Chapter 12: Right, let’s fly!

Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker


Apparently, there are times when a person gets an excessive urge to do something particular, it is a fact that no one could deny. Sometimes, the desire is to eat a particular dish or desert, or the urge to travel to a particular place far away from the current location. For me, Kamiya Yato, the time has finally arrived.


“I want to fly.”


I suddenly declared as I read the book, “Skies Above our Head,” Karen, who was sitting on the floor and reading the book as well, changed her expressions. She looked at me, confused, and seemingly wondering what I was talking about.

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“What’s with you? You okay?”


She asked about what I meant while having a confused face. Now, that I think about it, I completely forgot that Karen was in the room as well. We are currently taking it easy in my room, as we were reading a book. Since that day when we were attacked by terrorists, our school is currently on a temporary lock down. For Karen, it’s Saturday, so she has a day off.


Today, Karen left her hair straight. I realized it suited her quite well. As for why she was reading in my room, actually, I don’t know myself. She just barged in, only to then ask if it’s okay to read here. Honestly, I wanted to ask her why, but I knew that she wouldn’t answer. So I accepted. There really wasn’t any reason for me to refuse her.


“I was just muttering to myself.”


With that said, I stood up from the bed, put the book back in original its place and walked towards the corridor.


“You’re going out?”

“Yeah, you can stay here if you want.”

“…Is that so, take care then.”


Karen’s eyes shifted low and she weakly clenched the hem of her skirt. I could tell she was feeling off. Did something happen? Don’t tell me, are you feeling down because you can’t stay with me?!


… No way. What am I talking about? Karen is not from that type.


“Well then, I’m off.”


I said and left the room. Alright, let’s try to fly now.




I finished my preparations and used teleportation magic near the entrance door. I need to choose an appropriate place if I want to fly. It would turn into quite an uproar if I were seen flying in the sky by someone.


That’s why now, I am in the middle of a desert. As for the reason why I came here, I’m not sure because I’m confused as well. I choose the option that takes me to a place without people and ended up here.


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The sun is hot and the clouds of sand hurt my eyes. I want to change the location, however, teleportation magic obviously consumes a considerable amount of magic. The used amount changes in proportion to the distance I teleport. For my current status, I can teleport around the globe 3 times, but when I remember that I should come back I become unable to afford using it carelessly.


It was troublesome, so I decided to stay here. I activated【Presence Detection】just in case and started my flying practice. First, what I need in order to fly was【Wind Magic】. In fact, when I was lying on my bed reading a book, I was at the same time searching for a way to fly. It was then that I discovered that【Wind Magic】had a fly option.


“Free Gen”


The very instance I chanted this spell, a green magic circle appeared under my feet and a gust of wind blew upwards. I began to rise up from the ground, and my body started floating.


Oh I’m floating!


My heart began dancing in excitement. Nevertheless, I didn’t know how it feels to be flying until now. It gives the impression as if I can wander off anywhere I want. As I was appreciating that pleasant feeling, I tried to move around. Uuum, What should I do first? Thinking about a way to set out, I pictured the image of the wind blowing from behind. As a result, my body advanced forward. Ohh! That’s how it works.


Now that I grasped the concept of moving, I remained floating around. So that’s what flying means, huh. It feels comfortable. The sensation of the refreshing wind blowing against me is the best part. I feel like I’ve turned into a bird.


As I was enjoying my time flying, the【Presence Detection】skill detected someone nearby.


A person in this place? And alone?


The fact that there’s someone alone in this vast desert meant one thing. And so, I figured I should check to see if he were fine. Thinking about it, I flew off. I directed myself to the place where I sensed the presence. When he came into view, I could tell that the person seemed to be fainting.


The person seemed to be in his fifties, wearing tattered clothes and growing a long beard. Alright now, how is it possible to find someone looking like an explorer in the middle of a desert at this point of time? Not to mention he is all alone!


“Heeey, you okay?”


I asked as I landed a bit away without him seeing me.


Uu… kaun ho tum?

“Ah, excuse me?”


I crouched.


