Chapter 5: Monster

Xiao Bei had never thought of a day when he would fall into a tomb; and  the headache of it all, was the situation he was in now. In fictional movies, the circumstances have no relation to knowledge. Supposedly there really was a trap, mathematical theory is useless so one could only rely on luck and pray to not walk the wrong way.

When Xiao Bei was hesitating on which tunnel he should enter, from the left tunnel came the sound similar to the rustling of fallen autumn leaves.

“It seems very dangerous,” Xiao Bei sighed but still headed into that tunnel. As a matter of fact, there weren’t any other ways for him to choose. “Let’s bet on this then!”

Under the light of the torch, dust could be seen, lingering in the air and heavily hindering his line of sight.

Wū wū wū, in the depths of the tunnel, came the sound similar to the whimpering of an injured beast.

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The wind was flowing in from the inside of the tunnel and this made Xiao Bei both surprised and delighted. In this ancient tomb, there was only a torch that would soon burn out and his field of view was only two meters. On hearing such sound resounding in the dark tunnel, it indeed was creepy, making his hair stand on end.

But fortunately, Xiao Bei knew that he had won the bet. For now, there wouldn’t be any dangers in this tunnel as, previously, he had made the right choice. When there is wind flow, it proves that there is hope for finding a way out.

Xiao Bei cursed in a low voice, “Damn it, God. Go back and play your Mahjong. I had even read a few chapters of the bible, but you didn’t even take care of me. Why am I always so unlucky? If this tunnel isn’t safe, I will curse you to lose till not even your underwear is left!” Perhaps like this, he was able to somewhat console himself; diverting his attention was really a good method as he felt that his footsteps were no longer filled with uneasiness.

“Sù sù sù,” further in the tunnel, the frequency of a sound seemed to speed up.

“See ah, God, that old man is angry and he wants to punish me. Let’s guess what’s inside? Will a zombie pop out? NO NO NO, we did not have a date. Let’s see, on me, there’s only……è……a bunch of little toys?……use these to fight with monsters? I believe with these, I would be able to poke and turn them into a colander!” Xiao Bei laughed as he waved around his fairly sharp bolt.

Suddenly Xiao Bei was struck dumb and could no longer laugh.

“What kind of joke is this? What’s at the front?!” This was because Xiao Bei noticed that right in front was a fuzzy figure and it was running towards him at an extremely fast pace. The sound came from that figure’s footsteps.

In a blink of an eye, that black figure arrived in front of him. This sudden change of events scared Xiao Bei into not being able to even move. He could only watch with his eyes wide as that black figure crashed into him.

The fear that had previously disappeared had come around and this time it was more intense, like the fierce wind ruthlessly blowing against the lonely fishing boat.

The human heart is a fragile thing, especially during the times when they are  feeling lonely and helpless. Xiao Bei  may seem unbreakable but his feigning was like the wearing off of the gold-plated necklace; nothing but a paper tiger that was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws; to be shredded with a slightly heavier hand.

Xiao Bei stood there at a loss. The hand that was holding on to the ‘weapon’ stopped in midair and his sluggish eyes were wide open.

The cold and rotten breath was blown towards him. Xiao Bei subconsciously squatted and stuck the bolt upwards, it seemed that the bolt pierced something. ‘Pū chī’.

After experiencing these series of events, Xiao Bei was finally clear-headed. Like a gourd, he rolled to a side, his two hands stuck the ground. Just when he was about to stand up, that black figure once again pounced on him.

Due to the previous crash, the torch fell to a corner but he finally was able to see clearly the appearance of that black figure.

It was a monkey like thing. Its long hair covered its face, exposing only its sharp teeth which were dripping with disgusting saliva. The reason why Xiao Bei mistook it for a human was mainly because that thing no long moves around on all four legs, and anyway, monkeys and humans were quite similar when they were running with their backs bent.

Xiao Bei threw all the bolts at it, hoping to delay for time. However, that thing did not pay attention to those bolts. It just shifted its head to avoid, easily avoiding them. Though those bolts were thrown at random and they did not store any power, they did not have the lethality to kill. At best, those bolts were used to hinder the opponent’s sight.

However, towards creatures that have been living in an underground environment for a long time, their eyesight would slowly deteriorate as they do not need to rely on them to sense and respond to the world they were living in. Hence those bolts Xiao Bei threw were of no use. Xiao Bei who had lost his weapons was like a hornless goat, in an instant, that monkey thing shortened the distance and pounced on him. He could only try to use his arms and legs to kick it away, again and again.

That thing was furious; It had been injured at it’s mouth, and began whining, causing an echo in this pitch black tunnel; creating a scary feeling which would frighten people. However, to Xiao Bei, the whining could not compare to that rotten stench coming out of that thing’s mouth; its stench was even more terrifying.

In the midst of their struggle, Xiao Bei desperately tried to stretch out his hand to pick up the torch that was a meter away, but that thing did not know what’s exhaustion and crazily open its mouth, trying to bite his throat and breaking it. This caused Xiao Bei who nearly touched the torch, to once again turn back to throw the thing off.

“Hē!” Before that thing was able to pierce his chest with its sharp claws, Xiao Bei finally managed to grab hold onto the flickering torch.

The creature seemed afraid of fire. Once it saw Xiao Bei was holding onto the torch, it quickly pulled back its claws and shrank back, not daring to move.

Hence this was how the two sides confront each other, nobody dared to move and act rashly or blindly.

Xiao Bei laughed bitterly in his heart, “Didn’t think that I would meet such dangerous situation, nearly become this monster’s dinner.”

After nearly about two minutes, Xiao Bei slightly moved his ankle as his whole body felt stiff and numb. He moved his neck a little and it produced a ‘gēzhī gēzhī’ sound. His bones had become rigid.

“Hēi, damn thing, I’m not going to keep you company and play with you here!” Xiao Bei picked up the two bolts that were by his feet and heated it with the torch. The arrowhead fell to the ground, producing a ‘dīngdāng’ sound. Following that, he threw the burning bolt shaft at that monster. It released two ‘zhī zhī’ weird sound and quickly fled from Xiao Bei, disappearing into the tunnel.

Xiao Bei lightly stroke his chest and cheered for his escape from danger. It was fortunate that that thing did not have much IQ and a little scare would cause it to flee, if not he who was unarmed would long be dead.

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From his previous experience, Xiao Bei dared not be careless so he raised the torch high up as he felt his way along the path. At the front there were many specks of light, like the morning stars in the sky, shining into Xiao Bei’s heart.

Finally, Xiao Bei was able to see some light or else, if he had not arrived at where he was now, he would have long gone crazy.

In the end, what was it that existed before him? Xiao Bei also did not know but without a doubt, he could temporarily rest under that source of light as creatures that lived in the darkness did not like the light and they may even fear it. An example would be that monster he previously met. Now Xiao Bei felt that he could no longer stand and both his legs were as if they were stuffed with lead, very uncomfortable.

Ever since graduating from University, he did not do any strenuous exercise and hence his body was unable to endure. In this unfamiliar and dangerous tomb, excessive consumption of energy was a risky move so he had to quickly rush to the light to rest and replenish his used up energy.

The surrounding dust and smoke seemed to become heavier and was lingering in the air, making the whole tomb’s tunnel to have a hazy look. When Xiao Bei stepped on the bluestone, it produced a dá dá sound, just like the sound produced during the patrols by the guards at midnight.

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