Volume 1, Chapter 3: Beautifully Breaking Off Engagement



Feng Yun Hall falls into a deep silence, all eyes are trained on the slender blue silhouette by the door.


The smile on Situ Han Yi’s face disappears as he despicably looks at Yun Qian Yu’s direction.


He narrows his eyes, that’s Yun Qian Yu?  She is that thin little miss whose face has been ruined?  He hasn’t seen her for three years, who would’ve thought her body will look so good.  Where did she get this aura?  Why is she giving him king-like air?  Even though she isn’t saying anything, she gives off this air as though she is above the world, the air that makes people automatically gives in to her.


Situ Han Yi’s eyes fell on the veil covering her face, remembering that scarred face, the disgust within him rise again.


“Somebody come and bring paper and ink!” Situ Han Yi immediately orders in a cold tone, not having the slightest desire to greet Yun Qian Yu.


Xiang He who immediately stands behind Situ Han Yi upon entering, quickly takes out paper and ink that she had prepared beforehand.  After she puts them on a table, she grinds the ink.  Situ Han Yi holds his sleeves in one hand while holds a brush in another.  After a very short time, he finish writing the bill of divorcement and puts down his brush, letting his people hand over the paper to Yun Qian Yu.


“Miss Yun, even though we were betrothed together, we did not have the slightest affection for each other for the past 3 years.  Besides, Feng Yun Manor cannot have a scarred Madam.  Since Feng Yun Manor accepted you and cared for you for three years, you should have some gratitude to us.  Please accept the bill of divorce, from now on, we have nothing to do with each other.  I will give you some silver so you can live properly after this.”


The crowd who are in deep silence sigh at the divorce drama.  The dignified and honorable Yun Valley’s master; Yun Tian’s daughter will actually fall to this degree?  Don’t know if Yun Tian will be so upset that he climbs out of his tomb and go after Situ Han Yi.


Yun Qian Yu takes out her slender and jade-like hand and accepts the paper.  She gives it a simple glance before tearing it to pieces and letting it scatter on the floor.


Situ Han Yi gets really upset upon seeing that, “Yun Qian Yu, don’t you ever think I will marry you if you tear the divorce paper!  Dream on!  I like Xu Er, I will only marry her!”


Looking at Situ Han Yi who is grasping her hand tightly, Bai Fei Yu smiles at Yun Qian Yu proudly.  “Miss Yun, please do Han Yi and I a favor based on the affection we have on each other.”  Situ Han Yi looks at her gently, “Xu Er, you don’t have to beg her. Since she is so shameless, I will write her a divorce bill again and then kicks her out of the manor.”


Bai Fei Xu quickly says, “Han Yi, you must not do that.  No matter what, she is still your betrothed one.  Even if you don’t like her, I want her complete blessing so we can live happily together!”


Chen Xiang and the rest who are standing behind Yun Qian Yu hatefully looks at Bei Fei Xu’s hypocritical face.  Never before had they seen someone acting so righteous after stealing another person’s fiancé.


The rest of the people look at Yun Qian Yu in sympathy.  The lofty and noble Yun Tian’s daughter is actually being treated like this.  If Yun Tian is alive, Situ Han Yi will be treating them like Buddha.  How infuriating ah.


Yun Qian Yu walk in front in a slow pace, speaking as she walk, “What are you two so hasty about?  Just like Master Situ Han Yi said, there are no affection between us.  He does not like me and I does not like him.  I teared the divorce bill because you, Situ Han Yi has no qualification to give me divorce paper.” Yun Qian Yu’s calm voice contains not a single thread of sorrow.  In fact, her composed voice has calming effects on people.  It gives people the impression that everything that is currently unfolding is within the palm of that jade-like hand.


He has no qualification?  Situ Han Yi’s face grew dark after hearing that.


“Divorce bill is given by a husband to his wife, we were only engaged, we did not marry.  So this divorce paper is completely unnecessary.  Perhaps, Master Situ is too dazzled over today’s delightful affairs and made this lapse.”


The crowd regains their thoughts.  She has a point, he hasn’t even marry the girl, what is the point of a divorce paper?  Lapse?  He clearly does this on purpose, to fawn over Bai Fei Xu and make Yun Qian Yu look bad.  They can’t refrain from looking at Yun Qian Yu.  She is indeed Yun Tian’s daughter, this kind of magnanimity cannot be found in other girls.