This is bad. What is this guy saying? For someone like me who can only speak Japanese, I have no idea about what is he trying to tell. At least I can tell that it’s not English. What to do? Should I leave him as he is? I would have done something if I understood his language, but right now, I have no idea about how I am supposed to act. Since he left me no choice, I stood up.


Ruko!? Kaun ho tum? Meri madat karo! Mujhe chor ke mat jao!


Maybe because he thought I was leaving him, the man clung onto my trouser and begged for help. No, wait, wait, I’m not planning on abandoning you here! I just stood up!


“Wai- stop dragging me like this! You will tear my trousers.”

Meri madat karo! Meri madat karo!


Although, I’m not sure what is he trying to say, but one thing is certain that he is asking for my help.


“Aargh!! Fine! I’ll done something about you!”

Meri madat karo! Meri mada——-“


I teleported the man who gradually became irritating into the nearest town. Seriously, what a persistent guy. My trouser is covered by sand because of him now. I wiped my clothes and teleported to a different place this time.


The next location was a place covered by trees, a jungle. I guess I should be okay here. My magic has been greatly consumed because I teleported that survivor too. I should refrain from using it like that.


Without any further ado, I activated 【Wind Magic】and flew in the sky. Oh, this is impressive. The entire area is covered in green. I remained admiring the green jungle from above when suddenly, I heard the cry of a bird.


When I turned towards the direction of the sound, I witnessed a crowd of birds flying simultaneously towards me. Ah, this is no good. I swiftly moved out from my place to let them advance, but this time, a spear came flying towards my face out of nowhere.


Uwaa, this is dangerous!! I barely evaded the spear and turned to see the place from where it came to realize some sort of tribe standing there. They seem to be the native residents of the place. Ah, I forgot to activate the【Presence Detection】skill. Next time I should stay alerted. The native residents who were apparently confused started screaming at me.


“¿noʎ ǝɹɐ oɥʍ!!”


Excuse me, what? Once again, an unknown language came flying to my ears. What is it this time? The words are clearly different from those which the survivor guy used, but I still don’t understand. What to do? For now, let’s try saying something.


“I’m not intending to harm any of you!! You can relax and go home!!”

“˙uɐɔ noʎ ןןǝɥ ǝʞıן”


Screaming those words at them, the native tribe seemed to have gotten offended for some reason and started to throw stones they picked around at me. Why?! Just why are you doing this to me?


As I evaded their shots while wondering about the reason they were offended, this time the native residents started to loudly scream something. It seemed like they were calling for someone.


Soon enough, a bunch of people with the same clothes began rapidly assembling out of the blue. When they finished gathering in a single place, one of them pointed at me. As a result, the entire swarm turned to glare at my direction.


A… I have a bad feeling about this.

Right when I had such a premonition, the whole crowd aimed their spears at me and threw them. Uwa, I knew they were going to it. Just tell me what did I do to offend you!!


I realized how meaningless it would be to try solving this misunderstanding with diplomacy as I avoided their spears so then, I decided to run away. The location I found myself at this time around is a remote snowy mountain. The problem with this mountain was the disastrous snow storm.


I know that I chose a deserted place as an option, but this is too much! I will freeze to death you know!


“Let’s go back home.”


I judged that it would be impossible to continue my training at this rate and teleported back home.


After teleporting near the entrance door of the house, Karen appeared from the living room.


“Are you okay? You’re all sullied.”

“Well, things happened…”


I shifted my sight to my clothes to find them covered by the sand of the desert and wet from the blizzard of the mountains. I randomly dodged Karen’s question while feeling all worn out and went to take a bath.




The night has fallen and I was sitting in the living room watching TV when suddenly, strange news started reporting.

“At 7 morning of today in India, the archaeologist, Aryaman Chander Nagar Tayal who went missing in the Indian desert was found in a distant town. While interviewing him, he claimed that a boy in his teens helped him.”


“Ara, weird news.”

“Ah… yeah, pretty weird.”


As I was keeping silent about today’s news, I made a promise with myself. Let’s stop flying for a while.

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