Chapter 16: The World That Summoned The Class

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Editor: Kenny Stryker

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At that time, when Yato was left outside of the summoning circle, and his classmates started panicking after they were forcibly teleported to a different world, by a God named Metron.

“Ey!! Where am I?!”

“What’s going on?”

“Are we seriously in another world?”

“How did we get here in the first place?”

The students started to panic and fluster due to the shock that they received after finding themselves in a completely unknown place, far away from the Earth. From the looks of it, several people who were near us, seemed to look like soldiers, stepped up in order to calm the students down.

“Everyone, please, calm down.”

“I would like you to listen to what we have to say first.”

“Shut up!! And send us back to our world now!!”

“Don’t you dare summon people without having their consent first!!”

“I want to go back home this instant!!”

It was unfortunate that the calls from soldier only made the matter worse, and students were further offended, instead of calmed. All of the students were enraged to the point where it would be the possibility that they might try to attack the soldiers nearby. The students did not show any sign of calming down, neither the willing to listen to them. However, all of a sudden, a single girl stepped forward, and addressed the students.

“Everyone, I know that you are confused by these sudden turn of events, but please settle down. Allow me to explain the crisis we are currently.”

The girl that addressed everyone, was beautiful, had her blonde hairs well stocked, and was wearing a pretty dress, and appeared to be in the same age group as the rest of the students. The students were fascinated by her lovely looks to the point that most of the fussing boys turned docile. The girl watched them with an indifferent gaze as they settled down.

“I am Lurian Purimos, the princess of the Purimosu Kingdom and I deeply apologize for selfishly calling you, The Heroes, to a different world than yours. This is our place.”

Lurian bowed down her while apologizing to the students. Due to sudden change of events which led to an unexpected apology, the class students gradually regained their composure back, one of them even stood up and slowly approached her.

“Oh, please princess, raise your head. No one here is blaming you at all for these turns of events.”

“And who might you be, mister?”

“My name is Tenjouin Hikaru. It is an honor to meet you.”

Tenjouin answered to her question with a bright smile on his face. Lurian’s cheeks slightly changed to red, looking as if she were captivated by his smiling face.

The student who greeted the princess was Tenjouin Hikaru. He was more of a leader in Yato’s class as he was always in the center of attention. He was highly skilled at almost everything, and not only that, he had good looks, and was quite popular with the girls as well, to the point where he used to received at least one love letter once a week.

Every student who saw his conversation with the princess could only think that he is trying to flirt with a princess of a kingdom of another world. After all, he didn’t harbor only those great communication skills, but he was also skilled at being a playboy.

However, for one reason or another, he, himself, was not aware of the fact that he was skilled at these things as well. His smiles brimming with energy, and refined acts shot down the hears of many girls in his school. However, it is still a mystery as to why he didn’t realize his abilities just yet, but it seems that he was made like that.

Though, the most important thing is that his skills at playing with a woman’s heart were still usable even in a different world. Right now, Lurian seemed on the cusp of falling for his smile as well. However, unaware of that fact, he resumed the conversation.

“Princess. Allow me to confirm the reason we were summoned to this world. Is it in order to bring down the Demon Lord, or am I wrong?”

“N-no, that’s right. The Demon Lord is leading his army all of a sudden and is massacring people here and there, intending to eradicate us humans and the beast tribe. I desperately tried resisting their forces, however, their number is overwhelming. At this rate, it is only a matter of time until we are removed from this world. That’s why we prayed to our God, Metron, to bestow us his divine assistance.”

“And so, you ended up summoning us here.”

“That’s right.”

Right when Lurian finished, she turned to fix her gaze upon the rest of the class students.

“I am fully aware that we summoned you here forcibly. However, please, defeat the Demon Lord and rescue this world from meeting its demolition!! I beg of you! Please help us!”

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Once again, the princess bowed down several times while Tenjouin decided to follow her actions.

“Everyone, Let’s do it!! It is true that we were brought here against our will, but the residents of this world are on the brim of collapse. We can’t just ignore something like that!! Am I right?!”

Everyone remained silent to Tenjouin’s enthusiastic speech. Naturally, no matter what a person says, he can’t change someone’s mind in such a difficult situation. But this time, the one who was speaking is Tenjouin. Few moments later, the students became resolved, one by one, and agreed with him.

“I will do it!!”

“Me too!!”

“Don’t forget me!!”

“Add me with you guys!”

One after the other, those who made their decision gradually increased until the entire class accepted. Lurian who witnessed this was deeply moved and expressed her gratitude with tears flowing from her eyes.

“Thank you… Thank you very much.”

“Well then now, Let’s do our best!!”


With that, Tenjouin’s army, now composed of 38 heroes, was born. Although, none of them noticed that one hero was missing.

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