Chapter 17: Your Mother Called You Back Home for Dinner?

The beautiful female boss found Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s embarrassed look to be quite amusing. She leaned ahead to put the magazine away and asked with full of interest, “Ahh, tell Big Sis, did you take advantage that I was asleep and peep at me?”

“Eh!” Originally, Su Ke was already nervous regarding confronting this beautiful and charming boss; he was frightened after suddenly hearing those words. Lifting his head up, he could see the boss leaning forward, half of her bosom was revealed outside by that sleeveless black top, which bound her twin peaks tightly. Those shining white mounds formed a captivating gorge between them; her creamy skin looked as if it may scatter away with a blow of air.

Su Ke quickly lowered his head, saying nothing. Although it was a bare glance, his heartbeat had sped up immediately. Neither did he know where to place both of his hands, nor did he know what to reply. The beautiful female boss’s laughter echoed out again.

The laughter seemed like the sounds of silvery bells, which made Su Ke feel as if many claws were scratching his heart as it fell into his ears. He just didn’t know what to reply. Luckily, it seemed as if the beautiful female boss had laughed enough. Her slightly deep voice seemed to have a sexy attraction to it as it sounded out, “Fine, I’ll stop teasing you. Look how it frightened you!”

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Only then did Su Ke relax, complaining to himself about his behavior. He braced himself not to let his eyes wander towards those twin peaks as well as that sexy cleavage. “I didn’t peep!”

“It’s nothing. It’s fine even if you did peep. A man ought to look at a woman! Let alone still you this little man!” The beautiful female boss smiled, which again made Su Ke red in the face.

Though he wanted to let this woman know that he, this man, wasn’t little at all, in the current circumstances, he had conversely become the target of flirting. Su Ke was left speechless and could only helplessly scold himself for being so disappointing.

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At this time, a ringtone echoed out. That woman picked up the mobile phone on top of the table and furrowed her brows once she saw the caller ID on the phone. Only, she answered it quickly.

“Hey! Bureau Chief Wu?” The woman held the telephone in her hand and leaned back to the sofa. This posture made her bosom seem abundant. She spoke on the phone on one side and spoke to Su Ke in a small voice as well.

Su Ke felt as if those red lips were luring to be taken first as he looked at them. This person’s every frown and smile, every word and action, all radiated a fiery charm, just like a poppy in full blossom; it had a fatal attractiveness.

“Oh? Yes? Only, Bureau Chief Wu, I already have plans for the night, for dinner and window-shopping with a few sisters!”

“Aiyah, we this group of woman talk about many private things which we can’t let you hear. Haha, you’re also quite charming, just speaking is making me blush!”

Su Ke didn’t know what was said through the phone, but he raised his head and saw that lovely smiling woman’s body tremble slightly. Her other hand clenched tight, her alluring lips puckered, and the mounds on her bosom continuously undulated. Su Ke didn’t like this sexy look of hers a bit, perhaps it was because it was related to another man.

Only, Su Ke felt that although the woman had a smiling expression on her face and her gaze contained a slight chill, she still had a serene look and didn’t blush at all.

“Alright, alright. Next time, I’ll accompany you next time!”

The beautiful female boss hung the call and threw the mobile phone to the side. The smiling expression on her face wore up gradually as she soliloquized, “One must take a look at their own morality before flirting!”

When she noticed Su Ke look at herself, the smile emerged once again. Su Ke sighed at the unique skill this woman practiced; the changes of her facial expression were faster than breathing.

“If it’s a little man like you, there’s no harm in flirting!”

“Eh!” Su Ke sighed again. This woman seems to have gotten into a habit of teasing him. If it were before, Su Ke would have already sought the path and escaped due to being unable to endure this provocation. But now, to obtain that Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Intermediate Level) system reward, he felt it was worth it to sacrifice his purity if only this woman doesn’t force herself on him.

“Boss, I–!” Su Ke was just about to open his mouth, but that woman waved her hand, “Don’t call me boss, you can either call me Big Sis Luo or Big Sis Yan. I’m called Luo Feiyan. Also, you’re still a student, so if it doesn’t affect your studies, you can come to work from 7 PM to 9 PM every day!”

“So the boss of Her Humble Fragrance Cosmetic Club is called Luo Feiyan; ‘a warm day’s morning light is shallow, the flying mist’s color lighter than dawn.'” These few words from Tang poetry appeared in Su Ke’s mind, which was interrupted by a mechanical beep sound.

“Mission: Pass the beautiful female boss’s evaluation (COMPLETE); Reward: Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Intermediate Level).”


“Ahh! Boss, no, Big Sis Yan, you mean I’m hired?” Though Su Ke was aware that the system mission was denoted as completed but he still asked.

“Yes. Though I was drunk at noon, I still heard you play the piano. It was pretty good, else I wouldn’t have slept so deeply! You can come over to work from tomorrow night!” Luo Feiyan sent a coquettish glance while speaking, “I didn’t do it just to obtain your charm, oh!”

Su Ke’s mood was pretty good since he had received the desired part-time job. His nervousness was blown away as he stood up from the sofa with a smile across his mouth. “My charm is ready to be offered to Big Sis Yan at any time; I only fear Big Sis Yan wouldn’t look upon this little man!”

Luo Feiyan didn’t expect Su Ke’s tiny trembling voice to transform into a calm one all of a sudden, bringing out the manliness of this little man. Only, to her, this fell more to her tastes. She curled the bangs at her forehead behind her ears.

“How do you know I’m not fond of a little man like you? I feel nauseous when I see those steadily matured, completely ripe rotten apples. At present, I would like to sample you, this spring within blooming, red, sour and tender little fruit!” After saying so, as if her mouth had become dry, she lightly swept her cherry lips with the tip of her lovely tongue.

An action like this immediately made Su Ke’s mind explode. “Isn’t this signature move stronger than the one Baigujing used during the times of Xuanzang! Really unbearable, this Luo Feiyan is indeed a charm demon!”

The mood had become ambiguous due to the actions of Luo Feiyan; Su Ke’s tiny heart thumped madly, yet he was unable to take action. His pretty cheeks fully blushed, and his breathing became rushed as he stammered, “Big Sis Yan, I-I’m going home, my mother called me back home for dinner!”

Pffft. Luo Feiyan rolled on the sofa, pointing at Su Ke, “Your mother called you back home for dinner? Your mother called you back home for dinner! Haha, are you called Su Ke, or Merchant Lord Peng (贾君鹏)?”

Under panic, Su Ke couldn’t choose any other path, he ran down. “I’ll be able to return home alive if I escape the 3rd floor. This boss’s style is very dauntless, a little carelessness would cause my body to be burnt by lust, and it would also lead me to death due to bleeding from the seven apertures.”

“Big Sis Xiaobai, I’m going home, see you tomorrow!” Su Ke called out to Lin Xiaobai as he dashed out by the reception desk and directly ran out.

“Really strange. How does this Su Ke have a blush every time he comes down from upstairs!” Lin Xiaobai slanted her head as her mind began to ponder about the events that might have occurred on the 3rd floor, but she remained puzzled even after a hundred thoughts.

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