Chapter 2: Alluring New Mission

Reprimanded by the Mathematics teacher, though Su Ke2Su KeMain Character felt angry, he had no other means to deal with the densely packed equations on the blackboard as he knew he wouldn’t be able to solve the problem; his face became flushed.

“Get out!” The Mathematics teacher yelled, pointing towards the door. Although Su Ke’s mistake was trivial, he still did so with the intention of “killing the chicken to warn the monkey.”

The 3rd High’s (8th) class could be considered to be among the mid-lower level classes within the entire year. The majority of the students of the class had bad habits; the boys caused a ruckus with chatter, few of the girls used their tiny mirrors to deal with their pimples, and some even had earphone plugged into their ears.

Su Ke’s giggle made the anger Wu Ming had suppressed within explode out. Although he didn’t pay much attention to this obscure and unknown, quite reserved student with mediocre achievements, he felt as if Su Ke had smacked his face—a naïve, equivalent to an ‘air’ sort of boy doing the smacking.

“Teacher Wu, I—!” Su Ke tried to speak, but his voice wouldn’t come out; he was scared.

“Get out!” Wu Ming pointed towards the door again, his eyes filled with anger and his expression solemn.

Su Ke’s head drooped down; he rose from his seat to leave. He could only resign himself to adversity and obey the teacher’s order, void of the courage to refute. The students of the entire class had paused their matters to look at him walk out, step by step.

Suddenly, he stopped; raising his head, he quickly walked towards the rostrum.

Wu Ming was startled; he had an ominous feeling when he saw Su Ke walk towards him in large strides, thinking, “Is he going to hit his teacher?” He retreated a step back. “What are you doing?”

Su Ke didn’t mind him. A refreshing energy had suddenly appeared within his mind; an enormous amount of mathematical knowledge, theorems, and formulas, which were a comprehensive study of the entire subject appeared along with it. The difficult mathematics problem on the blackboard now became easy.

Su Ke picked up the chalk from the lectern and wrote at a tremendous speed. A glance at that problem had produced the reasoning required to solve the problem within his mind; his right hand merely wrote the answer conscientiously.

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Pa!” Su Ke threw the chalk in his hand towards the lectern and looked at Wu Ming.

“Teacher Wu, is my solution correct?”

Wu Ming was shocked from the moment Su Ke had climbed the rostrum; this youngster had always been a yes-man. He’d blush when he’d speak to the girls in his class, and his voice was as tiny as a mosquito’s when he discussed with the boys. Such a person had surprisingly dared to come onto the rostrum.

Moreover, looking at the answer he wrote on the blackboard, its procedure was clear, and the solution, perfect. This was again startling as the problem’s difficulty was quite high. Wu Ming believed only three among the entire class could solve it, but Su Ke wasn’t one of them for sure.

“Correct!” Wu Ming pulled a long face, deliberately looking at the blackboard while speaking.

Su Ke clapped his hands to throw off the chalk dust, directly returning to his seat. He didn’t drop his head down this time but rather had a rare smiling expression on his face

Wei Lan felt as if she was seeing Su Ke for the first time; delicate and pretty cheeks, bright pupils, a smile possessing an indeterminable flavor. “Was this the same obscure and unknown Su Ke of the class? The Su Ke who used to act like some shy girl?” Thinking about this, the class committee member, Wei Lan, suddenly felt curious about him.

Su Ke feigned to take his seat in a relaxed manner, his sight clashing with the Mathematics teacher Wu Ming’s, who instead avoided his gaze quickly.

“Students, Su Ke has solved this problem correctly!” Wu Ming spoke out; Su Ke again began to giggle; the [Flower Pickup System] was real! The hundred lump sum of money was genuine! Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Basic Level), he got it!

“A miracle bestowed by the heavens! I’ll surely change my destiny with this [Flower Pickup System]!” Su Ke shouted within his heart.

Suddenly, the ice-cold mechanical voice emerged within his mind once again. When did Su Ke have the time to listen Wu Ming teach? He immediately accessed the strange space to look at the LCD screen, but it immediately made his entire body sweat.

Only allowed on

“Mission: Touch Li Feifei’s buttocks; Reward: 200 RMB.”

“Good-mother! Do you want to take my life?” Su Ke was dumbstruck. Looking at the mission made him remember Li Feifei’s oppressive and threatening expression.

“People say that you mustn’t fiddle with a tiger’s butt, but I groped a tigress’s buttocks! What’s more, I have to grope it again!”

Li Feifei was the Seventeen Senior High’s famous campus belle queen. Although Su Ke was reserved, he had the same interest towards beautiful things as the other boys did. Otherwise, he couldn’t have found her and complete the mission.

Leaving the space, Su Ke sat on his seat dazed, his mind indulging in flights of fantasy. The teacher’s words went through one of his ears and out through the other; he remained like this till his classes ended.

As he took his reasonably used mountain bike out from the parking lot, his eyes caught sight of a familiar silhouette brush past beside him; eh, they were familiar buttocks to be accurate. Those rocking orbs wrapped firmly by cowboy jeans had already left a profound impression on his mind.

Su Ke quickly turned his head away; his heartbeat boomed with horsepower, his mouth turned dry, and his legs turned soft as his breathing became rushed. Only after that silhouette had disappeared did he flee as if running for his life.

“Do I have to grope her again?”

“What if I get caught?”

“But, it was indeed supple!”

In this way, with a mind full of buttocks, the student Su Ke returned to the small store his parents run.

“Dad, Mom, I’m back!” Su Ke placed his school bag within the recreation room and then headed out to help. His parents ran a small family market store, which was located at the entrance of the neighborhood; it had tobacco and alcohol, tea and sugar, rice and noodles, oils and salts, and many other articles for daily use as well as fruits and vegetables.

It was the off work time; the store had many people, all of the inhabitants of the neighborhood. The majority of them had come to buy some veggies for dinner, so the profits on veggies consisted of a large share. All of the veggies were purchased by Su Ke’s father from the marketplace at 4 o’clock early in the morning.

Every day, Su Ke helped his parents at the store during the evening, returning home to have dinner roughly around 9:30. It had become habitual long ago. Today, though, he had eaten too much for lunch, and hence, came out of the recreation room, right at the time a person had entered in.

“Su Ke? Back from school?” A woman wearing a scarf, roughly around 28 years old, entered inside. Su Ke knew she was a nearby resident named Liu Mengmeng and worked at the office of a mobile company. She had married just recently and had a curvaceous figure, especially her soft bosom which seemed like the raging sea.

Liu Mengmeng wore the summer attire of the mobile company—a square silk scarf around her neck, giving her a classy, lovely and elegant look. A slim-fit, white short sleeved shirt as the top made her plump bosom seemingly trying to throw off the fetters of the buttons; below, she wore a bright black knee-length skirt.

“Hi, Sis Liu!” Su Ke’s face immediately blushed when he saw Liu Mengmeng call out to him, making him promptly lower his head. He knew this was the much-spoken allure of the uniform popular among the internet. To speak the truth, it was indeed quite beautiful; it made his heart race again.

Liu Mengmeng laughed when she saw him blush, proceeding to pick up things.

Suddenly, Su Ke felt a change occur in the space within his mind. Accessing it, a new mission had appeared on the LCD screen.

“Mission: Find out the color of Liu Mengmeng’s panties; Reward: 200 RMB.”

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