Chapter 21: Where did you get all this information?

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Editor: Kenny Stryker

After being satisfied with appreciating Rouga’s fur, I removed my hand from her head and moved on to the heart of the matter. Rouga seemed to be slightly sad because I stopped petting her and made a cute sound while making a face as if she were asking me to pet her more.

Forgive me Rouga, but I can’t pet you forever.

“Hey Rouga, I want to ask you something.”
“Yes? Master?!”
“Do you remember how you came to this world?”
“I don’t really know.”

Apparently, she doesn’t know about it. Huh.. It can’t be helped then I guess… Oh, wait a second! What does she mean by that she doesn’t know?

“Do you really not remember? Anything, even a little bit of trivial things, would be fine as well.”
“Hmm… I found myself here before realizing it.”
“And how about your memories before you came here?”
“I can’t recall my memories~”

Ah, it looks like we’re back to square one.

The fact that she doesn’t have her memories of what happened before she came to this world was quite strange in my opinion. So, from the current flow of events, even asking monsters directly wouldn’t be any helpful either. Now, I’ve run out of the idea, I can’t think of any other way to find answer to my questions.

I changed the direction of my gaze towards Rouga, as I thought about my next move to gather information about the situation. Rouga, who noticed my gaze, tilted her head in a confusion. Well, I don’t really blame her for not understanding the situation. Earlier, I was sure that a monster would be able to give me the answer to my question, but it looks like I was wrong.

If only a monster would… Wait, I think there is one more thing that I could try before giving up.

“Rouga, do you understand the language of other monsters?”
“I think I do.”
“I see, that means there is still a way.”

After asking her about that question, I stood up from the ground. Now I’ve managed to contemplate a new plan, that was to do some inquiry on monsters. There will be a good chance that they wouldn’t have any idea, just like Rouga. However, I believe it’s still worth a try.

“Let’s go, Rouga!”
“Y – Yes, master!”

As I started walking, I got an uncomfortable feeling from Rouga’s answer.

“… Hey, Rouga.”
“Yes, master?”
“Is it possible for you to stop calling me master? It kind of feels weird and awkward.”
“Well then, what am I supposed to call you?”
“You can just say Yato, normally.”

‘No,’ why?

I tried asking Rouga reason for her instant refusal.

“Why not?”
“Because master is master.”

What’s with this ambiguous answer?

I gave in to Rouga’s mysterious persistence to not call me by name and asked her to at least change it.

“Alright, at least change ‘master’.”
“Okay, Lord!”

Lord? I don’t remember being the Lord of a county!

“Do you have anything else?”
“How about sire?”

I’m not a demon lord, or am I?

“Something else?”
“Your highness!”

Come on now, do I look like a king?

“My Savior!”
“Just wait!”

Despite that she didn’t have a memory of her past world, how could she come up with these names? Did she actually know something?

“Something else?”

She changed my gender again… I was tired of commenting.


Finally, something that doesn’t sound bad. It’s at least thousand times better than being called ma’am or princess.

“From now on, you will call me that.”
“I understand, Chief!”

After deciding on a good name, Rouga and I started walking.


Since there were no monsters spawning anymore, I took the opportunity to show Rouga around on our way back home.

“Wah! Chief, what is that?”
“That’s a bicycle, something that people ride to travel from one place to another.”
“Ah, there’s an iron horse?!”
“That’s not iron horse, it’s a car.”

Rouga couldn’t hide her excitement while discovering a completely new place. She knew about horses though. I wonder where she came up with that knowledge. I started to doubt Rouga’s one-sided knowledge.

“Look, that person is talking to a dog.”
“Oh my, how scary.”

I heard a conversation between two old women near us. I forgot that I was the only one who could hear her voice. I guess I should have expected to be looked at as a strange person if I talked with a dog.

“What’s the matter, Chief?”
“Um, nothing.”

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I would try lowering my voice when people were around. After deciding to avoid their attention, I noticed that Rouga suddenly stopped walking and stood staring. I followed her eyesight to realise that it was directed at a crepe stall.

“You want to eat that?”
“There is a really good smell coming from there.”
“Want to try it?”
“It is fine?”
“Yeah, wait a minute.”

I ordered Rouga to wait and walked to the crepe stall.

“Two crepes, please.”

“There you go, Thank you.”

I paid the cashier, received the crepes and went to find Rouga patiently waiting, sitting with her mouth open and waving her tail. She was looking so cute.

“Here, try eating this.”

The moment I stretched my hand towards her, the crepe mysteriously disappeared.

“So delicious.”
“Glad you like it.”

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I somehow felt relaxed when I saw Rouga enjoying her crepe and proceeded to eat mine, when I halted my hand midway as I detected a magic reaction, a monster had spawned.

“Let’s go, Rouga”
“Yes, Chief!”

It seemed as though she felt the magic reaction as well, as Rouga had quickly reacted to my order and we teleported to the monster’s location.


“Hey Rouga, do you know any other way to call me?”
“Uuuhh. Let me see, how about general, prince, dear, boss, big brother, senpai, officer, commander, leader, admiral, president, your excellency…”
“Let’s just keep it as ‘Chief’.”

“So you can understand not only monsters but even animals?”
“Yes, I can~”
“Can you then tell me what that cute dog surrounded by high school girls is saying?”
“Let’ see… ‘Ohoo! Nee-chan, you’ve got quite the sexy body. There, pat me more in here, good girl.’”
“Sorry, forget about what I just asked.”

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