Chapter 1: Peerless Beauty – Campus Belle Queen

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character felt his heartbeat reach its limits; his breathing became rushed, with his chest rapidly heaving up and down as his legs made robotic movements forward. Although he had lowered his head, he knew that the girl was only meters away; just a slight increase in the walking pace would be enough to reach her.

Beads of sweat slowly slid down his forehead, seeping along the brows, towards the rim of his eyes. The stinging sensation promptly made him reach out to knead them, simultaneously giving him an opportunity to peek a glance at the front.

A pair of jade-like snowy long legs came into vision. A look upwards revealed cowboy jeans of a perfect fit, firmly wrapped around those curvy buttocks, which gait seemed to resemble two rocking orbs. An azure-colored pure cotton half sleeved T-shirt was worn on top, through which Su Ke could vaguely see a white brassiere band.

“What should I do? Should I do it?” Just a mere glance almost made Su Ke feel dizzy from the nervousness. Gulping down with conviction, he took deep breaths.

“Let’s go all in!” Su Ke sped up his pace, beginning a short sprint. His arms naturally waved like a pendulum. His palm dampened due to the sweat as he approached closer—6 meters, 3 meters, 1 meter…

Pa!” A clear and loud sound echoed out.

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As Su Ke brushed past the girl, his right hand swung aside; his palm hitting just right on top her left butt cheek. Soft yet flexible, he could feel the curvature of the butt’s flesh right before he landed the hit—as curvy as an inverted rice bowl.

“Aaaahhhh!” screamed the girl; she covered her mouth right after. Immediately, she yelled at the butt attacker perp adjacent to her, “You! Stop!”

At the moment his palm came into contact with the girl’s buttocks, Su Ke’s brain had become mush as if he had received an electric shock, but his body’s inertia still made him take a few steps forward. Only, he foolishly stopped when her voice echoed out, unable to take another step, even though he wanted to flee.

“You slapped my butt just now!” The girl’s voice shuddered due to the anger, with every word she spoke, her voice became coarser as she heavily breathed.

Su Ke’s head drooped down as he didn’t have the courage to look at her right now. He didn’t know how to tackle this situation. He felt that his legs had gone soft, on the verge of falling at any second. He knew he had to defend himself or else he wouldn’t be able to clear out this sin even if he jumped into the Yellow River. After all, he had slapped her butt.

“I-I didn’t!” Su Ke somehow squeezed out these few words out between the gaps of his teeth, his voice as flat as a mosquito’s buzz.

“What’s your name? From which class are you? Raise your head so I can take a look at who you are!” The girl made three demands in rapid-fire and then spoke no more.

Su Ke raised his head slowly; he could feel his face had become fiery, perhaps as red as a monkey’s buttocks. However, he didn’t dare to deny her demand. He kept sweating, already regretting his actions. If this was known to the Disciplinary Committee, it was no doubt that his parents would be informed of this and they would also expel him.

“How could I be so immoral! Ah!”

“I-I didn’t do it!” Su Ke felt like crying; indeed, he was possessed a moment ago.

“Then who touched me just now?” The girl’s’ voice suddenly became strict, making Su Ke tremble from fear.

“It wasn’t me! Really!” Su Ke shook his head with all his might.

“Alright, it wasn’t you!” The girl stepped forward after speaking. Su Ke finally relaxed a bit, exhaling a breath.

“Was my butt supple?” the girl turned back to ask casually.

“Yes!” Su Ke blurted out, but he immediately realized his blunder. He could see the expression of the girl experience a drastic change, ready to pounce and bare her fangs at any moment.

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Su Ke’s complexion became deathly pale, thinking that this was perhaps the end for him.

At this moment, the sounds of the bell rung out.

It was the habitual sickening bell that rang to signify the beginning of class, similar to a heavenly sweet-sounding natural tone. The girl somewhat hesitated a bit before turning around to run to class while glaring at Su Ke with eyes wide opened.

“Reporting!” Su Ke’s entire body was soaked in sweat as he stood at the entrance of the classroom. He lowered his head when he saw the Mathematics teacher watch him with raised brows.

Su Ke could feel the students of the entire classroom look at him for 1-2 minutes; he felt as if ants were crawling on top his skin, biting him here and there. The impatient voice of the Mathematics teacher sounded out at this moment, “Come in!”

He ran for his seat in a single breath with his head lowered. Taking out the textbook, he took a look at the blackboard. Once the Mathematics teacher watched Su Ke sit down obediently, he didn’t say anything else and resumed teaching.

Su Ke sat still and upright as he concentrated his attention on the blackboard, yet at the same time, a strange space had suddenly appeared in his mind. It had an LCD screen-like thing at the front, displaying a row of words accompanied by an ice-cold synthetic mechanical voice.

“Mission: Touch Li Feifei’s butt (COMPLETE) Reward: 100 RMB.”

“[Flower Pickup System] has initialized successfully. Additional reward: Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Basic Level)”


Su Ke was already familiar with this LCD screen; it used to remind him every day of this mission about touching her butt. He had been anxious at the beginning, but he finally braced himself to try it out today. The words had changed.

‘Selected withdraw!’

A white flash flickered within the strange space. Su Ke immediately quivered; he felt his body relax as it experienced a pleasant sensation, equivalent to the feeling of drinking a bottle full of iced cola during a scorching day, followed by a sumptuous feast.

At this moment, his right hand, which had entered into the school desk drawer, came into contact with a few bills. After bringing them out to look, these bills were bright red, imprinted with the image of the greatest man of all eras, respected and loved, Grandpa Mao.

He stealthily brought the money out to check if they were fake. They didn’t seem to have any problems.

“This is genuine! I didn’t think it was real, this ‘Flower Pickup System’!” Su Ke did his best to suppress the urge to shout out loudly, but the surprise to his heart had made him laugh out a little unconsciously.

“SU KE!” The expression of the Mathematics teacher suddenly became gloomy when he saw Su Ke giggle. He threw the chalk in his hand towards Su Ke’s desk. The accuracy was relatively high; only those who have tempered themselves for several years would be able to pull it out.

“Su Ke, how is this problem solved?” The Mathematics teacher’s eyes had already opened wide. Su Ke would have transformed into a hedgehog were the gaze likened to throwing knives.

“Eh?” Su Ke immediately stood up to look at the cluster of numerals on the blackboard. His brain had become mush again. Mathematics wasn’t one of his key strengths; he would just barely pass each of his exams with great difficulty. He was out of wits when he saw the Mathematics teacher glare at him.

“Arriving late to the class, not listening to the lecture, have you come to attend classes or grow fat? You’re wasting time available to you, failing to live up to your parent’s expectations. Don’t come to class if you don’t want to be here!” The Mathematics teacher seemed outraged; the more he spoke, the more worked up he became. Especially after seeing the guiltless expression on Su Ke’s face, his anger grew even more. He pointed towards the classroom door. “Get out of the class right now!”

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