Situ Han Yi freeze after hearing her words, embarrassed.  He really forgot that part.  He initially thought that since she is an orphan, he can push her around.  He obtained Bai Fei Xu’s heart after saving her three years ago; as for Yun Qian Yu, he has never been willing when it comes to this fiancée of his.  He originally planned to make Bai Fei Xu happy today, but he never thought she would be so tricky and eloquent.


Looking at the petite girl who is now standing before him, her eyes are like water, brilliant and shiny.  His heart tightens a little.  Such a pair of beautiful eyes, people would never expect it’s owner to be such an ugly thing.


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Yun Qian Yu picks up the brush from the table and write a contract to break their marriage agreement.  After that, she signs it with her own name.

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Chen Xiang takes the two agreements and place it in front of Situ Han Yi, “Please sign this, Master Situ.”


Situ Han Yi looks at the flamboyant handwriting, like a flying dragon and a dancing phoenix.  Is this the girl’s handwriting?  If he had not seen it personally, he would never believe this is Yun Qian Yu’s penmanship.


Chen Xiang looks a little impatient, “Master, please hurry up.  We need to leave soon.”


Situ Han Yi recovers his thoughts, unhappily looking at Chen Xiang.  She is just a maid, who is she to talk to him like that?


Xiang He who is by the sideline isn’t happy as well, “Presumptuous, you are just a servant!  How dare you lost conduct in front of the Manor’s Master.”


Chen Xiang lifts a paper in her hand, openly rolling her eyes at her, “I am very clear who my mistress is, better than someone who forgets their own place., acts even more high-and-mighty than the master.”


When Xiang He sees that paper, her face turns white.  The arrogance her face carries just now immediately disappears.  That paper is her slavery deeds, she knows that paper very well.  Understanding what Chen Xiang is implying and realizing that her slavery deeds is still in Yun Qian Yu’s hand, she looks at Yun Qian Yu in shock before directing her pitiful gaze to Situ Han Yi.


Unfortunately, Situ Han Yi does not pay any attention to her at this moment.  Instead, it was Bai Fei Xu who glance at her in hatred.


Situ Han Yi feels like everything is going out of his control, if this goes on, the person suffering the embarrassment at the end of the day is him.  His goal to get rid of the ugly Yun Qian Yu and openly and honorably marries Bai Fei Xu is turning to reality anyway, so whatever happens happens.  He quickly signs the paper with his name and takes out a token.


“It is I who is inconsiderate.  This is the keepsake from Yun Family to Situ Family.”


Yun Qian Yu takes back the jade engraved with a big ‘Yun’ character.  A trace of derision is formed at the corner of her lips, if Situ Han Yi knows this jade can be used on pretty much half of Yun Family’s properties, he will regret it to death.


Seeing Yun Qian Yu taking back the Yun’s family token, Ying Yu takes out a jade hairpin engraved in the shape of a peony and place it in front of Situ Han Yi.


Situ Han Yi’s face turns dark.  Their marriage agreement’s keepsake is actually kept by a servant?  That is like a big slap to his face.


But he is in no place to haggle right now, he signals a servant to take away the hairpin.  Bai Fei Xu who has been ignored by Yun Qian Yu press down her displeasure in her heart.  She smiles and dazzlingly makes her way to Yun Qian Yu, “Thank you for giving us your blessing, Miss Yun.  Your face has been ruined, from now on, I’m afraid……  If you encounter any difficulty, just come and search for me and Han Yi.  We will try our best to help you.”


Yun Qian Yu looks at her with eyes so indifferent, it unsettles Bai Fei Xu.


Situ Han Yi gets up and place his hand around Bai Fei Xu’s waist as he laughs, “Xu Er is so kind.”


Bai Fei Xu shyly droops down her head, like a bird.


Man Er vulgarly gives them a big eyeroll, she didn’t have the delicate upbringing of Chen Xiang and the rest.  “A prostitute is erecting a memorial arch.  Can I trouble Miss Bai to think things through before you speak?  Don’t simply waste your kind thoughts, my Miss doesn’t need them.”


Bai Fei Xu pales.  All the people there knows Bai Fei Xu didn’t care that Situ Han Yi was engaged and kept coming over to the manor using the excuse of wanting to thank him for saving her.  In the end, she managed to get Situ Han Yi within her palm.


Bai Fei Xu looks at Situ Han Yi in grievance.


Situ Han Yi angrily bellows, “Presumptuous slave!  Did Xu Er said anything wrong? Feng Yun Manor raised you lot for three years, not only weren’t you thankful, you also make impertinent remarks to her!  Didn’t your Young Miss teach you propriety?”


Pa’ a crisp and clear sound shocks everyone within the hall.




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