Volume 2, Chapter 2-7: A Shadow Creeps In On A Calm Day

Alice’s inspiring words — I guess her speech was pretty effective. Everyone seemed really motivated and the school was off to a good start.

At the same time, the development of various technologies is advancing at an incredible speed.

Let me explain a few of them.

First of all is the standard farming equipment:

There are several agricultural tools such as iron hoes, threshing machines, winnowing fans (a tool used to separate grain from chaff), and watermills.

Before now, this world only had bronze tools. So, the world has changed quickly.

Next, is about beauty:

First off, is creating a hair conditioner made of honey, lemon juice, and wheat flour. Since this is a luxury item that uses food, for now, it is only available to the people here. But, eventually, they will be sold to the rest of the country.

Next, is somethibg that uses caustic soda — so, it needs to be handled carefully. The caustic soda is used in soap that is made by craftsman using fat, coconut oil, and water. Again, these are luxury items that use food to create them. So, they are only available here for the time being.

Furthermore, we combined the glycerine created when making the soap with water to make a silky face lotion. With this, the condition of everyone’s face and hair improved.

By the way, the different types of crops we have planted are too many to name.

We have started beekeeping to mass-produce honey and have started cultivating natural yeast. In addition, charcoal, pottery, washi, and many other things are being produced. This city is probably a century ahead of the rest of this civilization.

…..Prudence? What is that, is it delicious?

In this way, one month after school had started, various productions and classes were proceeding smoothly.

Soon, a town where everyone can live happily will soon be completed. At this rate, I will be able to protect Sophia and everyone important to me.

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On a certain holiday — it was decided that there would be a break from school once a week — it was the afternoon of one of these days. I held a tea party in the mansion.

Sophia said she would actually like to invite friends from school!

Well, it’s good that she seems to be recovering from her yandere tendencies. When we were still at the Sfir home, I thought she would surely fall into the darkness.

By the way, the only people here currently are Sophia, her two friends, and me. Alice is preparing sweets so she’ll be here soon, but Claire is currently busy with paperwork.

I know her dream is to be able to succeed on her own….but I feel like I’m pushing my work onto her.

I’ll make sure to bring some sweets to her later.

“Thank you for inviting me today.”

“Th-th-thank you very much for inviting me today.”

Sophia’s friends — Tina and Lyanna politely curtsied.

As part of their classes, they are learning proper etiquette. Lyanna is still new so she’s rather awkward, but Tina seems to be doing it effortlessly.

“Both of you can relax. You’re here today as Sophia’s friends. Right, Sophia?”

“That’s right. Thank you both for coming today.”

Sophia says this and smiles a little unnaturally. I wonder if she’s feeling anxious because she can’t read their minds…..or maybe it’s because of their personalities.

“Then, maybe it would be better if it was just you three?”

A tea party with her friends. Apart from Sophia, I thought they would be nervous if I were to stay, but Sophia quickly grabbed my arm.

“You can’t. Sophia wants to have tea with Leon onii-chan.”


I turned my gaze to Lyanna and Tina.

“It’s okay with us if you stay. Rather, we would like to talk with Leon-sama…..Hey, Lyanna you think so too right?”

“Eh, of course you can stay!……Ah, umm, it’s fine with me if you stay.”

….She accidentally bit her tongue. Lyanna’s face turned crimson.

“O-okay, then I guess I should take a seat?”

“Auuuu~, I’m fine, don’t mind me.”

Ah….is it better to ignore her mess up? I was going to ask about it, but it seems she has ended that conversation before it began. Lyanna shyly hid her face.

Sophia and Tina are laughing. These two show no mercy.

“Sorry for the wait, everyone. I brought tea and sweets.”

After knocking, Alice entered the room.

Alice enters with several servants carrying tea for four and various types of sweets……..Wow, how many sweets did she make!?

Many different cakes, ice cream, pudding and cream puffs.

There were doughnuts and pancakes as well. Furthermore….there was also chocolate. I never developed these things.

Alice is definitely not being prudent here — Eh, did she do this because Sophia brought her friends? If that’s the case, it can’t be helped.

