Bai Fei Xu pales in comparison.


Situ Han Yi suddenly feels like he was too impulsive today.  He regrets it!  He really regrets not bothering to know more about Yun Qian Yu.


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Upon seeing the look in Situ Han Yi’s eyes, Bai Fei Xu fists her hand, not even bothering to cover the jealousy on her face.  She initially planned to humiliate Yun Qian Yu, but Yun Qian Yu not only did not have a single scar, her face is so beautiful she resembles a celestial inside a painting.  Lucky the marriage arrangement is already broken, the two people can no longer be together.


Seeing everybody’s captivated eyes, Chen Xiang and the rest smirk in contempt.


“I, Yun Qian Yu, the daughter of Yun Tian, the current Lord of Yun Valley is not that poor that I have to live underneath another person’s roof.  My father sent me to Feng Yun Manor years ago not because he could not afford to raise a child, but because he loved his daughter.  He did not want his daughter to be lonely after he and my mother passed.  After all, Feng Yun Manor was the house of Qian Yu’s future husband.  For three years, Qian Yu rented a small courtyard in the manor, everything that I ate and used were at my own expense, using Yun Valley’s silvers.  We did not touch a single silver from Feng Yun manor.  Not only that, Yun Valley also sent Feng Yun Manor 1 million liang of silvers every year to compensate my stay here. Just consider it as the rental fee for your little courtyard.”


Situ Han Yi’s heart receives a shock at what she said, he promptly forgot the humiliation of Yun Qian Yu’s slap and remembers his mother’s repeated urging for him to marry Yun Qian Yu.  He never understood why before, but now, he does.  He finally understand why his mother is so adamant to marry him off to a woman whose face had been ruined.  Turns out, those one million liang of silvers of unknown origin actually came from the Yun Valley.  She is a living god of wealth ah!


He mentally calculates the annual spending of Feng Yun manor.  Turns out those money he has been using these past three years came from Yun Qian Yu whom he wouldn’t even glance at.  That must be the reason why Feng Yun Manor that had been short on money suddenly turned rich after his father passed!  Now that the marriage arrangement had been cut off, they naturally wouldn’t receive any silver anymore.


He suddenly feels a burst of coldness on his back.  He really wants to give himself a couple of slaps.


The crowd is even more surprised.  Some of them who were up to no good actually tried visiting the Yun Valley before, but all were unsuccessful.  They all thought that after Yun Tian’s death, the valley had been plundered clean by their own people.  Today, they can see that Yun Valley’s disappearance is just a façade.  Yun Valley is still in the hands of Yun Family.  Managing to deceive everyone in order to leave Yun Valley in peace, this little maiden must be even scarier than her father!


Yun Qian Yu studies everyone’s awe-filled eyes before she takes the paper on Chen Xiang’s hand.


Xiang He immediately pales.


“Miss Bai, if nothing gets in your way, you will probably become Feng Yun Manor’s madam.  This paper is Xiang He’s slavery deeds.  Since she is already two months pregnant, I shall hand over this disloyal servant to you.  After all, the child in her stomach is Lord Situ’s first heir.  That child is innocent.”


She looks at Yun Qian Yu in fear.  How did she know she is pregnant?  This child is the thing she will be relying on in the future, she had been very careful and hadn’t tell a single soul.  Now that Bai Fei Xu is made aware, will she be able to protect this child?


Yun Qian Yu no longer speaks after that, she can feel someone rushing from outside and glance at Situ Han Yi, “Yun Valley will no longer raise Feng Yun Manor.  Take care, Lord Situ.”  (TN: By ‘raise’ she means feed or give money to support.)


Her voice still lingers in other people’s ears and yet in the blink of an eye, that blue silhouette disappears.


Her ability shocks everyone within the hall!


Even though Yun Qian Yu had been utterly indifferent before she left, Situ Han Yi can actually feel a slight contempt directed to him.


Right then, the Situ old madam stumbles in. Her heart races when she cannot see Yun Qian Yu’s silhouette.


