Chapter 13: Mural

It was a man wearing sackcloth, and on his head was a triangular hat. He was standing at a high place and both his hands were raised to 45 degrees, pointing to the sky. Below him was a large group of slaves, prostrating on the ground. Right in front of that man was a stone tablet. This wasn’t something unusual, and it was likely an ancient sacrifice during a worship ceremony. However, what caused Xiao Bei to feel uneasy was that on the vague mural, there were many things placed on the stone tablet.

There were censer, arrows, and yellow paper. The last item was a bundle of fine silk. There was only half of the mural left, the rest, due to heavy corrosion, had come off. However, the outline of a mirror could be vaguely determined.

In the past, people used bronze mirrors to see their reflection. However, there was another function to it and that was to suppress and ward off evil spirits. At the tip of the bronze mirror, the similar type of adornments was tied to it. Using red strings and chains, they were woven together, leaving a fringe at the end.

However, no matter how Xiao Bei looked at it, he felt that the thing tied in the middle of those strings was very familiar, like he had seen it before. If he could go down again, he might be able to see clearly. Hence, Xiao Bei looked up and shouted to those above, “Lower the rope, I found something!”

The rope began to lower and finally, Xiao Bei was able to clearly see the picture.

“Ah!” Xiao Bei saw that that area was also pretty much corroded but it still caused him to be shocked and he could not help but exclaim.

That was a jade ornament.

At this point, it could be said that Xiao Bei had already thoroughly seen everything of the mural, but he could not understand the meaning behind it. However, in regards to that jade, he definitely recognized it; it was that cursed killing ancient jade!

There must be more murals in this tomb!

When he fell into the hole, the sky was dark. There was no light, so he did not notice the murals on the wall. According to the habits in the past, there may have been a complete picture which could explain what had actually happened in the past. Then the answer to the secrets of the killing ancient jade would surface!

Ignoring the shock and surprise from above, Xiao Bei let go of the rope and jumped down. As the height he was, there was only two meters to the ground; there was no problem in dropping. The mural in front of him was like a cat to a scratching post, attracting his attention.

Inside, there indeed were other pictures.

On the second one, there were two people dressed in ritual attire and on their heads were all sorts of ornaments. A man was being carried into a huge coffin. “This should be the funeral of someone of high-status, right?” Xiao Bei wondered.

Further back, a man was holding a knife and was forcing a young slave up the sacrificial platform and making her kneel in front of a squarish pillar. With a sharp blade in his hand, the person that was next to the slave raise his hand and began to use children as the offering.

Blood slowly flowed into the ditch. This seemed to be a very complex picture and Xiao Bei could not understand.

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At this time, Xiao Bei had already walked quite deep into the tunnel. He was too mesmerized, and unknowingly had already walked quite far into it. The story on the wall was still ongoing.

The coffin was nailed on all four corners and carved on the wooden nail were similar scriptures that they had rubbed down previously. The bronze mirror once again reappeared and it was raised up in the sky. Who knew what its role was. Finally, the bronze mirror was placed in the opening of the coffin and fixed at the center of the ditch.

The last mural was about moving the whole altar to this underground tomb. The project was unimaginably huge and numerous gold, silver, and jewelry were buried here. The picture ended with the covering of coffin after it had been thrown into the altar. These series of murals were true to life. Those murals on the wall that had yet to rot could even clearly illustrated people’s expressions.

For quite a while, Xiao Bei was unable to recover from his shock.

It looked like the murals were about the religion that was hardcore in worshiping, but why was the altar moved here? Also, regarding those scriptures and the strange coffin, Xiao Bei came up with a terrifying conjecture.

He must go back and stop fatty and Xing Man Tian.

Now then Xiao Bei noticed that he had already walked quite deep into the tunnel. Suddenly, the surrounding was filled with “shāshā” sound, similar to the sound when a cat scratched the wall. Immediately, he remembered about the black cat that had always been following them. Turning back, it had long disappeared. Who knew where it had run to. The strange black cat would always mysteriously appear and disappear. It caused people to not be able to fathom it.

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Whatever. Let’s not think about that cat. It looked like the situation wasn’t so bad and till now, he had not seen that group of monsters. Hopefully, he could stop fatty and Xing Man Tian as soon as possible! Thinking till here, Xiao Bei’s pace started to speed up by a lot.

When Xiao Bei passed by the tunnel where he and Xing Man Tian had previously sealed with the stone door, he noticed that the situation wasn’t right.

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