Chapter 10: Ancient Jade

After the fatty had finished his story, Xiao Bei understood why Xing Man Tian and fatty would come here. But the most suspicious question was, what relation did that black cat had with him? Why must it pull him into this whirlpool of dangers and mess?

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At one side, Xing Man Tian seemed to be considering something.

Fatty took out a piece of jade that was half a palm’s size. It was crystal clear and there seemed to be fluid flowing within it.

“Is this the killing ancient jade?” Xiao Bei was a little frightened as he looked at the ancient jade in fatty’s hand. No matter what, Xiao Bei could not link it with the curse as the jade looked more like a work of art.

Fatty’s eyebrows rose and laughed, “Killing ancient jade? Hēhē, this name really suit it!”

“Where’s that cat?” Xing Man Tian suddenly opened his mouth and asked Xiao Bei.

“It already ran inside there and never came back out again. Before, I was following it into that room.” There was lingering fear in Xiao Bei’s heart when he looked at the closed stone door. “What were those things inside?”

“Most likely some mutated creatures.” Fatty shrugged and kept the ancient jade. “This place is actually the tomb of an unknown Tu Si. We saw a mural painting on a wall in another burial chamber. It’s a pity we did not find any clues relating to that thing.”

“The ancient mysticism could really create crazy things and I hate them. They are more disgusting than the Zong Zi. What’s more, there are a lot of them and would easily cover a large area if they came out. Currently, what we know is that somebody had used plenty of slaves as sacrifices to create a huge nest of eggs which would produce insect at random timing. Be it monkey or human, when they eat that insect, they would turn into those things. Their claws would contain ptomain and I believe you have experienced it. In the past, I had also experienced similar things in other tombs.” Fatty continued.

Suddenly, the whole tomb trembled for a moment before quickly coming to a stop.

“What happen?” Xiao Bei nearly fell down.

“I suspect an unluckily poor devil triggered the tomb’s mechanism. It’s inadvisable to stay here for too long. Let’s quickly leave.” Fatty stood up and Xing Man Tian followed suit.

Xiao Bei guessed it was Qiu Yu’s group who triggered the mechanism as, in this remote place, there wouldn’t be anyone else. It looked like their situation wasn’t very good but at least he knew they previously were still alive and wel,l though now he wasn’t sure.

“Do I come along with you?” Xiao Bei felt that being with them would be much safer and he just had to be a little attentive and vigilant.

“What do you think your chances of coming out of here alive?” Fatty once again began to laugh. “Also, though the ‘curse’ cannot be transmitted by air, we aren’t sure whether there is any hidden factor that is lying dormant in your body. It’s up to you whether you want to follow us but it seems like you don’t have any other alternative! Isn’t it?”

Xiao Bei tied the dagger to his thigh then followed the two walked out of the burial chamber and returned to the tunnel. Xiao Bei gave a last glance at the stone door. He felt that the black cat would appear again but he didn’t know when that time would be.

Fatty took out a flashlight from his bag and lead the way ahead. As they walked, fatty told Xiao Bei of places they had already passed by before. This time they were going into a different tunnel and it would be best if they could find the main burial chamber as all the answers would be there.

Not sure if he could take some good things away. Xiao Bei was scared by his sudden line of thinking. To forget about the pain after the wound had healed; to still be thinking about treasures at this time, he really had to change this bad habit of his when he went home.


Fatty, who was walking in front suddenly stopped. Xiao Bei was walking in the middle and fatty’s sudden stop caused Xiao Bei to not have enough time to stop himself. He directly banged into fatty’s back.

“It’s those damn bolts again! Quickly lie on the ground! Little fellow, be careful; I got shot in the back when I just entered this place and it has not finished healing! It’s all because those broken toys malfunctioned. One of the bolts did not fire together. You must remember to pay close attention to this,” Fatty cursed in a low voice.

It looked like the blood stain on the bolt which he previously saw was fatty’s. Xiao Bei suddenly felt an urge to laugh at fatty for being unfortunate in suffering under a malfunctioned bolt, but he quickly took advantage of the lack of light to cover his mouth. Thinking about it, how could an experienced grave robber suffer under an ordinary bolt? Fatty could only helplessly sigh that this year’s quality of things and luck wasn’t very good.

The three at their fastest speed laid on the ground. Bolts whizzed past his ear and shot against the wall, the sound hurting Xiao Bei’s ears.

Until there wasn’t any sound did the three got up and pat away the dust on their bodies.

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Xiao Bei got a feeling that when he was lying on the ground, something was pressing down on his butt. He reached out his hand to touch then noticed that it was his phone but it was broken during his fight with those monsters.

Xiao Bei pulled out the phone card and threw the broken phone to the front as if throwing rocks to find a safe path. After issuing several brittle sounds, that phone must have thoroughly be broken into pieces. What’s more, that phone was bought recently.

“Stop, in front is a dead end. Let’s go back.” Fatty made a hand signal and was about to head back when he was stopped by Xing Man Tian.

“Wait, just now when the wall in front was hit, the sound wasn’t right! That wall seemed to be hollow!” As Xing Man Tian was saying, he took fatty’s flashlight and shone at the wall ahead. Xing Man Tian slightly bent his back and slowly moved forward, a small step at a time.

On seeing that there was no danger in front, he then knocked on the brick wall that was before him. The wall issued “dōng dōng” sounds.

“That’s right, it’s really hollow.” Fatty nodded his head.

Xiao Bei watched Xing Man Tian stuck his ear against the wall to listen for any activities within.

“Xū……” Fatty explained to Xiao Bei in a low voice, “This is to hear out whether inside contains the tomb’s mechanism or a hidden room. Let’s move two steps back.”

After listening for around twenty seconds, Xing Man Tian lifted his head.

“Fatty, pass me the engineer shovel. Also, look around for any switch.”

Fatty handed over the engineer shovel and called for Xiao Bei to search the surrounding together. However, they did not find anything on both sides of the walls.

Xing Man Tian swung the engineer shovel and in the next moment, bits of the brick wall fell, allowing threads of light to enter.

“Sister Qiu Yu, over there seems to have some activity! Maybe it can give us a way out!” Came a woman’s voice from the other side of the wall. She had a southern accent and her voice was soft but now it was mixed with a hint of excitement.

Sister Qiu Yu? Was she the one Yang Chen was talking about? It was unexpected for them to actually meet here. However, listening to the two ladies’ conversation, it seemed that their situation wasn’t that good either and they had not found the exit! It looked like all the hopes had been put on Xing Man Tian and fatty. Hopefully, these two experienced people would be able to find what they were looking for then bring everyone out of here. Xiao Bei wondered for a moment in his heart but there was still a tinge of despair.

“Where is Yang Chen now? Will he be able to find us?” Xiao Bei murmured a few sentences and began to help Xing Man Tian to dig a hole in the wall.

“I know those people inside.” When Xiao Bei saw fatty once again take out a dagger and was on alert, Xiao Bei quickly pressed down fatty’s dagger and explained. “Can you not always take out a dagger when meeting strangers?”

Looking at the blade that was flashing with coldness, Xiao Bei could not help but shiver from the chill.

“You won’t say this once you lose your life, rookie!” Fatty scornfully cast a glance at Xiao Bei, but he still put away the dagger.

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