Chapter 19: I’m being Toyed With

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It was the morning after I encountered the monster spawning phenomenon. I was heading towards my school as usual, I watched the morning news, as I realized that there is no news related to the monster spawns. Apparently, it seems like they didn’t spawn in any other place.

From the turn of events, I can conclude that they only spawn around me. I couldn’t help, but feel some kind of responsibility for their spawns this time. It doesn’t matter how many times I think of any other possibility, I could only come up with the conclusion that they’re purposely being sent to me.

What’s that about? Is someone telling me to defeat them? But for what purpose? What are they trying to do by sending monsters to be defeated? Are they trying to test my strength? Is it a trap?

The doubts and countless possibilities inside my head couldn’t stop sprouting. However, for now, that I understood that they only appear close to me. So, apparently, what I had to do next was clear to me.

I would have to annihilate every single monster that spawns until they stop spawning. Although, it’d be a troublesome task. I didn’t have any other choice in the matter. I couldn’t leave them be to be discovered by an ordinary people.

“Good morning, Kamiya-kun.”
“Good morning, Kamaishi-san.”

As usual, Kamaishi was the first person to greet me when I arrived at the classroom. Well, for someone who doesn’t have many friends, rather than first, it’s more like the I’m the only one who she greets. Same goes for Kamaishi, I only greet her when I enter the classroom; seeing her talk to somebody else is a rare sight.

She probably didn’t make any other friends. Poor girl.

“Did you hear about it, Kamiya-kun? It is said that, strange, screaming voices were heard yesterday in school.”

My hand halted midway of putting down my bag. Don’t tell me that they actually heard the screaming monsters. Well, thinking about it logically, if a monster were to scream in the middle of a residential area, it would be likely for someone to hear it.

“Hee… Is that so?”
“Some say that they found a monster too. I wonder what that’s all about.”

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So there were even some witnesses.

This was bad, it would be troublesome if someone were to take a picture.

I guess I will be exterminating them immediately after discovery from now on.

I thought about it after hearing what Kamaishi stated.


The lesson has started and I was sleeping as usual, when abruptly I detected magic and stood up energetically.

A monster had spawned.

Everyone in the class had a bewildered expression on their face due to my sudden rise. Come on now, at least have better timing when spawning.

“K-Kamiya. What’s going on?”

Confused by my unexpected move, the teacher questioned me.

“Teacher, I don’t feel good, can I go to the infirmary?”
“Y-Yeah, okay. It must be something like that for you to wake up in my class. I get it, you can leave.”

That’s an exaggeration.

No matter how much I slept in his class, this reaction was too much. I had the urge to complain, but this was not the time to be arguing over such a trivial matter. I instantly left the classroom and teleported to the place where I detected the monster.


After defeating the monsters, Kamaishi asked to go me home together. At the present time, the monsters are not that hard to deal with as they disappear with a single kick. However, they’re slowly getting stronger. There may be a time in the future when I will have to face a strong opponent.

“And after that—”
“Hee, that’s nice—”

As Kamaishi and I were walking home while chatting, an unexpected light materialized in front of us.

Ah, this is no good.

“Ah, what is that?”

The moment the light appeared I distracted Kamaishi by changing her eye sight direction. Making use of that chance, I used【Wind Magic】to chopped off the head of that monster and knocked it out of our way.

That was close. Weren’t they spawning in places with less people?

“What? What happened?”
“No, turns out it’s just my imagination.”

I answered Kamaishi and we resumed walking. Again, a light manifested before us.

“Ah, something is flying over there!”
“Eh? What’s flying?”

Once again, I exploited that moment to use my【Wind Magic】and get rid of the monster.

What is this?! Why did they spawn at the same place?!

“What is it? What’s flying?”

“No, it’s just my imagination again, apparently.”

While answering her with those words, we continued to walk. For the third time, a light appeared before us.

You’re kidding me?! Not again?!

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“Eh? Eeeh?!”

Using my strength, I grabbed both of Kamaishi’s shoulders and forcibly changed her view to that of my face. Kamaishi was baffled by my sudden action and her cheeks turned bright red after noticing how close my own face was.

I took care of the monster instantly using【Wind Magic】while being sure to keep looking at Kamaishi right in the eyes.

This is dangerous. Who thought they would spawn three times successively?

But, with that, I confirmed one thing that I didn’t understand until now. I’m being toyed with.

“U-Um, Kamiya-kun. What is it? T-This is too sudden.”

As I realized that I was still moving my face towards Kamaishi’s, who had her cheeks dyed in a crimson colour, I began to think of an acceptable excuse.

“Ah… Something is in your hair.”

I acted as if I picked something from her hair then let it go. As she was having a hard time with what happened, Kamaishi kept her embarrassed expression. I now have a stronger grasp of the situation. First, there is someone who is sending the monsters to this world. Second is that he is targeting me for some reason. I’m not sure about what he is planning to do, but at least I know what is going on now. Once I find the culprit, I will finish him with one blow. While secretly hiding the rage burning inside me, I went to snap Kamaishi out of her daze.

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