Chapter 22 – Is every monster stupid like this?

Translator: Reizenchuu
Editor: Kenny Stryker

The place where monster spawned this time was near the mountains. When I arrived there, I found another orc.


The orc let out a roar as he held up his sword. The nearby trees shook due to his pig-like voice and even the birds and the small animals fled from the mountains.

Annoying as usual.

“Alright, Rouga. Can you do it?”
“What should I say to him?”
“For now, try asking him about what he was doing before he came here. That’s the best approach for now.”
“I understand, Chief.”

Rouga stepped forward and started to talk with the orc.

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“Wan Wan.”
“Buoo!! BuBuoo!!”

(ED: Intense conversation.)

It was a pretty strange scene to see a pig and wolf-dog talking to each other, but at least the conversation seemed to be proceeding smoothly. I thought I could expect a good result. I waited in excitement until Rouga finished talking with the orc and returned to me. The orc to whom she had been talking was standing still in silence with his gaze fixed at me. Things seemed to be going well.

“I am done, Chief!”
“So, how was it?”
“Umm, he kept on saying something like, ‘bring the woman knight!’”

My eyes widened at Rouga’s unexpected report of the conversation.

“What does that even mean? You guys were speaking for a while!”
“About that, no matter how much I asked him, he repeated the same line, ‘bring the woman knight!’ ‘Bring the woman knight!’”

Apparently, I know that an orc and a woman knight could be a promised encounter in some light novel, but what does that have to do with the current situation?

“Why a woman knight?”
“It doesn’t seem like he knows the reason himself. Once he found himself here, his body started to desire a woman knight…”

What the heck was that? So this was an orc’s sexual desires?

However, what I wanted to know was not that but what happened to him before he came to this world.

“Ah, he also screamed something like, ‘who am I?!’”

So he didn’t remember either!

What a let down after I had raised my expectations that I would be able to get answer to my questions.

“And what did you say to him?”
“When I decided to listen to him, he asked me for a favor.”

So, he asked Rouga for a favor, that explains why he was staring at me now. I gazed back at the orc who was silently looking at me. His eyes brimmed with hope. Well, there was nothing I could do for you even if you do that.

“Nee~ Chief. Where can I find a woman knight?”
“There is no woman knight in this era!”

After hearing my answer, Rouga replied with an affirmation and went back to the orc again. His face gradually changed into one of shock and despair as the conversation advanced.


Soon after that, he let out a loud roar and raised his sword, while rushing in my direction. I was taken by surprise for a moment, but I recovered my composure right away and kicked his chin.


The orc was blown back and fell on his head. He then made a sorrowful sound before turning into light particles.

This was too sudden!

“Rouga, what did he say to you?”
“He started denying it when I told him there are no women knights, but once I told him that we’re in a different age he got so angry that he started running.”

It was just an outburst of anger then.

“And what did he say in the end?”
“‘I wanted to meet a woman… knight.’”

Just how badly did he want a woman knight to think about her until his last moment?!

Well, good luckk on finding one after spawning in a new world. As I was wishing for the orc to meet a women knight in his next spawn, Rouga asked me about something.

“Chief, what are we going to do with the other monsters?”
“Hm? Ah, yeah. Let’s try asking them too.”

Although, I wouldn’t say I was expecting much from them. As I was lowering my hopes, we teleported to the next monster spawning place.


“So we couldn’t find anything after all.”


After finishing collecting information from the monsters around, I was lying on my bed while Rouga sat on top of me. In the end, none of the could remember anything about the past. I may have asked the wrong creatures.

When we asked an orc, he started to ask for a female knight. When we asked a golem, he started complaining about how bad the quality of our stone was and when it came to skeletons, all they did was say some incomprehensible stuff about insufficient nutrition.

You’re nothing but a bunch of bones, why would you need nutrients?!

Are all monsters stupid like this? If that is the case then Rouga must be pretty intelligent. She listens to what I say and doesn’t do anything troublesome. I’m glad I picked her.

“What is it… Chief?”
“Nothing, I was just thinking that you’re pretty smart.”

As I said that, I went to gently stroke her head. Although she didn’t seem to understand why I was patting her, she still seemed happy about it and vividly waved her tail. She looked so cute. As I was admiring Rouga’s cuteness, the sound of the doorknob turning suddenly reached my ears.

“Nee, do you have a minute?”

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Karen opened the door and intruded into my room. Today, she was wearing a ponytail. That suited her the best. But regardless of that, you should at least knock the door, my dear sister. I was surprised by her sudden entrance, and Karen started looking around the room restlessly.

“Right now… Wasn’t there something here?”
“You’re probably just imagining things.”

There was only me and Karen in this room. As for Rouga, she was in a different space I made using the【Enslavement】skill. The【Enslavement】skill allowed one to confine a monster in a different space. That was why, whenever someone gets close to me, I ask Rouga to enter the different space. Although, it had been a pretty close call this time around. It was really convenient how smart is Rouga was.

“And what did you want?”
“Ah, uh. Actually, I need a little advice.”

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