Chapter 14: The Obligatory Route

Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker


It has been a week since that terrorist attack happened in our school, due to which, our school was on a temporary lock down. However, today it’s the day when it’s opened once again.


“Good morning, Kamiya-kun.”

“Morning, Kamaishi.”


Like usual, Kamaishi greeted me as I entered the classroom and went to sit on my seat.


“School has finally started. What did you do this week, Kamiya-kun?”

“Let’s see, I read some books and took some naps throughout the day, that’s it.”

“As expected, of course.”


Kamaishi was revealing a bitter smile on her face. I couldn’t tell her that I was actually flying in the sky and was eating delicious ramen. However, leaving the ramen matter aside, I don’t think that I could even tell that I’ve the ability to fly now. She would think I’ve gone insane after the terrorist attack. It would only make me look like a weirdo.


“What about you, Kamaishi-san?”

“I helped my mom in the house, and did some studying.”

“As expected from you, huh.”


A short while after our friendly chat, the bell rang, announcing the beginning of class. Right when they heard that sound, all of the students went to their seats and took out their books. I wasn’t sure if it applied to other schools, but ours gave the students an extra 10 minutes to read a book. At such times, I used to pick my light novel for a read, but things were different then.


What I was geared to read at the moment was an English vocabulary book. As for the reason, that was because I had a hardship in understanding foreign languages when I was doing my flight training that day. I could’ve just listened to that survivor speaking to me until I acquire a skill, but honestly, it felt really depressed to do so, and so, I ended up teleporting him away.


In short, I was now reading this vocabulary book to obtain an appropriate skill. As I read, the guy next to me looked at me with an unusual expression, but I decided to ignore him. I easily read through the book.


“Skill【English Comprehension】has been acquired.”


Huh? Wait a second,【English Comprehension】and not【Language Comprehension】?


I bewildered for a moment, but I regained my composure. I was a reading an English book, so it’s only natural that I get an English skill. Obtaining an all-language skill from reading only an English book is impossible, after all.


If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean that I would need to get a basic knowledge of any language if I wanted to get a comprehension skill in it? It looked as if I wouldn’t be able to have all of them at the moment. I was about to give up when suddenly, an idea suddenly struck my mind.


Maybe if I leveled it up,【English Comprehension】could turn into【Language Comprehension】.


Without any further delay, I continued reading to give it a try.


“Skill leveled up. 【English Comprehension】leveled up to【Wide English Knowledge】.”


No, I was wrong. You’re kidding, right? That’s not what I wanted! So it is impossible, after all. No, wait! I’m not giving up at this point. There’s still a chance.


While deciding not to give up yet, I went to resume reading once again. However, as I awaited, the second level up took a considerable amount of time. I read through double the pages this time.

Only allowed on


“Skill leveled up. 【Wide English Knowledge】leveled up to【Wide Conversational Knowledge】.”


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Perfect! This is what I was looking for exactly.


I instantly went to check the description of the new skill.


« Wide Conversational Knowledge »

Allows the comprehension of every language. An effect of giving the other party a favorable impression throughout speaking is slightly affected.


Oh, that’s it! That’s what I wanted. I didn’t really care about that last effect, but this is good. The bell rang right after I finished reading the description. The homeroom teacher entered the classroom and started today’s lecture.


Morning class had ended and our lunch break has just started after the end of the class. I got invited by Kamaishi to eat with her, and we both went to the roof. We sat on the same bench out of habit and enjoyed our time chatting while eating from our lunch boxes. Until Kamaishi asked me an abrupt question.


“Come to think of this, Kamiya-kun. Do you do house chores?”

“House chores? Never done that.”

“Didn’t you ever think about doing it one day?”

“Well, in my house, rather than never having the need to do it, I can’t.”


My mom is not only a professional chef, but also a specialist in housework. She doesn’t leave the least bit of dust and does a perfect laundry that makes me doubt if my clothes were replaced with the new ones sometimes. Honestly, I don’t get the chance to help out. Unlike me, Karen does help her every once in a while since she inherited her skills. Guess that’s something intrinsically, that’s why I couldn’t help. Well, I could have just obtained a skill that allows me to do so at least, though that would have been meaningless anyway. Not to mention, it’s a troublesome task.


“Hee, your mom is really great.”

“She is close to being perfect, after all.”

“Yeah. But didn’t you think about doing it?”

“Hm, I have thought that it would be nice if I could help out.”


I would be able to make something to eat whenever I want and all. Well, that’s if I can do housework.


“Your mom didn’t teach you how to do house chores?”

“No, she gets a bit strict when it comes to cooking and stuff so I didn’t bother to ask her.”


I’d rather work to obtain a skill than asking my mother to teach me. When I answered her, Kamaishi started glancing at my face while looking as if she wanted to say something.


“I-In that case, want me, to, you know, teach you how to cook? Maybe.”


No, that’s a pain, so I refuse. Of course, there’s no way I’d straightly turn down her offer like this. Stop looking at me with those eyes full of expectations! You’re making it harder on me to refuse.




As I remained silent, Kamaishi’s face darkened and her voice gradually dropped off.


… Looks like I can’t turn this one down.


“Well then, please.”


Just when I gave her an affirmative reply, Kamaishi regained her cheerful expression while leaving a sigh of relief, seeming exceedingly joyful.


What’s this obligatory route? It was impossible to avoid!


“Now that it was decided, where are you going to teach me?”

“You can come over my place. Mom is not coming back until late this night.”

“Okay, so today I will be coming to your place.”

“Yes, let’s do our best.”

“Ah, un. Yeah.”


It will probably end only a few minutes after I start. If I learn it as a skill, I’d become able to do mostly everything. Meanwhile Kamaishi was making a triumphant pose for some reason, I was sitting next to her taking a deep sigh while imagining the troubles I’m about to go through.

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