Chapter 18: Big brother won’t allow it!

Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker



I kicked the tanuki-like monster that had been annoying me all this time. The monster was thrown to the ground and didn’t move. It quickly turned into light particles and disappeared.

That one should be the last. I made sure that no monsters were around after using my【Presence Detection】skill and began considering the current events.

The reason that the monsters were in this world must be because someone brought them, something is happening in the other world or because of some sort of malfunction spawning them on Earth.

The last two possibilities were the most likely considering the sudden change of events as of late. It was possible to send them here, but I don’t see the reason for the anyone to do so. What could one accomplish by randomly sending some monsters here?

In the end, I still didn’t have a clue about the motive behind it, but at least I understood something. The monsters always spawn in places with few people. The monster I defeated had been located in a abandoned building. The others had been in a small alley or a similar place with little traffic. I could safely conclude that they wouldn’t show up in a spot with many people.

Again I tried figuring out the cause of the random spawns, though honestly I couldn’t reach a conclusion. Well, there’s no way I’d know the origins before getting a strong grasp on the reason behind it in the first place.

The only concern lingering in my mind is whether they were appearing anywhere with few people or just near me. If it were the first one, then the entire country would fall into disaster for sure and there would be nothing I could do about it. I could defeat them easily enough, but stopping them from spawning was out of my league.

“… Let’s go back.”

I could only pray for it not to happen. Relying only on hope that such a disaster would be avoided, I returned home.


When I arrived at home, I went to my room and started reading a book while lying on my bed, when all of a sudden, Karen stepped inside without bothering to knock on the door.

You should knock at least once!

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“Nee~, can I do my homework here?”

Why would you want to do your homework here?

The question was on the tip of my tongue, but I refrained from saying it after noticing her odd behavior. At the first glance Karen was wearing her usual poker-face and she was speaking in a cold, low tone. However, I could easily tell from her expression that she was pretty tired.

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Did something happen at her school, perhaps?

After thinking for a short time, I decided to allow her to do her homework in my room.

“It’s fine.”

“… Thanks.”

Uttering that single word, Karen went directly to my desk, placed her notebook and textbook down, then began working. As she kept on moving her pen silently, I stole glances at her every now and then as I continued lying down and reading.

Something was strange, that she intruded into my room with no significant reason wasn’t new. However, she had never done something as troublesome as bringing her homework along. In conclusion, something must have happened.

“… Hey, what happened to cause you to burst into my room all of a sudden?”

Giving in to my curiosity, I tried asking Karen, who stopped moving her pen.

“… Nothing really.”

With that short answer, Karen resumed writing. Judging from her attitude, I can confidently deduce that something had happened, though she didn’t seem to have any intention of speaking about it.

If she didn’t want to open up, then I can’t force her to talk, but if something were to happen to her, I would definitely bring the related party down to the hell. Never would I allow anyone to harm my little sister!

While I was clenching my fist in determination, I didn’t notice Karen seeming to relax a bit after peeking at me.

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