Volume 1, Extra Chapter: Claire Ridill’s Character Summaries!

Well, I should start by introducing myself — I am Claire Ridill who first appeared in volume one. There are some spoilers for volume one ahead so be careful if you haven’t read the story so far.

On the contrary, since volume one is mostly for setting up the world, you should see volume two! That’s when a truly amazing person becomes more involved in the story, so it’s okay to read this before that part.

You might be asking why I’m doing these character introductions…….I wonder if someone that’s only read volume one will become interested in reading more of the series.

So, without further delay, let the introductions begin.

【Leon Grances】

First of all, the main character of the story. The second son of the Grances family, my otouto-kun. He’s an important character, so don’t forget that.
He was born in June, and is ten years old at the end of the first volume. He has black hair and green eyes. He is my only younger brother, and he has a rather attractive appearance.
By the way, he has memories from his previous life as Amemiya Yuya. So, that’s why he has so much knowledge despite being kept isolated for most of his life.
The reason why I know this……I’d be happy if you can guess.


Alice. At first, she was nicknamed Tia, by Claire and Sophia. Milli was also nicknamed Mia. So, there were four people’s names ending in “-ia” so some changes were made.
She was born in June, the same month as otouto-kun. She is an elf that is eight years older than otouto-kun.
She has gorgeous long, straight, cherry blossom colored hair. Her left eye is blue and the right one is gold. Having different colored eyes is proof that she is a legendary high elf.
Moreover, she has two abilities from legendary heroes. One being enhanced perception and the other being the ability to share her senses. She is a first-class spirit magician. She is also a reincarnator from another world with a genuine cheat ability.
In her previous life she was Yuya’s younger sister. In other words, she is also my sister from another world, my younger sister.

By the way, the elves in this world age normally up to about age sixteen and after that point they will only age gradually.
That’s why, Milli-san was wrong to describe otouto-kun as an elf when he was younger. There are elves that live for many years that look like they’re still in their teens, but elves that appear to be under the age of ten are most likely just children.

【Claire Ridill Grances】

That’s me. The eldest daughter of the Grances family. I am the older sister of my otouto-kun. In other words, I am his sister from another world.
I have green eyes, identical to otouto-kun’s. I’m very proud of my wavy, platinum blonde hair.

By the way my birthday is in April, I’m one year older than otouto-kun. I’m eleven and nine months old at the end of volume one. I’m supposed to be married in three months.
What happens with my marriage will be told in volume two, so I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait to find out.
It’s my dream to be able to accomplish things on my own, but so far I have always been helped by otouto-kun. So, I will keep on trying hard from now on.

【Sophia Sfir】

The second daughter of the Sfir family, she is Sophia-chan.
Her birthday is in December, she’s three years younger than otouto-kun. To be more precise, she is three years and six months younger.
She’s a beautiful girl with medium length bright, golden hair. Her eyes are a deep red. It wasn’t a joke when she was said to look like an angel when she was a baby!
…..Well, the end of the first volume saw her become a fallen angel. But, you will find out what happens with Sophia-chan in volume two.

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【Robert Grances】

The, now deceased, head of the Grances family. He was otouto-kun and my father. He was 21 years older than otouto-kun, and he had blue eyes and blonde hair like most of the nobility.
He always was at the beck and call of Mother, because of the guilt he felt — He and otouto-kun were very alike, I think it was this weakness that I fell in love with.
Although this wasn’t described in the work so far, as a married couple, Mother and Father seemed to be a good match.

By the way, otouto-kun was going to be married into the Sfir family. Father thought this would be a good opportunity to use otouto-kun’s talents.
It wasn’t a coincidence that Father told otouto-kun about his engagement on his birthday. If Blake nii-san hadn’t interrupted their conversation, the future would have surely been different.

In the end, Father’s choices led to his own death, but…….I can honestly say I was proud of him.
If there is a system in this world that reincarnates you after death, I hope I can meet my mother again some day.

