Chapter 15: Are You Liu Dehua?

Perhaps because the beautiful boss was fatigued that’s why she slept deeply. In the end, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character could only helplessly depart from Her Humble Fragrance. Before leaving, he earnestly asked Lin Xiaobai to put in a good word for him like a spoiled child; this might as well have been the legendary honey trap.

As a student, his daily task was to study. Every single day consisted of the same courses. Only, Su Ke had already strengthened his two shortcomings—Mathematics and Physics—which had its grades substantially increase without notice.

As soon as the sweet-sounding bell of the class dismissal rang, all the students began to flee ignominiously, just like a runaway wild horse which has obtained freedom. Su Ke was no exception to this; he packed his school bag and walked out. He had to go back again since he hadn’t obtained the result during noon.

“Su Ke!”

He had just reached the door when he heard someone inside the classroom call his name; Su Ke didn’t such a thing to occur. He turned back to see and found it to be Wei Lan. This girl packed her books as she lifted her head.

“Su Ke, wait for me. Let’s return home together!” After saying so, Wei Lan felt her face become hot; a tinge of a blush appeared on her tender cheeks as her dimples blossomed along with her shy smile.

“Oh!” Su Ke subconsciously agreed. He only remembered he had to visit Her Humble Fragrance regarding the part-time job after returning to the classroom, but since he had already promised, he could only return there after reaching home.

A girl was always careful with packing things; by the time Wei Lan had packed her textbooks, her pencil box, and other things, only 1/3rd of the students were left in the classroom.

“Hehe, Su Ke, fierce!” Wang Xiaogang carried his school bag and passed beside Su Ke, showing a thumbs up to him. Afterward, he turned around to look at Wei Lan coming over and then giggled near Su Ke’s ears, which had a flavor of tease in it.

Since Su Ke had expressed himself to Wang Xiaogang in the morning, the bond between them had taken a step forward. He didn’t blush in response to Wang Xiaogang’s giggle but instead acted as if he was going to raise his leg, which frightened Wang Xiaogang to jump to the side.

“You this couple can return home together, I’ll go alone!” Wang Xiaogang yelled loudly and then ran away once he saw Su Ke’s complexion.

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Wei Lan and Su Ke’s faces immediately became like 囧, completely crimson. At this place where the matters of puppy love were more popular than what one had for breakfast, it was impossible for these two to fail to understand the meaning of Wang Xiaogang’s words.

Although Wei Lan had lowered her head, she still stealthily peeked a glance at Su Ke’s expression. She seemed to be concerned about his attitude regarding this matter. They had just left the classroom door when someone quickly walked over to their side and yelled, “Wei Lan.”

Su Ke and Wei Lan turned to look simultaneously; that man had worn a Nike sports attire, and a nimble round neck half-sleeved one. His height seemed to be around 180 cm, and the most noticeable thing was the bunch of flowers he held in his hand.

“Wei Lan, this is for you!” Su Ke knew this schoolboy; he was an Athletically Skilled Student from the Senior Year’s (2nd) class. His stature was quite sturdy due to the frequent tempering, with buff muscles at his arms. It was just that his skin color was a bit dark, that’s all.

If Su Ke stood aside this man, by comparison, he would seem like an extremely delicate pretty boy. Only, the other party had brought flowers to Wei Lan, so he didn’t have the right to block him.

“Humph! Darker than Lord Bao and still flamboyant!” Su Ke mumbled in his heart; he felt vexed after seeing this person, wishing he could send the guy flying with a kick.

“Surnamed Liu, please don’t pester me. I have to return home now!” Wei Lan knitted her brows; it was quite clear that this wasn’t Liu’s first offense.

“Wei Lan, I don’t have any other intentions. I merely want to give these flowers to you. I’ll leave if you accept them!” Liu’s complexion changed but also recovered to normal quickly as he exposed a charming smile.

Su Ke leaned across the wall of the corridor, gazing at that Liu all the time. Especially since it was clear that anger had taken birth in this youngster; resentment flashed past his eyes, but again recovered his refined and courteous appearance in the next second. Su Ke didn’t like this at all.

“I don’t want it!” Wei Lan turned away and walked forward, but that Liu suddenly grabbed her arm. A 160 cm Wei Lan was clearly powerless to break free from the 180 cm Liu.

“Release my hand!” Wei Lan shook her hand with all her strength, but she wasn’t able to struggle free. Her cold voice from before had already become furious and uncalm.

“Wei Lan, I really like you; my love for you is real!” Liu’s voice seemed gentle and caring. If it wasn’t for Su Ke sensing his vile character already, even he might have been deceived.

“Let go!” Su Ke took a deep breath. He had already become habituated to this action. Once he did that, he was able to transform himself like Clark and become filled with confidence.

Perhaps Su Ke had the innate skill of being treated as air by humans; that Liu simply hadn’t taken notice of this person. He held Wei Lan’s arm as before with his eyes filled with passion.

A fire rose within Su Ke’s heart. He moved forward a step and extended his hand to grab that Liu’s wrist from behind Wei Lan, saying with an overcast voice, “I said let go of your claws!”

Having the painstakingly built romantic situation being interrupted by a person, Liu shot a glance towards Su Ke. In the eyes of an Athletically Skilled Student like him, Su Ke was undoubtedly an extremely delicate pretty boy; even a dozen gigolo’s like that were improbable to be his opponent.

“Get lost!” Liu’s sight was filled with contempt, and even his tone was filled with ridicule. If it weren’t to keep face in front of Wei Lan, he would have already spewed out all off the profanity he knew of.

Su Ke slightly raised his head, his face seemed to have a smiling expression yet not. He didn’t speak again and merely began to add strength to his right hand which had grabbed Liu’s wrist. Ever since he had obtained the Military Fitness Boxing Proficiency reward, his power had increased a lot; his arms had begun to become taut, and his veins were now visible outside.

Along with Su Ke’s steady increase in strength, Liu felt as if his wrist was being ruptured by a pair of iron pliers. After persevering for two minutes, he couldn’t bear it anymore. The unbearable piercing pain made him release Wei Lan’s arm and then seize the opportunity to break free from the suppression of Su Ke’s right hand.

Seeing the rage within Su Ke’s eyes as well as feeling the pain at his wrist, Liu gnashed his teeth and spoke word by word while glaring at Su Ke, “Do you know who I am?”

Su Ke still had a gentle smiling expression on his face. He looked up and down, from head to foot, and then said smoothly, “Are you Liu Dehua(Andy Lau)?”

Pfft, Wei Lan standing behind Su Ke couldn’t endure it and giggled out immediately. Liu felt this laughter to be exceptionally ear-piercing. He said with a rough voice while panting, “I am Liu!”

“Dunno!” Su Ke replied bluntly.

“You’ll definitely remember me after this time!” Saying so, Liu’s right fist hurled towards Su Ke’s eyes. This fist was filled with malice and wouldn’t just leave Su Ke with a dizzy spell if it landed.


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Su Ke stood stoically. Liu’s fist rushed forth with momentum, but his body fell backward before he could even stretch it outwards entirely, feeling the insides of his stomach churn as he curled up.

Su Ke had kicked at Liu’s stomach just now. That guy with a large height of 180cm had been kicked 2m backward and continuously sucked in cold breaths to his belly.

“You can’t beat me with words, so you think you can win the fight? Ahh, such a failure!” Su Ke met Liu’s resentful sight, but didn’t mind it all and turned around to say to Wei Lan, “Let’s go!”

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