Chapter 18: How Do Want Me to Repay You?

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character escaped in a panic, rushing along the path on his bicycle; from time to time, the scene of Luo Feiyan sweeping her lips with the tip of her tongue appeared in his mind. He trembled, pondering whether taking a part-time job at Her Humble Fragrance was the right decision!

“Only, many have racked their brains and competed for this chance! That kind of a boss is simply a rarity on Earth, the charm spilling out from her every frown and every smile is enough to instakill a man; isn’t this delivering myself like a lamb to the tiger’s den?”

“Might as well follow it through since it’s already come to this.” Su Ke shook his head and threw the unrealistic fantasy in his head to the side. He entered the Flower Pickup System’s space and saw the reminder of reward withdrawal on the LCD screen.

The reward withdrew as he cycled; a bright light flashed by in the space, followed by an enormous amount of mathematical knowledge flowing into his mind. After experiencing it several times, Su Ke had already become habituated to this sensation.

At this moment, he noticed a change happen on the LCD screen and gave it a look.

“Mission: Grab the thief, return the lost object; Reward: 400 RMB.”

“Another new mission” As Su Ke saw the notice on the LCD screen, he began sizing up all around him. According to his experience, the missions the Flower Pickup System gives mostly is related to women, and the common factor of these women was that they were young and beautiful, up to the extent that Su Ke looked all over to find the trails of such.

First, it was delivering Wei Lan back home, and then going to Her Humble Fragrance to accept the job. By now, the sky had gone dark, and people hurried along the streets; most of them going back home to eat dinner or to prepare dinner.

Even after taking a careful look all over, he still couldn’t find anything suspicious. “Is the mission not starting now?”

“Grab that thief!” Su Ke heard a woman’s scream from behind. Before he could turn, he saw a man running by past him.

“The mission has arrived!” This thought flashed through his mind; Su Ke pedaled with all his energy, chasing after that man without a single shred of hesitation.

The bicycle was fast, but that thief wasn’t slow either. Su Ke yelled while giving a chase, wishing someone would help in cutting off that man. But what made him gloomy was that they didn’t help him, but rather paved the way for the thief.

Su Ke put out more energy into pedaling, and the distance between them becoming lesser and lesser; he pounced onto the thief and dragged at this clothes. Both of them fell, and using the chance he got while they rolled, Su Ke grabbed the thief’s neck and pressed his head to the ground while the purple lady’s handbag got flung to the side.

Su Ke sensed his heart tense up; his intuition informed him that he was in danger. He hurriedly released his hands and dodged backward, just in time to see that thief armed with a knife in his hand was about to stab it into him. The thief got up while taking advantage of the time Su Ke took to dodge.

The thief’s stature was similar to Su Ke’s; he had a dark complexion and a malevolent expression. He waved the dagger in hand as he watched Su Ke with a fierce gaze. “Get lost or else Daddy will kill you!”

Su Ke looked at the dagger, took a deep breath, and adopted an inoffensive posture with his hands spread out. “Alright, I won’t do anything!”

After the thief saw the panicked expression of Su Ke in his eyes, which didn’t seem to be fake, a sneer-filled with contempt smeared across his face. He had seen this kind of circumstances plenty of times; as long as he took of the dagger out, there would be no room for negotiation no matter who it was.

For a demonstration, the thief held the dagger and jabbed it over at Su Ke. “If this kid retreats, it’ll give me time to flee from him.”


It might be due to Su Ke feeling full of confidence ever since he obtained the Military Fitness Boxing reward or due to a subconscious reaction, but as soon as Su Ke saw that thief extend his arm out, not only did he not retreat, he instead kicked out, his heel kicking at the thief’s wrist as quick as lightning.

When he heard the thief scream and drop the dagger to the ground, Su Ke transferred the energy into his torso, striking out with his clenched right fist towards the thief’s abdomen. It hadn’t ended with that. He made a lunge and then crouched down, grabbed the thief’s legs with his hands, and struck his shoulders forward into him.

One move, a leg-hold suplex, his right shoulder knocked against the thief’s solar plexus and directly threw him out flying.

The thief got muddled due to Su Ke’s move, and before he could even react, he had been pressed to the ground again. Su Ke locked his arms behind his back, leaving him with no strength to respond.

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By this time, someone had yelled that the thief had been caught and called the police and so on… A crowd gathered up and surrounded them, with some of them even feeling indignant and came to kick the thief.

Su Ke furrowed his brows and released his hands, but courage and rage had already swept the crowd. Someone had already replaced him as soon as he let go.

Turning to take a look, he found that the purple lady’s handbag had disappeared. “Did someone use the situation to steal it? It’s too gloomy; the handbag’s gone. It seems this mission will be a failure.”

He left the crowd with his head lowered, picking up his moderately used bicycle. It didn’t seem damaged due to the fall; this lightened his gloominess a lot.

“Thank you!”

Su Ke had just sat on his bicycle when he saw a woman appear in front of him.

She seemed to be roughly around 28 years old, wore a sleeveless jacket of alternating white and red colors, the chiffon’s texture appearing lithe and relaxed. The portion exposed from the jacket revealed a black camisole, which wrapped around the dazzling twin peaks inside; below, she wore a polka dot short skirt, which made the lines of her legs appear much to likeness.

The short hair gave a neutral gender feel, giving her an elegant and experienced look. Her skin was fair, and her eyes had a gentleness within them as they looked at Su Ke; she also held the purple handbag.

“The handbag is yours?” Su Ke asked while having a look at the space of the Flower Pickup System. There was indeed a change in the mission description on the LCD screen.

“Mission: Grab the thief, return the lost object (COMPLETE); Reward: 400 RMB.”


“En, thank you for helping me take back the handbag!” The woman exuded an elegant and mature womanly charm when she spoke, and Su Ke couldn’t adapt to that blatant mature temperament fast.

“You’re welcome; it was as easy as lifting a hand!” Though Su Ke also had a sense of justice, the biggest reason he went to grab the thief was due to the mission from the Flower Pickup System. Right now, he always had an urge to complete the mission as soon as it appeared.

“You’re still a student! You can treat this money as a part of my good intentions!” This mature woman took out a dozen bills out of handbag; Su Ke could make out that they were roughly around 1000 RMB at a glance—indeed, it was an ostentatious amount.

Although Su Ke loved money and desired to have a lot of money, this kind of circumstance made him feel what he did was in vain; he waved his hands/ “There’s no need. It’s all good as long as you’ve gotten it back!”

“It was quite dangerous just now. He even used a knife. If you don’t accept these kind intentions, it’ll make me feel apologetic!” The mature woman had a smile on her face, but it gave people a perception of dignity which made it hard to refuse.

Though Su Ke had a weak nature in the past, one thing which he had was stubbornness. He waved his hands once more.

“I can feel your gratitude, but I cannot accept this money!” Saying so, Su Ke pushed his bicycle.

“Hehe, tell me then, how do you want me to repay you?” Seeing Su Ke’s upright look, this mature woman also didn’t insist. Only, her smile had become more fascinating. It was fascinating before she spoke these words, but it seemed to be just courtesy before; and now, it appeared to be more cordial and genuine.

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