【Caroline Grances】

Robert’s legal wife, my mother. She was the same age as Father and also had blonde hair and blue eyes.
For me, I can’t say that she was a very good mother…but still her personality wasn’t terrible.
Mother always believed Milli-san was trying to steal Father from her, but I just think it was in her imagination.
This was part of the reason for otouto-kun’s isolation. It was obvious that Father was attracted to Milli-san and if Milli-san’s child became the next heir, Mother believed that she’d be cast aside.

【Blake Grances】

My older brother, the eldest son of the Grances family. He had typical aristocratic features and he was four years older than otouto-kun.
I’m sure he gave off quite an arrogant image, I think Mother may have made him this way. He was four years older than otouto-kun, but he was still only in his early teens.
You’re the eldest son of the family and you’ll become the next head of the house. But now there is a child of a mistress that wants your position, so you must defeat him.

If I grew up being told that, I may have acted the same way.


Milli-san. Otouto-kun’s mother. And in the future will become my mother-in-law.
She has purple eyes and brown hair. As expected, the mother of otouto-kun is an amazingly beautiful woman. She is sixteen years older than otouto-kun.
In other words — she was fifteen years old when she and Father were together. (TN: The raw uses the word “rape” here, but everything else seems to indicate it was consensual.)
It seems that Milli-san was also attracted to Father. At the time, Father seduced her and she became his mistress. I’m sure it was painful for Mother.
She’s returned to her hometown now, but she will show up again in the future.


She is my personal maid. She’s like a mother to me.
She is sixteen years older than otouto-kun. She has black hair and black eyes, which is a pretty unusual appearance in this world. She looks Japanese, but she isn’t a reincarnator.
Of course, Michelle will also be in the story again in the future.


The maid assigned to watch otouto-kun after Milli left.
She is sixteen years older than otouto-kun and she has red hair and brown eyes. She is a diligent, quiet, and hardworking maid, but she was hardly mentioned in this volume. I wonder if she’ll be mentioned more in volume three.
If there is demand for her, she may appear again.

【Carlos Sfir】

The head of the Sfir family. He was twenty years older than otouto-kun.
His eyes are blue but his hair is brown, which is unusual for nobility. He seemed to be disappointed at the lack of development of the territories he controlled.
This seems to be the reason for his surprising ambition…..that is if you believe otouto-kun’s story.

【Elyse Sfir】

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Carlos’ wife. She is eighteen years older than otouto-kun.
She has blue eyes and bright, blonde hair.
This wasn’t told in the work so far, but Carlos had a complex with his hair color. So, he purposefully married a blonde woman in the hopes that his children would have blonde hair.
Because of this, they made a very unusual couple.

【Eric Sfir】

The eldest son of the Sfir family, a young boy that is three years older than otouto-kun. He has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He is Sophia’s only brother. He is also fairly good looking. Well, he’s nowhere near as attractive as otouto-kun.
Also, he had nothing to do with what happened with the Sfir family. It seems he truly knew nothing of their plans.


He was 28 years older than otouto-kun and had brown hair and black eyes.
He was the captain of the Sfir Knights and after he retired began serving as a butler to the family. Unfortunately, he was so loyal to the Sfir family that he carried out their dark commands without question.
When the Grances mansion was attacked, Regis only selected those that were as loyal to the Sfir family as he was, he knew they’d stay quiet about the attack.
By the way, he really loved Sophia as if she was his real daughter. He also taught her sword fighting, the results of which…..were quite painful.

【Crane Gramp】

The Marquis of Gramp, my fiancé. By the way, he is nineteen years older than otouto-kun, which means he’s eighteen years older than me.
Although he is a respected marquis, he is a definite lolicon. There’s no doubt about it……Although, that seems to be a common thing in this world.
By the way, what happens with my engagement will be told at the beginning of volume two.

Okay the introductions for volume one are now done.
Let’s meet again in the next volume!

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