Chapter 3: Major Incident at Campus of Seventeen Senior High

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character looked at the words on the LCD screen in a daze. “Mission: Find out the color of Liu Mengmeng’s panties; Reward: 200 RMB.”

“Dang! You want to kill me!” Su Ke felt his heart palpitate when he saw the mission, his mouth and tongue went dry. Intuition told him he shouldn’t do it. His dad and mom were nearby; if he were caught, it would be a disgrace.

His mind, however, felt an impulse, pressing him to complete this mission. After all, Su Ke was familiar with the store, which had shelves placed in the middle, and merchandise spread all over the sides. It was possible for him to quickly peek at Liu Mengmeng if he stood opposite to her.

Of course, the premise for that was for Liu Mengmeng to squat down.

Taking a look, fudge! Liu Mengmeng squatted down without defense. According to Su Ke’s memory, the goods in that direction were trivial and forgotten. “Sister, although you’re a bit dumb, you shouldn’t be so cooperative!”

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One step, two steps, Su Ke arrived in between the shelves, step by step. Opposite him was Liu Mengmeng. He pretended to arrange a few goods. Naturally, it seemed reasonable as he acted as the shop assistant at his family store quite often.

Pa!” A bag of rice crust dropped from his hand. Su Ke bent down to pick it up when it landed on the ground; his palms were sweaty as he made stiffer movements than a patient with a broken back, stealthily following along the gap between the shelves to peek.

Sure enough, Liu Mengmeng was crouching at the opposite shelf, bending down flexibly. Her body leaned forwards, and her plump bosom was on the verge of coming out into the open. Her skirt rose up due to her movements, all up to her thighs. A look at those light snowy skin made Su Ke gulp down.

Regretfully, his hand had already reached that bag of rice crust due to being held up. He helplessly got up and placed the bag back into its original position to avert suspicion.

Phew!” Su Ke pacified his breathing. Just a little more would have completed the mission and given the reward of 200 RMB. Fortunately, Liu Mengmeng didn’t get up and only moved a step laterally.

Crash!” As Su Ke placed the bag of rice crust back into its original position, he inadvertently caused a few instant noodles packets on the lower layer to fall.

Su Ke habitually crouched down to pick the packets one by one, placing them on the lowest shelf. He suddenly remembered an actor’s line, “This is God’s plans, God is great!”

His eyes naturally followed towards the gap again as he prudently arranged the noodle packets; those snow-white thighs were still there, and a look up the knees revealed an entrance to her underskirt due to one of Liu Mengmeng’s legs bent, and the other kneeling on the floor.

Black lace supplemented with Fretwork decorative design, and a faint dark section visible at its center. Su Ke could have even seen its form if the lighting was sufficient.

Su Ke’s heart almost leaped to his throat, forgetting all of his actions in that split second, unable to stand, unable to take a step. The entire person had become dumb, only able to hear his coarse breaths.

An ice-cold mechanical voice roused Su Ke.

“Mission: Find out the color of Liu Mengmeng’s panties (COMPLETE); Reward: 200 RMB.”


Liu Mengmeng hadn’t realized that her underskirt was exposed, still maintaining the same posture. Su Ke couldn’t endure, before he knew, he felt his little brother raise a tent below.

He pacified his breathing as he got up, acting to arrange the goods on the shelf for a moment; he blitzed towards the recreation room to pick up his school bag and dashed past his parents. “Dad, Mom, I’m going home early!”

“En, warm up the food if you feel hungry!” Before Su Ke’s mother could finish speaking, he had run out the door. After all, the tent his little brother had raised hadn’t disappeared yet.

Su Ke’s home was the No. 10 house at the district, which was a 10-minute walk from his family’s small store, but such a short distance had his heart racing, and thus he wandered on the path, lost.

The black lace drifted around within his mind; the 200 lump of cash he clutched in his hand was real. This was a great stimulation to this naïve boy.

Returning home, Su Ke neither warmed up the food, nor he did his homework. He just rushed towards the computer. The [Flower Pickup System] had appeared due to this old personal computer.

That evening, a popup had appeared from an online game page. Although the image wasn’t excessively revealing,  the scene looked remarkably refined, accompanied by the words: Play the zither for the soulmate, a goblet of wine under the bright moon and cool breeze, live a happy life free and unfettered, with myriad flowers aside.

Su Ke curiously hit enter on the confirmation.


The computer crashed.

The night of that day, this strange space had appeared within his mind, incessantly asking him to complete the mission. Everyone knows the latter story, but Su Ke persevered for five days before acting out lecherously with his hand.

He started the computer and accessed the Internet to open the web forum of Seventeen Senior High. This web forum was quite important to Su Ke. From here, he had found the ranking of the ’10 Prettiest Girls on Campus’ and also identified Li Feifei from her picture in it.

Although looking through each post was boring, it still helped his little brother propping up the tent to relax, expelling the lace from within his mind.

“Expose your teacher in charge of the class in a word!” “Boring.” Su Ke continued onto the next post.

“Who recognizes these pics?” “Still weak!”

Su Ke’s eyes suddenly opened wide, looking at the screen as if there was a ghost there. He promptly moved his mouse to click the post called “Help to squash a molester, a molester had appeared during noon today at Seventeen Senior High, who had groped a girl’s buttocks.”

“Today, before the first afternoon class began, a girl’s buttocks had been attacked by a pervert at the campus. The characteristics of the pervert are: Short height, snowy skin, bright eyes, and blushes easily. We will be very grateful to all the knights who help in squashing this person!”

Although it was his home, Su Ke felt his hands and feet go soft. Harping within his mind were these words: “Over, everything is over! This Li Feifei is indeed fierce, unexpectedly asking others to squash me!”

“If caught, I will become infamous at Seventeen Senior High, what to do?!

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“What should I do about this next mission?”

The LCD within the strange space was still showing this: “Mission: Touch Li Feifei’s butt; Reward: 200 RMB.”

Due to being completed, the previous peeping mission had disappeared from the screen.

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