Chapter 14: Secrets

“This….” Xiao Bei could not help but to go inside to see it for himself, “God! How did the door open?!”

‘wū wū’

From the inside, strange noises, issued out. Undoubtedly, it was from that thing’s sound.

Something that was watching him.


Right beside Xiao Bei’s foot, a blob of liquid dripped down. As he raised his head, his soul nearly flew out! A monster was hanging upside down on the ceiling, above his head.


The monster screamed and jumped down, small broken rocks shooting towards Xiao Bei’s body. Subconsciously, Xiao Bei had closed his eyes and raised an arm to block them.

His other hand did not stay idle either, and immediately took out the dagger that was given by Xing Man Tian.

Then, a giant force pressed on his back, along with it, a suddenly burst of pain.

Xiao Bei fell on the spot and rolled his body to throw whatever it was off him. He then raised his dagger high up in the air and stabbed downwards, targeting the creature’s neck.

After eating some pain, that creature, which he now saw clearly, loosened its sharp claws, allowing Xiao Bei to breath. Looking at it, a monster and a man were currently rolling around and fighting at close quarters in the narrow tunnel of the tomb.

There was a concentrate of noises behind the stone door. It looked like not all the monsters inside had come out as there were still some of them that stayed behind. This time, the situation was getting worse. Holding a dagger tightly in his hand, Xiao Bei was still tangled in a fight with the monster. His dagger randomly struck downwards, treating as if splitting firewood.

After barely kicking the monster that was clinging onto his body away, Xiao Bei did not look back and ran towards the altar.

Must find Fatty and Xing Man Tian first!

Xiao Bei, who had already crazily run for a few minutes, could hear the sound of the wind mixed with the messy scrambling sounds of monsters. He could not control himself, and so, cast a glance back. Behind him, dozens of creatures that could engulf the sky and earth came rushing towards him. On the walls, on the ground, all were filled with beasts chasing after him. Their claws were so sharp that they could even easily grab hold onto the walls.

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On seeing this scene, Xiao Bei was frightened and his pace started to decrease. This greatly shortened the distance between him and them.

As Xiao Bei saw that those monsters had nearly caught up, he felt even more anxious. The altar was only a few hundred meters away. After jumping into the hole, he would be able to join up with fatty and Xing Man Tian. If they had not suffered any mishaps, then with their ability, they would have many opportunities to escape from death!

Xiao Bei staggered into the previously dug out hole as his legs were constantly being nipped and scratched at from behind. And then, he dropped. The new scene before Xiao Bei caused him to feel despair.

The altar had already been densely packed with these creatures!

No wonder dozens of monsters were chasing after him at the stone door; many had already gathered over here. Presumably, they followed the black cat and came here together, using another secret tunnel. Now, even on the stone lion, which was the switch to open the hole within the altar, squatted two monsters. All the monsters were looking in the direction of the altar. This awe-inspiring scene caused Xiao Bei to forget about spitting out the sands that were in his mouth.

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Fatty was standing above the altar. One of his hands was holding a pistol and was aiming in front of him, the other hand was using the engineer shovel to support his body and slightly allow him to rest. His small little eyes vigilantly scanned the surrounding.

Xiao Bei’s sudden intrusion attracted the surrounding monsters’ attention. He could clearly see their eyes under the hair of these group of monsters, the desires contained in it.

Now, Xiao Bei was like a lamb that had fallen within a pack of wolves and he was trapped as he was pincer-ed on both side!

Of course, fatty was the first to notice Xiao Bei, and he rushed to him and angrily roared, “You damn rookie! Why did you run back?! Wanting to die!”

“I……” Xiao Bei hesitated and was unable to say out his words because those monsters had already started to draw closer and circled him. Also, those monsters were moving quickly.

Behind, there were still a number of claws waving in the air. As the hole was too small, those monsters were struggling to be the first to squeeze their body through the hole and thus were stuck or else Xiao Bei would have already been torn into pieces.

