Chapter 384 – Sea Elephant

She stepped out decisively.

After a short while, they exited the room. When Huan Qing Yan saw them again, their spirits as well as other various areas were much stronger and better than before.

Without a word, everyone left together for the hunt.

After leaving Alpha Hall, they proceeded towards the gate that lead to the ocean.

Huan Qing Yan followed their actions and took out her Water Repelling Talisman. Her Talisman was slightly larger than the others, possessing ten runic symbols.

“Woah Lady Huan, the treatment for the top three rankers were indeed good, you actually possessed ten runic symbols on your Water Repelling Talisman. You can used up to ten times! Ours only have three uses and we’ve used it up a long time ago, so we have to use our credits to exchange for more charges.”

“How many credits are required for one charge of Water Repelling Talisman?”

“Ten credits for one charge of Water Repelling Talisman. We’d normally buy three charges at a time for 30 credits.”

“How do you activate it?”

“It’s very simple, just scratch open one of the runic symbols and you’ll be able to breath underwater, however it only last for two hours. We should have completed our mission and returned in that time.”

Huan Qing Yan nodded her head, “Thanks.”

She copied what everyone did and scratched out one of the runic symbols before putting the Water Repelling Talisman within her sleeves, she then followed them into the deep sea…

One of the girls curiously asked, “Lady Huan, why do I hear the faint ringing of a bell coming from you?”

Huan Qing Yan smiled, “Did you hear it wrongly? Is there really a sound?”

Yet her heart swelled with a sweet feeling, this was the effect of the Phoenix Feather Bell that Ji Mo Ya gave her. Despite it being kept within her storage ring it would also release a cheerful ring occasionally. Whenever she heard it, her mood would always be soothed and she would relax.

It was a flying magic equipment that Ji Mo Ya gave her, if she were to ever use this bell to fly, she guessed that there would be a series of ringing bells throughout her flight. To possess a cool and automatic sound effect, how cool is that!

That girl did not continue asking anymore. Before they knew it, the group have already swam far out into the ocean.

When a person obtained the ability to breath freely underwater, swimming became as simple as eating and walking; no great technique was needed. After swimming for nearly fifteen minutes, the group reached an area covered in seagrass, several different types of aquatic plants also occupied this region.

There were dense layers of seaweed, lush sea silk etc…

The leader, Chu Huan Wen said, “Let’s check out the sea elephants nest first instead of harvesting seaweed.”

The harvested seaweed would add weight to their bodies and make it harder for them to face the sea elephants if the chance arrived.

In addition, the plate spirit state they were in had a time limit. It could only last an hour or so…

Their main target was the pair of sea elephants that were worth at least 2000 credits, including Huan Qing Yan there were a total of seven people, each of whom would be able to earn close to 300 credits each. It was a huge bounty regardless if they did not harvest the aquatic plants.

Huan Qing Yan did not object, she followed the others and headed towards the central area of the seagrass region.

The light wasn’t very good in this area due to the overly dense seagrass.Not only did it give off a dark and heavy feeling, if one were to get entangled, they might waste a lot of time trying to cut themselves free and escape.

After swimming for awhile more, they finally reached an underwater cliff in the depths.

Chu Huan Wen raised his hand to signal the rest; everyone stopped and quietly observed the area.

After a short moment, the silhouettes of two huge sea elephants appeared within their vision.

The sea elephants were slightly different from Huan Qing Yan’s impression. Their pair of long tusks were pointed forward like a fork, if someone were to be hit by them, they would most likely become an instant human kabab.

The pair of sea elephants had also discovered the group and charged towards them, observing their actions, Huan Qing Yan could not help but think that they resembled bulldozers…

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