Chapter 16: Did You Peep at Me?

As Su Ke2Su KeMain Character watched Liu punch out, he subconsciously lifted his right foot and kicked out, like a conditional reflex, without the slightest amount of thought. He then watched the man with a 180 cm height suddenly step back while covering his abdomen and fall to the ground.

“You can’t beat me with words, so you think you can win the fight? Ahh, such a failure!” Su Ke looked at Liu’s complexion become flushed due to choking. He hadn’t yelled at all; his teeth clenched with force as his sight was filled with resentment.

Su Ke shook his head and turned to Wei Lan, saying, “Let’s go!”

Wei Lan was frightened by Su Ke’s actions. As Liu brandished his arm, she was about to warn Su Ke to be careful, but Liu had already flown back before she could even speak.

According to Wei Lan’s character, she naturally found it difficult to accept this schoolboy who used the fists to talk, but the current Su Ke also showed a wild nature, yet she didn’t dislike it and felt a little fluffy in her heart.

She willfully followed behind Su Ke. Though it was already the class dismissal time, there were still a few students passing by through the corridors. Wei Lan could feel their gesticulating sight, but she didn’t care about it a bit.

They left through the school’s entrance. The hooligan’s Su Ke had taught a lesson last time didn’t appear, and so the two of them went through the stream of people towards Fengze Residential Area on their bicycles.

“I believe you’ve changed a lot!” Wei Lan slanted her head to look at Su Ke. The present Su Ke didn’t have the least bit of viciousness; he seemed like a calm, quiet and gentle big boy from the next-door neighbor with a smile on his face.

“Oh? How have I changed?” Su Ke had also pondered about this question, feeling his character had indeed changed a little. If it was before, he wouldn’t have dared to hit and simply crumble under Liu’s gaze.

Wei Lan thought for a bit. “You were like a small bunny rabbit before, but you’ve changed into a big bad wolf now. Wrong, not a big bad wolf, ought to be King Kong. Do you know King Kong?” As she was trying to look for an adjective, she suddenly remembered about the movie she had seen not long ago. Though King Kong’s wildness gave people a sense of viciousness, it also gives them a sense of peace.

“King Kong? I naturally know. Isn’t that the one who, for his beloved woman, stood atop the tallest skyscraper and masturbated (fought planes)?” Only when Su Ke had spoken till ‘fought planes (masturbated)’ did he realize the ambiguity of the dialogue. He immediately turned to look at Wei Lan.

As expected, Wei Lan’s face got painted crimson by a blush once she heard it, just like a fully ripe apple. Su Ke thought it was all over, feeling his face become hot in a moment. “This girl certainly knows what ‘masturbate’ implies.” At this time, Wei Lan seemingly took a glance towards Su Ke’s trousers inadvertently.

“You these boys only know about masturbating every day!” A bit angrily, yet again a bit coquettishly, Wei Lan couldn’t dare to look at Su Ke due to feeling shy; she just stared ahead.

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Su Ke simply didn’t expect Wei Lan to say such words and felt so embarrassed that he wanted to find a place to bury himself. “I thought it was all over, but it turns out this girl’s knowledge is so profound, she’s actually all-knowing!”

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They remained silent during the whole journey right until Su Ke had delivered Wei Lan to the stairs of her home. Only then did their gazes meet.

“Ah, I’m going up!” Wei Lan had a little of baby fat; her chubby face looked very cute, and it had changed into a red apple now, which made Su Ke’s heart beat wildly.

“En, alright!” Su Ke nodded. Only, the moment Wei Lan turned around, another sentence followed, “Wait a sec!”

“What’s up?” Wei Lan’s face became redder evermore. She didn’t know from when, but she had formed a vague good opinion of Su Ke within her heart, thinking, “Su Ke isn’t going to confess to me, right?”

“But if he does confess, can I accept that?” Wei Lan’s mind was in a state of utter confusion.

Su Ke stalled for a while and finally braced his heart, “I-I don’t masturbate every day, you’ve accused me wrongly!” Saying so, he stepped onto his bicycle and vanished like a wisp of smoke.

Wei Lan stood there, and even after Su Ke had disappeared, she hadn’t gone upstairs. Her heart calmed down, but a sense of disappointment was also mixed.

“Have I fallen in love?” Wei Lan wasn’t clear too!

Su Ke had originally planned to go to Her Humble Fragrance Cosmetic Club after the dismissal of classes to find the results of his interview. Only, since it hadn’t taken long to deliver Wei Lan home, he thought there was still enough time.

Lin Xiaobai still wore her silver livery attire, sitting behind the reception desk at the front. She called out to Su Ke when she saw him enter the door, “Su Ke, you’ve come!”

“Bis Sis Xiaobai, is the boss here?” Su Ke took a deep breath as he walked over. Even though he hadn’t felt timid when he fought Liu, his mood became nervous right now.

“En, the boss is here. In the Lounge Area of the 3rd floor, she’s usually there if there’s nothing else to do!” Lin Xiaobai came out from behind the reception desk, and with a beaming smile and pair of huge expressive eyes, she continued speaking without letting Su Ke open his mouth, “The boss asked to inform that you can directly go to the 3rd floor to look for her once you arrive. It seems that your matter is quite hopeful!”

“Ya, thank you, Big Sis Xiaobai!” Su Ke immediately became relaxed after hearing her words. “I reckon this Lin Xiaobai must have put in a good word!”

“Hehe, you can suitably repay me once you’re hired oh!” Lin Xiaobai winked towards Su Ke, looking smart and cute. Su Ke felt dazed when he saw that.

“Go quickly, I won’t be coming up with you!”

Su Ke nodded and went upstairs. He realized why it was desolate when he had come during noon; it was because it was lunchtime. It was the same now, and there were no clients.

The Lounge Area of the 3rd floor was near the vicinity of the stairs. Su Ke was just about to climb there when he saw the beautiful female boss seated atop the fabric sofa with one leg over the other, looking at a fashion magazine in her hand with keen interest.

She had already changed from that one-piece during noon to a pure cotton sleeveless black top similar to a men’s v-neck, which revealed her soft shoulders outside. Her flesh seemed void of fat and full of flexibility, and a deep collarbone aligned perfectly in the middle of her body, with a distinct smoothness.

The link between the shoulders and the collarbone sketched out the aura and curves of her womanly upper body. The depression at her collarbone was faintly discernable when she took a breath, which had an intoxicating charm that plucked heartstrings.

The black top was tight, which made her twin peaks prominently reveal a deep cleavage. It absolutely couldn’t be achieved by using fake props for bosom like in the movies; a bare glance had made Su Ke’s mouth dry, promptly making him shift his sight.

“Oh, our pianist has arrived!” The beautiful female boss lifted her head to see Su Ke step onto the 3rd floor. A smile floated on her face. Only, she didn’t get up but rather pointed towards the sofa opposite to her. “Come, take a seat first. I’m sorry for falling asleep all of a sudden during noon!”

Su Ke became tense for no reason when he saw this woman. He stiffly walked towards the sofa opposite to the boss and sat down, lowering his head while feeling somewhat bewildered. “No problem!”

That woman instead laughed when she saw Su Ke’s honest appearance. She leaned forward to place the magazine within her hands onto the table. “Ahh, tell Big Sis, did you take advantage that I was asleep and peeped at me?”

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