“Han Yi, where is Yun Qian Yu?” she anxiously asks.


Situ Han Yi replies her with a rigid face, “Gone.”


The Situ old madam drops to the floor, “My one million liang ah!”  What she said proves that Yun Qian Yu wasn’t lying.


Situ Han Yi’s dark face turns even darker.  He grabs onto the Situ old madam, “Mother, us Situ Clan is running a royal business; especially instructed by the imperial family to develop war weapons.  We can earn our own money.”  He use his hand to pinch the old lady.


The Situ old madam quickly regains her senses.  She looks around and laughs mockingly, “Right!  Now that Han Yi is in control, the Situ Clan will flourish even more!”


Everyone echoes her words in agreement, diffusing the tension, but only they knows what is in their own hearts.


Situ Han Yi realizes that Xiang He’s contract deeds is in Bai Fei Xu’s hand.  She is glaring at Xiang He coldly while Xiang He looks at her in trepidation.


Seeing the silent war between the two women, Situ Han Yi feels slightly irritated.  He has never feel so battered and humiliated before.  This was supposed to be his glorious day, but now……


Remembering Yun Qian Yu saying that Xiang He is two months pregnant with his child, he gently speaks to Bai Fei Xu, “Xu Er, this contract…….”


By the time he speaks, Bai Fei Xu’s anger has reached it’s boiling point.  This slut actually seduced Han Yi behind her back.  She is even carrying his child?  This is like a big slap to her face.  A little concubine is already having a bastard child before she even gets to step into the door.  How can she let go of Xiang He?


She used up every ounce of self-restrain to make her voice gentle.  “Han Yi, is she really carrying your child?”  Even though her voice is gentle, but that look in her eyes tells Han Yi that they are really over if he admits to that.  Which woman can accept the fact that a little concubine already gives birth to the heir before she even enters the household.


Xiang He is tearful.  Her eyes are full of hope and pleading as she looks at Han Yi.  But Situ Han Yi is very cruel.  “Xu Er, how can that be?  The one I love is you, how can I allow other women to bear my child?  Much less a servant?”


Bai Fei Xu’s expression improves greatly.  She laughs, “I knew Yun Qian Yu had a bad intention.  Lucky, Han Yi loves me.  If so, then this girl will be my servant from now on.”


Xiang He is shocked, servant?  She looks at Situ Han Yi in incredulity; what is going on?  What did he promised her when he was having the time of his life with her back then?


“My Lord, this is not right.  I am already carrying your—–“  Before Xiang He even gets to finish her words, Situ Han Yi already silenced her by pressing her mute point.


He impatiently speaks, “What does a servant know?”


Xiang He opens her mouth as she desperately looks at the cold-hearted man, didn’t he know that once she is under Bai Fei Xu, death is the better option for her than to live?  He didn’t even care for his own flesh and blood?  Since she betrayed her mistress, this is the consequences she has to live with.  This is a retribution ah!


Seeing Yun Qian Yu and her maids having the ability to disappear, she regrets everything to death.  If she hadn’t turned against her mistress, perhaps she too will have that ability by now.  It’s a pity this world has no medicine to treat regret.


While Xiang He is immersed in her own despair, Bai Fei Xu beautifully laughs.  She is just a servant and yet she dared to fight with her?


Today was supposed to be her happiest day.  But then, there was that strike from Yun Qian Yu.  And then, there is this proof that Situ Han Yi isn’t the committed man she thought she knew.  Her heart is beyond saddened.


The crowd who came to congratulate him didn’t think they would witness that drama.  They tactfully make excuses saying they didn’t want to impose and slowly leaves Feng Yun manor.


Situ Han Yi stands by Feng Yun Hall’s door.  The hall that was so merry just now became so desolate.  The wind suddenly turns aggressive, blowing his purple robe.  Hatred flashes in his eyes: Yun Qian Yu you treated me like this, don’t blame me for being ruthless.


“Where is Feng Yun’s armored guards?”


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