Chapter 6: Gem

Xiao Bei collapsed and was lying on the ground. He struggled to get up again but noticed something was wrong.

He was unable to move his right leg, and moreover, he was starting to slowly lose control of it. This undoubtedly a dangerous situation.

With both his hands, he forced himself up into a sitting position and rolled up his trousers.

Xiao Bei noticed that on his right leg was a bluish black patch that contained a strange black color. It didn’t seem to be caused from bumping into something as there were three visible long narrow wounds.

It turned out that during the previous fight with that monster, he was scratched.

Sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Damn it! That strange thing’s claws have poison!” It seemed that if this continued to drag on, sooner or later he would definitely die here! Heaven, why did this happen?!

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He felt that his arm was itchy and now then he noticed that it, too, was scratched!

No way! He could not continue to wait anymore! No matter what, he had to move his body to that light source in front of him! Xiao Bei suddenly had a feeling in his heart, his hope was right in front of him.

Even if he had to crawl, he had to crawl there. Xiao Bei started to crawl on the ground, and bit by bit he went forward.

The most frightening thing was not facing danger but knowing of the danger and was powerless against it; one could only despair as he awaited death!

Xiao Bei started to have less of a sensation in his arm. This was not a good sign as this indicated that he was going to lose control of that too!

No, it cannot be! Xiao Bei madly crawled forward, but how fast could he crawl? Despite exhausting his whole body and not conserve any energy, he could only reach the speed of around one to two meters per minute. At this time what was the use of saving extra energy? Awaiting death?

Xiao Bei noticed that his speed started to slow down. The kind of despair he was feeling was like when night approached and the atmosphere of death surfaced, blowing against his face with the bone-piercing cold wind.

The torch was about to burn out and he could only stare at the ten plus meters distance between him and the light source. Finally, he lost control of his arms. Pūtōng, he once again collapsed and now was thoroughly stuck to the ground.

He could speak but could not call for help. In this unknown tomb and also the situation in it, he had lost the ability to protect himself and calling for help at the top of his voice was something that would only lead to an early death. Xiao Bei tried to resist against the fear that crashed into him like a tide, one slowly flooding into his heart. One of his hand was tightly gripping onto the nearly burnt out torch.


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A whine of a cat woke him from the shadows of despair. He raised his head up to an angle around fifty degrees to his body. Under the light, there was a small black shadow. A pair of green eyes faintly shone in the darkness.

That cat! Xiao Bei’s heart jolted!

Yes, that was the black cat in the photo and it was also the one that climbed up to his window a few days ago. How did it appear here at this time!?

“Miāo~” It called out again before slowly coming out of the darkness. Its body was black and shiny and its tail was swinging at its back. The corner of its lips contained a trace of amusement and ridiculed and this made Xiao Bei very angry.

It was all that damn black cat’s fault, causing his mind to feel restless and making him come to this cursed place!

An unknown tomb, the repeated appearance of the strange black cat, and now in this predicament, that cat all of a sudden leisurely walks out. How did it appear here?

As Xiao Bei was getting angry, a sudden chill rose up his spine and stimulated his brain, causing his body to break into cold sweat.

Strange, too strange!

Especially when the light shone on its seemingly expressionless face.

“Damn thing! What do you f**king want to do! Make a fool out of me?!” Xiao Bei roared at it.

However, that black cat could not speak and who knew whether it understood his words. It continued to move towards Xiao Bei, closer with every step it took, unhurried.

“Scram!” Xiao Bei roared.

Suddenly Xiao Bei was in a daze. Though he could no longer crawl there, he could still use his body to roll there, ah! His desire to survive pushed him to move forward by rolling his body.

The black cat was startled by Xiao Bei’s action. It gave a shrill scream; jumping away and back into the shadows.

In a way, Xiao Bei undoubtedly was closing the distance between him and the black cat.

Now he was able to see clearly that in the black cat’s mouth contained something bulging and had a weird curve. Before, the distance was too far so Xiao Bei did not see clearly and had mistaken it as if it were laughing at him; and in this predicament and seeing that expression would really be absolutely terrifying for anyone.

However, if that animal did not appear, he would not have thought of rolling. Under the pressure of fear and despair, brining his mind into chaos as his only thought was that in the end, he would not be able to escape from his fate of being buried in this tomb. He really had to thank this cat, ah. Xiao Bei gave a bitter laugh.

However, Xiao Bei did dare to lax his vigilance.

Who knew what unpredictable situations would happen to him.

Xiao Bei finally managed to roll his body into the light source. The black cat also closely followed behind while maintaining two meters distance between them. It did not dare to come forward.

It turned out that the light came from the burial chamber and its walls were covered with glowing gems. The light blue lambent caused people to unconsciously relax. Those beautiful carvings and crafts, a look was enough to know that those were not ordinary objects.

It could be seen that the owner of this tomb was extremely wealthy. There were at least forty gems on the walls; gold and silver were messily piled up in the surroundings, making it seem as if they were once moved by someone.

But who would come in and not take away a single piece of gold or silver?

Very soon, Xiao Bei found the reason. In the vicinity of the pile of gold and silver, there was a human skeleton. The clothes had already rotted and only a pair of ragged stripes of clothes were left hanging on the skeleton.

Xiao Bei guessed that that skeleton must be the grave robber. He had died here for who knew what reason. The two hands of the skeleton were reaching out, appearing to be the action of moving forward. Eight or nine cases out of ten, were like him, being infected with an unknown but highly toxic poison. Whether it was from the fight with that monster, he did not know.

But the toxicity of the poison he now faced was powerful, taking away the ability to control one’s own body and causing people to be unable to move. Once the rations were consumed finished, despair would seep in and only death awaits.

Luckily it could not be transmitted through air or else he really would have died without knowing how it happened.

Just as Xiao Bei was thinking through things, a faint smell drifted into his nose, making him felt dizzy. “Not good!” Xiao Bei cried out in his heart. It seemed that whatever could cause fear, would come. This burial chamber was really strange. There was a strange, transparent gas in the air!

The black cat that originally had been tailing him suddenly took action. With great effort, it jumped into the air, drawing out a perfect parabola before landing in front of Xiao Bei.

“Gē dá” a pale yellow gem that looked similar to those on the walls fell from the cat’s mouth. It was about the size of a ping pong ball. Anyway, it didn’t look good and no matter how he looked, it just looked like an extremely ordinary glass ball.

Though the cat just moved, it did not attack him and this surprised Xiao Bei.

The gem rolled towards Xiao Bei. Looking at it, it didn’t seem to be anything special but what was the purpose for the cat to come here with that gem in its mouth? Xiao Bei did not believe that that cat would do senseless things considering how, in all aspect, it appeared to be unusual.

Suddenly, the black cat’s tail drooped and no longer moved. It used its nose to slowly nudged the gem to Xiao Bei’s face. The slightly cool feeling from it was like a cold jade, it stimulated Xiao Bei when on contact with his skin.

What does it want to do?!

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