Chapter 11: I Didn’t Expect Her To Hug Me

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Editor: Kenny Stryker


What am I supposed to do in such a situation?


Kamaishi suddenly hugged tightly, having still shedding tears from her eyes. However, it was fortunate that she didn’t see me using my teleportation magic and the neck chop skill, despite that, I still feel as if this situation were far more troubling than getting my secrets exposed.


How am I supposed to deal with this?


I’d rather have my skills exposed to people than finding myself in such a situation, to be honest. For someone who doesn’t communicate that often with people thinking that it would be troublesome, finding myself like this all of a sudden is too hard for me to handle.


Now what? Would it be better to do something?  In a situation like this, should I hug her back? Hug her? should I hug her!? Eee!! Let’s do it!

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I made my resolve and tightly embraced Kamaishi close to me. As a result, Kamaishi seemed to be relieved and quietly buried her face in my chest. Apparently, it looks like my decision was a good one.


Next, what should I do? Talk to her? No, I can’t do something this difficult. It’s still too early for that, anyway. Let’s wait a little bit more.


After that, I ended up waiting for sobbing Kamaishi to stopped crying. I can’t bear to see her crying from experience such a frightening situation. I wish if I hadn’t left Kamaishi’s side. Unfortunately, it was inevitable. She had just gone through a dreadful experience, after all.


I remained standing silently for a few more minutes until Kamaishi had finally stopped crying and decided to let go of me. However, her face that was brimming with tears a few moments ago turned into a bright red one.


“Are you calm now?”

“Y-Yes. Thank you, Kamiya-kun.”

“That’s okay, but your face is pretty red, are you sure you’re okay? Don’t tell me, did he do something to you?”

“N-No!! I’m fine!! Don’t worry about it!!”


For some reason, Kamaishi answered me in a flustered voice tone when I made a remark about her red face. If she is insisting about it too much, then I believe she should be fine. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in her status anyway.


“C-Come to think of it, how did you know that I was here?”


It was extremely obvious that she was trying to change the subject, but since it would be a pain to point that out, I decided to follow her pace.


“I rushed over here once I spotted you from the window getting dragged inside.”

“I-Is that so… Are you done with that request?”

“Yeah, I already took care of it.”

“I-I see~”


Kamaishi started acting strange when the conversation reached an awkward point, so I urged her to leave the place.


“For now, let’s move outside.”

“R-Right. of course.”


Kamaishi agreed as she left the warehouse ahead. Once I made sure she left, I turned my sight to the terrorist collapsing on the floor. I should do something about this guy before leaving. There’s no way I’d leave him as he is. It would seem too odd for him to be alone in this place.


As I decided to do something, I placed my hand on the terrorist and used 【Teleportation Magic】to transfer him to the classroom where the others were collapsed. It turned out to be fine now. I confirmed that the terrorist was properly teleported to the classroom and then left the warehouse. I made a call to the old man and soon after, all the terrorists were arrested while the hostages, including us, were sheltered by the police.


Case closed!




After returning to the home, I entered my room without making a single noise, threw my bag on the floor, and silently fell on top of my bed.


It was a long day.


As I was remembering the incident that happened today, I remembered the time when I suddenly embraced Kamiya and my face became bright red.


I don’t want to recall this.


I buried my face in the bed and waited for the embarrassment to settle down, but soon enough I began recollecting the moments before Kamiya came to save me. I can still vividly remember the skeleton face, the voice, and coercion of that terrorist who tried to attack me.


It was frightening…


Only by thinking about a situation where Kamiya didn’t come for help, my hands couldn’t stop shaking. That’s why I was very happy when he appeared and saved me at that time. Even if he noticed me just by coincidence, it doesn’t change the fact that he rescued me.




My chest intensely throbs when I think about him. My face heats up whenever I recall his voice, face, and actions in that situation. I guess I am really… Yeah, there’s no other possible feeling aside from this one. After reaffirming my feelings, I fortified my determination.


“I want to talk more with Kamiya tomorrow.”


I want to build a further intimate relationship with him by talking to him more often. And one day, I can be with… KYAA!! What am I saying!!

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I rolled on my bed in agony as I was absorbed in my wild delusions. At this instant, I was forgetting about something important, which is that our school will remain closed for a week. Of course, there’s no need to mention how embarrassed I felt when recalling that reality.

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