Volume 2, Chapter 2-6: Invitation to the Student Dormitory Part II

It took a while for everyone to calm down after misunderstanding that the student dormitory was my residence. I waited until everyone had gotten over the shock and they finally regained their composure.

“Now then everyone, we will now give you your uniforms, please form a queue and accept them one at a time.”

I say this to everyone and direct them towards Alice.

By the way, the uniforms we’re giving them are the blouse and skirt for summer clothing, two sets of winter clothing, a robe, knee socks, and a pair of shoes.

“Now, everyone get lined up and we will distribute the uniforms according to your height. If there are any issues with them come and tell me later.”

Alice began handing each student a uniform. In that way, each student had soon received their uniform, but they were all surprised at the clothing they had received.

“Umm….Leon-sama? What are these clothes? They’re amazing, they feel so soft.”

Lyanna looks at me uneasily. I know the quality is amazing….but, why is she so anxious?

“They are your school uniforms……It’s kind of like proof that you are students at this school.”

“Well, umm…..are we supposed to pay for them?”

“Hm? Oh, sorry. We’re giving them to you so don’t worry.”


Once again everyone is shocked beyond belief.

“U-u-umm, Le-Le-Leon-sama? This school uniform, it must be ridiculously expensive.”

“Ah~ I wonder.”

I turn to look at Alice, the creator of the uniforms.

“Eh, the cost of the uniforms? Well…..The King’s clothing would probably be cheaper.”

“I c-c-an’t take something so amazing!”

Lyanna starts to panic and tries to return the uniform.

“Wait a minute, Alice!? Are the materials that rare? If we were to mass-produce it, wouldn’t they be too expensive!?”

“Eh? Well, yes…..But, I’m planning on selling regular clothing to civilians. So, it should even out.”

“Is that so? Then, Lyanna and everyone else can feel comfortable in receiving these clothes.”

“I-is it really okay?”

“It’s fine, there’s no problem. The cost isn’t that high.”

“Based on the initial costs, I’d guess one villager could live for several years without working.”

“After all, I really can’t receive something like ttthhhaaattttt!”

“Wha—! Why did you say that, Alice!?”

All of the materials used to create the uniforms, are produced in Muhle. Therefore, the cost to produce the uniforms should not be that high.

Yet, the cost is enough for a villager to live off of for several years? The cost of using looms and other facilities is really that high?

I scowl at Alice lightly, but Alice was just standing there giggling as expected. And Alice was the one telling me to be more prudent.

“Sorry, umm….Lyanna-chan?”

“Y-yes, Alice-sama?”

“You don’t need to use honorifics. I’m not a noble.”

Rather, she is a high elf, but if I said that everyone would probably faint. I definitely should not say anything like that so carelessly.

“Umm, then, Alice-san. What you said earlier was a joke?”

“Yes, definitely. I was just messing around a bit.”

“Then….umm, it really doesn’t cost that much?”

“Oh, it definitely does.”


Stop bullying her! Alice is definitely going too far…..Hmm? That Alice, she’s showing a gentle smile, but no matter how you look at it, she’s definitely not just playing around.

Is there some reason for her teasing? Either way, the teasing is a bit much.

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We-well, I’ll let her continue to see if there’s a reason for it.

“Hey, Lyanna-chan? All of the materials used to make the uniform are created here. That’s why, right now the uniforms are expensive, but in a few years, other aristocrats will be able to afford them. In less than a decade, even your parents will be able to afford them.”

“We are poor. No matter how much cheaper these clothes get, we will never be able to afford them.”

“It may be impossible right now, but someday it may be possible……No, it will definitely be possible.”

“It will be possible?”

“Definitely. Villagers will not have to worry about starving or be worried about their children’s future. Here we will make a peaceful world, where all of the people important to us can live happily. That is the work we will all do here.”

“A world where everyone can live happily….”

Lyanna repeated Alice’s words. These words slowly spread to the other children and they started talking among themselves. It would be nice if that were possible, but most of the children seem to think it is impossible.

Alice was listening to the noise coming from the children, before she raised her hands. At that moment, the children that noticed all fell silent — and this caused the rest of the children to become quiet.

For several seconds, the room was in complete silence.

“I know you may think something like that is impossible. I understand your feelings in this, but please remember what you saw when you came here. This city is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, right?”

“Th-that’s true, this city is amazing.”

“There are many buildings that I’ve never seen before.”

“There was an onee-chan that told me I can wash my body with hot water whenever I wish in this town.”

“If they can make something like this, maybe —”

One after another, they each voiced their opinions. But, this noise did not last long. It was because everyone was looking at Alice, after one of the girls had said, “maybe.”

“It’s impossible for me alone. Even with everything Leon has done we can’t achieve that dream by ourselves. If everyone here helps, we can surely realize that dream. So, please, lend us your strength and it will definitely become possible.”

After hearing Alice’s words, there was a faint sign of hope in each of the children’s eyes. Once everyone’s intentions had become the same, Alice continued calmly.

“This uniform is a sign of that dream. Let’s do our best together, so that everyone that is important to us can laugh and live happily together.”


It’s Alice’s one-man show.

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