Chapter 20: A Wolf’s Fur sure Feels Nice

Translator: Reizenchuu
Editor: Kenny Stryker


It has been a few days since the spawning of the monsters had stopped, and today was a Saturday, and it was a school holiday, as usual. Like always, I would be spending such a lovely day relaxing at home, however, things are a little different now.

Today, I was planning to search for the reason behind the monster spawns around me. I have been neglecting to do it once I had defeated all the monsters that spawned, but I had been having a lack of sleep due to them, and because of that, my steps became unsteady, and my head more of hurts whenever I eat. Apparently, this was a matter of life and death for someone who used to sleep all the time. I should be able to solve this problem as soon as possible.

As for the method I would use to investigate, besides of the monster distinction and their locations, I honestly didn’t have a clue myself. It didn’t seem that I would find the origins of an event like this. However, for how to obtain that information, I did have a small idea in mind — that is to ask the monsters directly.


“Buooo! Buoooo!”

In front of me now was a pig-like monster standing on two legs and roaring. It looked like an orc. In order to ask a monster my questions, I had made an【Enslaving】skill beforehand. Like the name suggests, it was a skill that could enslave monsters and allowed the user to communicate with them.

I was planning to make use of it and press him to speak, but because of my lack of sleep, it didn’t take much time for me to get irritated by his high-pitched screams.

“Shut up!”

After losing all my patience, I kicked the orc in the face and knocked him down. He then turned into particles of light and disappeared. Apparently, I intentionally hit him with a flying kick because of the fuss he was making.

Well, it’s fine. I don’t like orcs anyway.

I want something better to enslave. Not to mention, there are still more monsters around. As I was trying to stay positive, I went to look for other monsters.


“Rejected. You’re ugly.”




“You don’t look bad, but you seem weak.”




“I can’t stand you.”




I’ve seen several kinds of monsters now, but none of them looked appropriate enough. There was also a bear and a snake, but they just didn’t feel right. There was a cockroach-like monster, but I fried him instantly using my【Fire Magic】. The next one was the last. I hoped it would be better than the previous ones. I teleported to the place I sensed the monster. I found myself in a vacant land with no one nearby. I looked around the place and noticed a single wolf barking.

“Wan, Wanwan!!”

It was gray, medium sized wolf that looked like a God. He didn’t look bad, but didn’t seem to be strong either. Well, I guess it’s was fine now. I reached a compromise with myself and decided to appraise its stats.


« General Information »
Race: Silver Wolf

Sex: Female
Level: 5

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« Points »
Health Points: 400/400
Magic Points: 350/350

« Skills »
Biting, Charging


They’re pretty high.

I was slightly surprised by her high level. Who would have thought that such a puppy could be this strong. Seems like I shouldn’t have judged a monster by its appearance.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to enslave her.

Without any further delay, I proceeded with my preparations to enslave her. First things first, I needed to force my opponent into submission in order to use the skill against her. I intimidated the Silver Wolf who was about to launch his magic towards me. She got frightened and then surrendered.

Let’s stop it here then.

I activated the【Enslaving】skill and pictured it enslaving the Silver Wolf in front of me.

“Enslaving Silver Wolf was completed. Please name the Silver Wolf.”

A voice suddenly told me in my head.

Only allowed on

A name, huh? Let’s see…

As I started pondering about a fitting name for the Silver Wolf, a single word flashed on my mind.

“Alright, your name from now on is Rouga!”

“Silver Wolf’s name has been changed to【Rouga】.”

With this, we were finished. I should be able to communicate with Rouga now. Let’s give a try. I asked Rouga through telepathy if she can hear me.

“Rouga, do you hear me?”
“Yes, I can hear you, master!”
“I see, that’s good then. My name is Kamiya Yato. Let’s get along, Rouga.”
“It’s an honor to meet you, master!”

It looks like we can communicate.

Rouga seemed to be happy that she could talk with me too, and waved her tail while clinging to my leg.

She is cute.

I got down on my knees and spent a while patting Rouga on the head, appreciating her soft fur.

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