Chapter 7: Insect Eggs

Damn it! Is this thing taken out from a dead person’s mouth? Xiao Bei became angry as he recalled that in many dead bodies, this type of thing was put in their mouth. So disgusting!

Xiao Bei contemplated for a while and finally could not stand it. He raised his hand and wanted to throw the gem away.


Xiao Bei suddenly froze and his raised hand came to a stop in midair. This, this! Xiao Bei was speechless as he did not know what to say. He truly could not believe the situation he was in now.

He tried moving his wrist for a while before deciding to first sit up. He turned his wrist non-stop and examined it.

His body unexpectedly could move!

This could be said to be an encouraging news and it also greatly increased his odds of survival. Xiao Bei even had a delusional impression; as long as he was still able to move, he believed that there was nothing he could not do.

How did he recover his control over his body?! Moreover, in this tomb, there was still a huge amount of strange gas in the air. Everything was too abnormal. Unless?

Xiao Bei had a premonition that was difficult to put in words.

He subconsciously glanced at the gem, that had come out of the cat’s mouth, from the corners of his eyes.

“Miāo, miāo, miāo” The cries of the cat, one after the other, sounded even more anxious like it wanted to express something. However, Xiao Bei completely did not understand, and he could only watch the black cat jumped onto a wooden box before dashing towards him while meowing.

After meowing for a dozen plus times, the black cat stopped meowing and tilted its head, looking at Xiao Bei. The whole situation was strange to the point that it could not be put to words.

An exhausted man, a magical gem, a mysterious black cat, all in a burial chamber;together, they created an exaggeratedly weird scene. Xiao Bei’s stomach gurgled in hunger and this broke the awkward atmosphere.

“Sī la!” Xiao Bei opened the piece of chocolate he had been carrying. He needed energy and had to replenish them as quickly as possible because currently he undoubtedly was in a panicky situation.

It was now that he noticed he had an extreme shortage of food supplies. Before, there was no need to be wary, but once he experienced hunger, he could not help but face this grim problem.

“Here.” Xiao Bei hesitated for a moment before breaking off a piece of chocolate and giving it to the black cat. He did not know whether he was making the correct choice but his heart was firm to this action.

Although he loves to take small advantages and this could be seen from his various actions, he was still a person who was extremely particular. Hence this made him very contradictory of himself. ‘Kindness will be repaid’ was the principle he believed in. After he picked up the gem, it already confirmed his own speculation. The nearer he was to the gem, the better it was in removing the toxins in his body, providing him with immunity to poison and that strange gas. Therefore even in this circumstances, he would put into consideration that black cat’s meal, whether it had eaten or not.

What was beyond expectation though was that the black cat just stared at him for a long time. The meaning hidden behind its eyes was something Xiao Bei would not forget for his entire lifetime. What was the meaning contained in its eyes? Curiosity? Suspicion? Ridicule? All those various kinds of feelings which could not be expressed out by animals were contained in the eyes of the black cat.

Only till it saw that Xiao Bei was feeling a chill down his back did it turned its head. It jumped down the box and directly squeezed into a small hole in the wall, right in front of Xiao Bei.

Before leaving, it cast a glance filled with deep meaning at Xiao Bei.

Xiao Bei did not know what was the meaning behind its glance. It was definitely that black cat’s fault that resulted in him being reduced to this state, and yet, during such a critical moment, it had saved him. Under the cover of dust, what’s the secret in this tomb? What’s the link to him?

Xiao Bei was confused.

He put the gem into the pocket of his jacket and followed the black cat to the wall that it just went through. He glanced at neither gold nor silver.

As he examined the wall, Xiao Bei found a long and extremely thin crack in it. From top to bottom, it zigzagged. Due to it been covered by a layer of dust, he had not noticed it before. Who would pay close attention in this burial chamber which wasn’t even very big, especially that concealed crack?

Xiao Bei took a short rest first. Though his legs still felt very heavy, it was still better than the dangerous situation he previously was in and now at least he still got the ability to protect himself.

As for those gold and silver? Xiao Bei gave a cold laugh. He would not stupidly be blinded by money. The skeleton next to it was undoubtedly a warning that would constantly remind himself that what he was currently doing did not guarantee his safety, and he needed to try his best to live on!

Xiao Bei used his hands to wipe away the dust that was covering the cracks in the wall. From the looks of it, it was possible that this used to be a secret door.

What’s inside? That black cat intention seemed like it wanted him to follow. Would there be hope for him to leave this damn place?

Xiao Bei gritted his teeth and slowly pushed open the heavy stone door.

The scene in from of his eyes left him totally flabbergasted.

His field of vision instantly increased by ten times. The few hundred plus meter wide burial chamber was right in front of Xiao Bei. The walls were filled with glowing gems which brightly lit the entire area.

However, this was not what caused him to be most surprised of.

What scared Xiao Bei was that right beside his feet was a flight of stairs that headed downwards. This made the burial chamber to be around three to four meters deep. Right at the bottom was densely packed with monkey-like monsters. The same ones he had seen before! Their eerie sharp white teeth were dripping with saliva and this scene was the one that made him tremble with fear.

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In the center there was a semi-transparent sphere, coated with a layer of membrane, was placed above the bronze cauldron. In it seemed to have many black dots that were wiggling, like a bunch of enormous insect eggs. When Xiao Bei saw it, he simply almost spat out his bile.

“Pū!” A sound similar to the bursting of a bubble could be heard before the sound of concentrated grinding of teeth came, like a countless number of mice gnawing at a farmhouse from underground.

There was a small hole in the membrane and a shrimp-like creature came out of it. It looked like a curled up infant. It fell into the crowd of monsters and instantly, the nearest ten flocked towards that fallen creature, scrambling for it.

“Wú!” When Xiao Bei was about to cry out in alarm, he suddenly thought of the scene where his corpse would be torn apart, and he quickly covered his mouth, slowly backing away. Only, he accidentally kicked down a stone that was by his foot. “guāng dāng guāng dāng” it rolled down and into the crowd of monsters. And at that moment, a countless number of those creatures raised their head, issuing a deafening snarl.

A huge group of monsters bore their fangs as they jumped over the walls and heading up the stairs.

It was like he had provoked a hornet’s nest and now even the surface was no long safe from the trembles. The dust in the tomb flew upwards and small bits of rocks fell from the ceiling.

Xiao Bei ran. But as he did, he accidentally slipped and fell. Be it rolling or crawling, he frantically scrambled for the exit.

As long as he ran out and closed the stone door, he would be safe! In his heart, this was what he thought, but God seemed to want to act against. Previously when he slipped, he sprained his ankle. It was so painful that cold sweat dripped down from his forehead.

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This really was the race against death; a race against time to escape from this dangerous place.

“Sī!!!” Xiao Bei sucked in a breath of cold air and his back was burning hot. Shortly afterward, a shadow flashed by and pinned him down to the ground.

It was one of those creatures.

The monster’s saliva dripped onto Xiao Bei’s face. He did not bother to wipe at it, but grabbed at that monster’s neck, not letting those sharp teeth that were flashing with coldness to pierce his skin.

Followed behind was a huge bunch of monster that was flocking towards him. It looked like this time he really would become their dinner. Filled with despair, Xiao Bei suddenly thought of that black cat. Where did it go? Why did it disappear when it came in? Was it already eaten by those monsters? That cat really was a bearer of bad luck.

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