Chapter 17: Something is definitely going on here!

Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker

Early on a sunny afternoon, in the back of the gymnasium of a certain middle school, a young student was nervously standing in front of a girl to whom he was about to confess his feelings.

“Kamiya-san. I-I L-Like you! Please go out with me!!”

“Sorry, that’s not possible.”

Karen, Yato’s little sister, the girl who received the confession, instantly refused it without the slightest bit of hesitation.

She had already lost the count of how many times something like this had happened. Similar to her parents, Karen had beautiful looks. Despite the poker-face she constantly weas by default, countless male students were deeply struck by her looks. Not even much time had passed since the school started, yet her mailbox was crammed with love letters.

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“Well then.”

Karen was about to leave after she had refused him. However, seeming to not be satisfied by the outcome, the boy stopped her.

“P-Please wait!! Why is it not possible?”

She was tired of hearing those words too. Karen’s mood started to turn grim, and in order to avoid later complications, she decided to throw her finishing blow.

“I-I have a person I already like.”

The boy could not hide his astonishment after hearing what she said. Realising that it was indeed impossible, he dropped his eyes to the ground.

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That should do for now.

After confirming the boy’s depressed expression on his face, Karen decided to leave again.

“I have a person I already like.”

That was the ultimate phrase Karen used for that sort of situation.

If she were honest and said something like, she doesn’t like them, there might be some guys who would hate themselves. That’s why she used this softer method.

There might be some people who would cling to a little hope, but that was better than ending up with someone who easily get offended. In addition to that, as strong a phrase as it was, it was not a lie. Karen did have a person she actually liked.

“Eh, Kamiya-san got another love confession.”

“That must feel nice. Cute girls are pretty popular.”

“Who was it today? Mind introducing me to him?”

On her way back to the classroom, three girls appeared before Karen. Giving the impression that they had been hiding and was waiting for her. Karen could not help but emit a silent sigh.

How ridiculous, I know you were watching from the start.

“Does it really matter?”

“C’mon, tell me.”

“Yeah right, you don’t have a reason to hide it.”

“Everyone will eventually hear of it anyway.”

That’s because you girls will go around telling them!

Karen was about to spit out those words but she managed to control her mouth. They would probably reply with something even more troublesome if she did speak.

“… Well then.”

Judging it would be troublesome to spend further time with them, Karen tried leaving. The three  girls would not allow it.

“What? Are you running away?”

“Let’s talk a bit more.”

“Don’t get so full of yourself just because you’re cute.”

I wonder where that flattering attitude disappeared to?

Karen became slightly irritated by the three girls who blocked her. While emanating an intimidating vibe she said as she glared at them, asked them to move. The girls faltered because of her low voice and strong glare. Making use of that moment, Karen made her way through them and left. The girls began scowling at her from behind, but appearing as if she were unaware, Karen headed to the classroom with a cold expression.

Really, such annoying fellows.


On his way back from school, Yato was standing still and gazing at the thing in front of him. That thing had a blue jelly-like appearance and was jumping up and down on the ground.

This is that thing, right? That monster that shows up in games and stuff, right? Eh, seriously, really? No, wait a second. Let’s think about this slowly. There’s no way something like this would pop up in this world. It’s definitely a jelly that fell in the road. Yeah, it must be that… For sure. But, this thing had been jumping for a while now. Could it be real after all? Was it real?

Yato was confused by the slime that suddenly appeared before him. A mysterious light had abruptly come out before him when he was on his way back. By the time that light faded out, the slime had popped up in its place.


Troubled by what to do, I decided to appraise the slime for now.


« General Information »

Name: Slime

Race: Normal Slime

« Points »

Health Points: 20/20

Magic Points: 10/10

« Skills »



It was really a slime! I guess that’s to be expected. I would’ve been more surprised if it were something else. Questions began rising up in my mind.

What is a slime doing here? How did he find his way over here?

I spent a short while pondering for an answer to satisfy my questions, but didn’t find a single clue in the end. Well, I can’t understand everything only from a single slime.

When I thought about that, the jumping normal slime approached me.

… It’s kinda cute.

I found the little slime that’s leaping towards me to be somewhat cute.



All of a sudden, the slime leapt at me with all its might and hit me using his body. Taken by surprise, I let a normal slime get a hit on me, but because of the level difference, aside from a slight flinch, I didn’t receive any damage. I forgot that this cute guy was still a monster. I kicked it when it was about to repeat the same body blow attack. As a result, the slime lost all his strength, turned into light particles and disappeared.

What was this about?

I went back home without a clue on what had just happened.


I heard a monster voice nearby.

Hey, hey, don’t tell me…

After getting a bad feeling, I went in the direction of the voice to find a monster the size of a child and with green skin.

Uwa! That’s a goblin for sure!

Noticing the goblin that popped out of the blue, I activated my【Presence Detection】skill and investigated my surroundings. I detected monsters in various other places as well.

What the heck was going on?

Losing my bearings in light of the current situation, I decided to take down the goblin in front of me first. Something is definitely going on here!

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