Volume 2, Chapter 2-2: Alice Cheat

Four months have passed since the domestic affairs meeting. It is now early summer.

I was visiting Muhle Plains, where the city was being built. By the way, the city’s name is to be registered as just Muhle.

The center of the city of Muhle. Although it may sound impossible, the exteriors of the school building and the house we’ll be living in are already completed.

Even with our domestic affairs cheat, this world’s technology is still very primitive. Normally, there would be no chance that such a big building would be finished, even if it’s just the exterior.

However, it’s still a fact that the school building, mansion, and other residences are more than half-finished at this point. The cause of this isn’t the domestic affairs cheat — rather, it’s Alice.

Alice just needed to ask the spirits and the wood was cut into boards, the foundation was finished in an instant, and the ground would rise bringing materials to high places.

There is still plenty of work for the craftsmen to do, so it’s fine…..

How do I say it, I feel that Alice, by herself, is more of a cheat than our domestic affairs cheat. No matter how you look at her, Alice’s abilities are overpowered. And so, that’s why I’ve started calling her the Alice cheat.

Calling her a cheat might sound bad, but there is no doubt that she is incredibly useful. In other words, I’ve made use of the Alice cheat.

And a result of the Alice cheat, a hot spring was formed near the town. I found a source for a hot spring at a nearby mountain, and I had Alice use her magic to create a hot spring.

So, now there are popular public bathrooms for both men and women. And there were also baths and footbaths prepared in each individual home.

And that’s why, I’m currently relaxing in a residence that’s under construction soaking my feet in a footbath.

“Fuu~….It would be nice to just spend the rest of my life soaking my feet like this.”

“Leon, do you have time to take a break? Don’t you need to get to the next worksite?”

Alice, who had just finished cutting more boards, poked my cheek.

No, she wasn’t even by my side. She was using sensory sharing and poking her own cheek.

She’s cute, but it does look rather strange seeing someone poking their own cheek.

“Hey, are you just going to sit there forever?”

“Muu~….I think it would be better to rest for a little while longer. Or maybe, Alice should take a small break with me?”

In the mornings I’ve been planning out the layout of the town and buildings, in the afternoons I supervised the construction of the town, and at night I’ve been teaching Milli. And this is how the past four months have passed.

Everyday I never had time to relax or have fun, so I think it’s fine if we take some time to relax now.

“Mou, I guess it can’t be helped.”

Then Alice took off her shoes and lifted the hem of her skirt a little, revealing her white thighs, and sat down across from me. She then put her long and supple legs into the footbath.

“Fuufuu, it’s so warm.”

“See, you can’t help but feel relaxed now.”

“That’s true. I’d like to take a break for a while anyway, using so much spirit magic has tired me out. I’m doing my best for now, but my magic won’t last forever.”

Spirit magic converts mana in the atmosphere into magical power, so you never have to worry about running out of mana. Instead, you will just become physically exhausted after extended use.

Obviously, if you continuously are using magic, you will eventually pass out from exhaustion.

And, considering Alice’s workload, by the time she is finished she is completely exhausted. I’m continuing to train with magic, but if I tried to do what she does, I would faint.

“Still, I feel like this city is being made little by little.”

“That’s true.”

I look at the scenery outside the window.

Besides the school building and the mansion, the student dormitories are also being completed at a rapid pace. Although, this town is still smaller than the village the Grances family lived in, at this rate, by the spring of next year the students will have the minimum requirements to live comfortably.

“I wonder if we will need to make school uniforms soon.”

I spoke about a plan I had been thinking about for some time now.

“….Eh? You’re planning on making uniforms? Are plain clothes not okay?”

“What are you saying? I plan to use the graduates of this school to change this world. We need a symbol for them all to wear to make sure everyone knows they were all trained here.”

“So in other words, you want to see a schoolgirl uniform?”


I just casually looked back to the scenery outside the window.

“Fuufuu, Leon is a typical boy.”

Gah, even if Alice is older than me now, it’s strange hearing my younger sister from my previous life say that. Or maybe I should say, it’s embarassing.

“We-well, the normal clothing of this world is unstylish, right? So, if I spread my uniforms throughout the country, it will also revolutionize the fashion of this world.”

Of course there are things like dresses and maid clothes in this world, but most commoners wear something like a cloth with a hole cut into it and a string tied through to hold the cloth up. The commoner’s shoes are just boots or slippers made with leather and fur.

Maybe, I’m making it sound worse than it is, but compared to the clothing from Japan I can’t help but judge the clothing.

“Then, will the teachers need a separate uniform?”

“The reason I wanted to make a uniform in the first place, was for you.”


“That’s right, you said you wanted to wear a cute school uniform one day.”

The elementary school Saya went to allowed the students to wear their own clothing and she was hospitalized before starting junior high, so she was never able to wear a school uniform.

“….You mean, you remembered that?”

“Did you think I would forget something like that?”

“Is that so…..thank you, Leon. I’m incredibly happy — or I’d like to say that, but I never said ‘cute school uniform.’ You just want to see me in a school uniform, right?”

“Th-there’s no way that’s the reason.”

“Fuu~n….if that’s the case, I can wear pants, right?”

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“Haa, that’s impossible! If you’re talking about a schoolgirl uniform, it has to have a skirt — right!?”

I fell for her trap. Alice’s heartwarming stare is painful to me.

“It’s true that girl uniforms usually have skirts, but at the school we’ll be doing a lot of agricultural work and other physical labor. I can’t possibly do that in a skirt.”

“Muu~….then I can make a jersey.”

“Do you know how many times a day we’d need to change our clothes? Everyone will get annoyed by this, and some will probably just wear the jersey under the skirt. Is that okay?”

“That can’t happen, that absolutely can’t happen….Then how about making robes? We can have robes to wear when we need to do outside work.”

“Well….that sounds like it may be okay.”

“Do you still have problems with it?”

I thought that Alice wouldn’t be too picky…..

“What about in the summer? Well, that could be fine as well. I can just inscribe magic on the robes to adjust the temperature.”

Not only did Alice respond with a problem, she also provided the solution.


“This is the design I came up with — a blouse with a ribbon on the back in a corset style. There will be a pleated skirt with a red and black checkerboard pattern and knee high socks. There will be a single ribbon on either thigh and the shoes could be something like knitted boots.”

Suddenly, my very specific design was said out loud.

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“….Hey, Alice. You don’t look very pleased. Did you have some designs for the uniforms?”

“Ah, no there wasn’t anything like that….Ah, by the way, the boys uniform will be a cashmere doeskin, and the girls uniform will be made of serge fabric.”

“You absolutely had designs!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. By the way, I’ve already gathered some raw materials needed for the uniforms. It’s impossible to make clothing for everyone, but with this we should be able to make high-quality uniforms for the students.”

“You’re already going ahead with your plans!? Thank you, for consulting me first!”

“You’re just imagining things, and you’re welcome.”

Well, somehow, the issue of the school uniforms was decided. By the way, the boy’s uniform will look similar to a butler’s uniform. I told Alice I had been thinking about the boy’s uniforms as well, but that was a complete lie.

This didn’t necessarily feel like a break, but it was fun.

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