“This may have become more of a tasting party rather than a tea party. As you can see, there are many different sweets. So, please have as many as you want.”


Like this, the tea party, now tasting party, began.


“And then, Leon onii-chan hugged me as I cried!”


I don’t mind girl talk, but could they at least hold back on talking about me when I’m right next to them? I’m really embarrassed,

As I pretend not to hear Sophia’s words, I turned my eyes to TIna and Lyanna.

When I first met them, their hair was untidy and they had freckles covering their faces. I honestly thought that the new cosmetic items would go to waste on them, but now their skin is smooth and their hair is shiny. This is all thanks to the shampoo, conditioner, and lotion made by Alice.

Because their clothes are also of such high quality, they could easily pass as princesses.

When we first started out, everyone was very tanned, but for some reason everyone’s skin has become much fairer. At first I thought it was because they would always wear robes when outside, but…

It is common for both the male and female children of farmers in this world to bathe together. So, it seems they aren’t concerned about others seeing their underwear.

That’s why, even when they are doing outside work, they rarely wear robes. And yet, their skin is still becoming lighter.

“Umm, is there something on my face?”

Tina noticed my stare, and tilted her head.

“No, I was just wondering why everyone’s skin has become light recently.”

“Ah, that’s something I was also curious about.”

“That’s… because of the school uniforms.”

Alice suddenly says this.

“Did you use magic on the uniforms? Is that why the exposed skin isn’t getting tanned?”

“Yes, I used inscription magic to enchant them. One of the effects is that it protects from some UV rays.”

“Wait a minute, you enchanted it? You can use inscription magic?”

“I wanted the uniforms to protect against UV rays, so I learned it. I don’t regret it!”

“……I thought we were going to be more prudent.”

“UV rays are the natural enemies of your skin, right? I thought it was best to take action first. After all, Leon likes fair-skinned girls.”


Why do you know this sister from my previous life!?

“I don’t completely understand…..but thanks to this uniform Sophia doesn’t tan?”

Sophia asks Alice this.

“Yes. Well, it will also adjust the temperature in cold and hot weather.”

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“Ah, so that’s why these clothes are so comfortable.”

…….Now that I think about it, it has been comfortable no matter what the weather is.

I was thinking we were just having good weather at first, but….it wasn’t good weather. Rather, the clothes we wear are air-conditioned.

I don’t think Alice knows the meaning of the word prudence.

“Alice, are there any other ridiculous effects on the uniform?”

“Hmm~? There are three effects in total.”

“So, there’s one more effect? What else has the Alice cheat done?”

“I said stop calling me a cheat. There’s just one more permanent effect that creates lasers.”

“….Eh, what was that? No way, do you plan on burning enemies with lasers?”

That will just mow down people! Well, I may actually like to try it.

“No, that’s not it…You see, the skirt on the uniform is very short, but the girls here are not very conscious of their skirts.”

“I see…..wait, no way…”

“Yep, when what’s under their skirt is visible, a beam of light will prevent anyone from seeing it. Because it’s not a light censoring adult situations, this beam of light won’t even disappear on blu-ray.”

“That’s what you meant by lasers!”

During late-night anime, there was a mysterious light that covered certain things.

It’s true that Saya’s body was weak so she often stayed home. I knew she liked anime and light novels, but…..why does she know about those?

“Wait a minute. Does that mean….that effect is also on me?”

“Ah, yes. For Leon’s clothing, there is an effect that completely covers the laser covered areas in darkness. Why should only one person be allowed to enjoy themselves?”

“No, please don’t say something like that with such a serious face…”

In the first place I’m not a lolicon.

I’m being completely serious. I’m more interested in girls in their late-teens than girls around my age in this world.

Thinking about that, when Sophia and Claire grow up….I have doubts I’d be able to resist them.

Anyway I need to stop rambling. It was when I thought this we could hear people talking outside.

From outside in the hallway we could hear a maid saying, “I’m sorry for the trouble. I will call the Lord at once, so please wait in the room!”

Shortly afterwards, the door burst open. Standing there was a blonde man that was maybe fifteen or sixteen years old…..Who is he?

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