Chapter 25: A dragon’s learning ability is so low

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“Hey, what’s that?!”

“Isn’t that a dragon?”

“Eh, seriously? Is there some kind of event going on?”


People in the streets were confused by the sudden appearance of a dragon.

Watching the dragon fly through the sky, people’s reactions varied from doubting their eyes to excitement from its existence. As for the dragon itself, it stared at the people on the ground for a while after feeling their gazes, then lifted his head suddenly to inhale a tremendous amount of air.

T-That’s not a good sign.

I used 【teleportation magic】instantly after witnessing the dragon inhale and teleported under its body.

Having inhaled enough air, the dragon fiercely turned towards the ground once again to spit out fire, but I kicked its jaw, turning his head the opposite direction before it released.

At that instant, a giant scarlet flame came out from its mouth leading to a fire pillar piercing the sky.

The flame made its way high in the sky and wiped out all the clouds nearby.

That was close. Who knows what may have happened if it was released towards the city.

I placed my hand on my chest in relief while using 【wind magic】to stay floating in the air.

The people who were bustling not long ago fell silent after witnessing what had just happened.



“What the heck was that?!”

“We will all die if such a thing was to strike here!!!”


Now they were getting confused in a different way.

Well, I couldn’t blame them after what they had seen.

As I fell into thoughts, watching the situation in the city, the dragon made a terrifying roar and glared at me. Was he mad because I got in his way?



“Shut up. You’re hurting my ears.”


I replied to the roaring dragon that was trying to threaten me. Then I used 【wind magic】to create a wind blade and cast it toward my target.

After noticing the blade, the dragon used its wings to fly evasively and avoided the attack.

Not allowing it to run away, I continued to make more wind blades in quick succession and cast them in its direction, but it skillfully used its wings to easily dodge all of them.

I was impressed by the dragon’s adept moves. Now It was its turn to attack as it released a fire breath at me.


“Wo, that’s not good.”


I used 【teleportation magic】and readily avoided the attack, but it continued to rapid fire its breath without giving me a chance to escape.

I kept on making use of 【teleportation magic】and dodging the fire. A completely reversed situation from earlier.

As I continued to avoid its breath, I waited for the right time then teleported to its back.

The dragon was astonished by me vanishing abruptly and restlessly looked around the area.


“I’m here. You annoying lizard.”

The dragon turned toward the sound, but it was already too late.

I activated 【body enhancement (medium)】, seized the dragon’s wings while clenching my fist, then struck it in the back with all my might.




The dragon was briskly blown towards the ground as it let out loud groans. However, it cleverly made use of its wings to halt the fall in midair.




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It flew back in front of me and let out a dreadful howl out of wrath.

It looked like it was having a difficult time breathing, so I guess I did damage it a little bit.

For it to endure this strike, it was not bad.

I was honestly impressed by the dragon’s resistance to my body enhancement attack. The dragon started inhaling air once again. Again? Is that all what you can do?


“I’m tired of that already.”


When I teleported above its head, the dragon made an expression as if he was saying “Are you kidding me?!”

You just saw me doing the same thing earlier. You’re not that smart, are you?

I was shocked by the low IQ of the dragon, though I immediately went back to using 【body enhancement (medium)】in order to settle the fight.

However, this time, I didn’t stop at that point.

My fist burst into red flames all of sudden.


“I won’t let you off this time. Explosion fist!”


As my fist came into contact with the dragon, a huge explosion rose from its back.




The dragon started falling down while writhing in agony.

This time around, it couldn’t endure the hit and let its giant body strike the ground.

Did I beat it?

I watched the knocked out dragon to make sure that I had defeated it and noticed that it was still moving slightly.

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It was still alive. What a tough guy.

Huh? So why isn’t it flying back?

Trying to clear my doubts, I looked at the direction the dragon was facing and noticed four people standing there.

Seriously, there was somebody here?!

I swiftly teleported to save them from its next attack.


“Give it up.”


Immediately after teleporting, I smashed its crown with my heel. The dragon’s head crashed into the ground, creating cracks all around the place.

I turned to check on how the four people were doing, only to see a face I knew very well.


“Eh? Karen?”





I want to make an appearance 2


“!! Why didn’t you gave me an appearance!! You promised me–!”

“I’m sorry Rouga!! I wanted to give you a turn but this time there wasn’t a worthy scene!!”

“UUU~ you promised me…”

“I’m really sorry!! Next time I will give you an appearance for sure!!”

“In that case, can you write a short side story about me when things are back to normal?”

“Eh? That’s a bit…”

“No?  Ururururu”

“(So cute!!) O-Okay!”



“This author is so easy to convince.





Skill name


“Chief, when you shoot a magic, why do you say its name sometimes, but other times you don’t?.”

“I’m only naming the magic skills I come up with.”

“How do you know that it’s a new skill?”

“From the light novels I always read. I don’t like to copy skills and claim them as mine.”

“But, if we went to the other world, there are lots of people who can use the same skills.”

“Don’t say that.”

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