The situation was urgent, and fatty did not care about wasting ammunition. He raised his hand and shot a few times. Along with the sound of gunfire echoed, bullets landing on the back of some of those creatures, their bodies would fall to the ground, twitching and rolling about. However, this little wave was not enough to stop the tidal one of monsters from moving forward.

Suddenly, Xiao Bei noticed that not far away was a rucksack.

Fatty shouted, “Just now I dropped that bag. There are explosives inside! Quickly go over there! I’ll cover you!”

It was now that Xiao Bei noticed that the rucksack that fatty was carrying before had disappeared. No wonder when he saw fatty, he looked different. Without the rucksack, fatty’s body size seemed to have shrunk by twofold.

Xiao Bei desperately ran to the rucksack. Inside, there was a spare flashlight, a bundle of hemp-twisted rope and half a section of the gun handle was partially exposed after the drop.


Xiao Bei closed his eyes and curled up into a ball. Behind, a monster fell. In any case, he managed to get the rucksack. He grabbed hold onto the exposed section of the gun and pulled it out. It was a remodeled mini sub-machine gun. Xiao Bei did not expect fatty to even have this type of thing. Previously, it must be that he did not have the time to take it out before the rucksack was pulled away from him.

Looking at those monsters moving towards him, and wanting to drag him down, Xiao Bei could already pretty much guess what fatty had experienced. Fortunately, these monsters did not have any discipline and they chaotically struggled to climb up. They would pull down the one in front and this allowed Xiao Bei to temporarily be able to hold his ground.

“First, off the safety switch!” Fatty shouted.

“Where’s the safety switch?!” Xiao Bei had never come in contact with any firearms and hence he did not know where the safety switch was located. He could only brandish the gun like a wooden stick and hit monsters that were closing in on him.

“Damn it! This fool! Throw the things to me!”

On hearing fatty’s shout, Xiao Bei closed his eyes and with all his might, threw the rucksack in fatty’s direction. There were already monsters that had rushed up and were pressing down on him. Xiao Bei felt that his arms were about to be pierced through. The smell of blood greatly stimulated the surrounding monsters, causing them to become even crazier.

Fatty hurriedly rummaged in the rucksack and took out an explosive. He lit the fuse. Bringing along with gorgeous sparkles, the explosive was thrown into the mass of monsters.

“Hōng!!” The deafening sound caused Xiao Bei’s ears to ring non-stop. In the end, he was not able to hear anything, his ears left ringing.

Xiao Bei felt a burning hot pain at his back, broken rocks that were shot towards him. He forced his closed eyes open and noticed that he was already blasted ten meters away by the explosion.

Fatty was standing on the altar and was shouting at Xiao Bei, “I did not throw near you, you will not die from the explosion! Quickly climb up or you will really die!”

Of course, Xiao Bei currently could not hear a thing.

Seeing Fatty was motioning for him, Xiao Bei understood that fatty was telling him to come. He frantically rolled and crawled over. The monsters between the altar and him had already blown away and as his path was no longer densely packed with monsters, he finally could pass through.

Despite the help from fatty in getting up the altar, Xiao Bei was already injured to the extent that he could not bear to see the wounds on his body.

“I, I, I found a secret. Re-related, this, this place, and also that piece, piece of jade!” Xiao Bei spoke as he gasped for breath, not knowing whether fatty understood his words as he spilled out everything he knew.

“Damn, this laozi cannot understand what you are talking about! You do not need to feel so anxious, you won’t die so easily here. In the past, I was even more seriously injured than you. These things cannot climb up, so first take two breath before saying what you have to say!” Fatty shouted near Xiao Bei’s ear.

This time, Xiao Bei finally was able to hear a bit of sound under the constant ringing in his ears. He nodded his head and closed his mouth. His hand was lightly pressing against his chest as he breathed, gasping for more air.

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