Chapter 36: Scarlet Fire Technique

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist couldn’t be bothered with these people, if they wanted to resent him saying that it was injustice, then let them be. Only useless people protested, people with aspiration used their actions to prove their worth.

As for Guan Peng, Li Fuchen didn’t even want to see his face. He is just like Li Yunhai, the type of person that viewed themselves higher than the peak of a mountain; but once they suffered a setback, they turned to despicable methods.

People like them will just amount to be an average individual unless they had some miraculous change of fate.

It is said that whether a person is broad-minded will determine their future achievements.

“Congratulations.” Zhu Hongxiu came over to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen gave a light laugh, “This small moment of success doesn’t determine much. A life of success is what’s important.”

“I really don’t know how you discipline your attitude, this isn’t how a youth would speak like.” Zhu Hongxiu looked at Li Fuchen. Even though they only knew each other for a short time and exchanged merely a few sentences, Li Fuchen left a deep impression on her. He has a contradicting personality, being extreme and full of confidence at the same time.

Li Fuchen maintained his silence, perhaps the depression for a year drastically changed his personality. But this was a small matter, as long as he remained as himself.


Odd job disciples and outer sect disciples, were then brought to their respective district.

The outer sect district wasn’t on a mountain but a vast piece of land structure in between multiple peaks. This piece of land had a circumference of 7-8 miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters, the structure of the ground surface was like that of a fish scale, layering piece by piece and it extended towards where the eye couldn’t see.

=Outer Sect Disciple Great Hall=

“This is your outer sect disciple token, everyone has one, and your name is on the back of it. These are your outer sect disciple robes, three sets each; and one outer sect disciple sword each.”

Under the instructions of the elders, a number of deacons and deacon apprentices started distributing the outer sect disciple items.

The token was made of a black metal with Li Fuchen’s name embedded on the back. Outer sect disciples were dressed in light blue robes that were neat and simple. As for the outer sect disciple sword, it was made of a special wood and could withstand a few thousand kilograms of force. The main purpose is for sparring within the sect, so it did not hold any killing power.

Clearing his throat, outer sect Great Elder Xiao Changfeng began to speak, “Now we will make arrangements for your living quarters. Everyone shall gather here the next morning and we will distribute the sect’s entry techniques.”

“Entry technique?”

Li Fuchen felt his heart skip, the Cang Lan Sect’s entry techniques were all peak-tier, yellow class techniques and were all free to cultivate. If you wanted a higher ranked technique, contribution points were required to exchange for it. But to Li Fuchen, a peak-tier, yellow class technique was more than sufficient for now.

Outer sect disciples were separated into 3 sectors in the district, each section from the 1st to 3rd grade.

1st grade disciples were situated in the deepest area of the district. It had a beautiful scenery, particularly peaceful, with each individual courtyard placed in a star dipper formation on a chessboard. Each courtyard was spaciously separated.

Li Fuchen was arranged to stay in a courtyard that was located in a remote corner. This courtyard was obviously not tidied up for a long time as it was coated in dust

“You may request for an odd job disciple to come clean up the place for you. It is one of the privileges of a 1st grade disciple.” Said the deacon apprentice, who escorted Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen responded, “Understood, thanks.”

The courtyard was restored to its clean state quickly with a few odd job disciples sweeping and dusting. Li Fuchen lamented on the difficulty in attaining success in the sect for odd job disciple. With the endless amount of chores to be carried out, there really wasn’t much time left for cultivation.

Even though odd job disciples had chores to do, it was definitely better than not being in the sect. Odd job disciples received contribution points every month too, and after accumulating enough points, they could exchange for sect goods or manuals which were unavailable to non-sect individuals.

As the evening approached, Li Fuchen put on his outer sect disciple attire and headed towards one of the food halls in the outer sect district.

This food hall was situated in the 2nd grade disciples’ sector, it has a total of 3 floors and was already packed with people. The first floor provided complimentary normal meals, the second floor provides nutritional meals that required 1 silver coin, and the third floor offered high class meals for 1 gold coin.

Normal meals referred to meals that were slightly better than the average household’s, 1 meat and 1 vegetable. Nutritional meals were much lavishing and was about the same standard as the meals Li Fuchen had back at home. As for high class meals, Li Fuchen only had a chance to eat those during special occasions.

Only allowed on

After pondering for some time, Li Fuchen decided to go for the 2nd floor. Even though normal meals were free, but it contained too little nutrition, and were only suitable for average people.

After ordering a meal, Li Fuchen found a spot to sit down. He suddenly overheard gossips from the other tables.

“Have you heard? One of the outer sect’s 10 prodigies, Guan Xue, cultivated the White Wave Technique to the fifth rank.”

“You are joking right? Didn’t she just entered the Cang Lan Sect 4 months ago?”

“What’s wrong with only 4 months? Guan Xue has a 4 star water bone frame and cultivating water based techniques would only require half the time normally needed.”

“White Wave Technique, fifth rank?” Li Fuchen was astonished, he clearly remembered, Guan Xue used nearly 1 year to cultivate the Water Moon Technique to the fifth rank. It is understandable as the Water Moon Technique was just a high-tier, yellow class technique, but how can it be comparable to the White Wave Technique, which was a peak-tier, yellow class technique.

“Perhaps it is due to both the Water Moon and White Wave Techniques being water based techniques and have many similarities.”

Li Fuchen couldn’t have know, how good Guan Xue’s innate perception was. Everyone had their own secrets, just like himself. Had it not been for the genius contest, none would have known his cultivation rank and sword arts rank.

After dinner, Li Fuchen returned to his personal courtyard. Before it got late, Li Fuchen practiced his Red Jade Sword Style, followed by the routine cultivation of the Red Jade Technique.


The next morning, Li Fuchen arrived at the outer sect disciple’s great hall.

Outer sect Great Elder, Xiao Changfeng stood at the front of everyone and pointed towards a long table, “My Cang Lan Sect has a total of 10 sect entry techniques. You can pick any one that is either of your preference or has a similar trait to your previous cultivation technique. Take extra care and consideration before picking the entry technique; otherwise, it may delay your time for cultivation.”

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“Alright then, form groups of ten and proceed over in your groups. Once you pick your entry techniques, you may go to the side hall.” Xiao Changfeng said while standing at the side.

After queuing for nearly an hour, it was time Li Fuchen’s group to pick their entry technique.

“Purple Qi Technique, pure yet powerful.”

“Evergreen Technique, balanced and placid.”

“Iron Shell Technique, ferocious tyranny.”

“White Wave Technique, gentle and adaptable like water”

“Scarlet Fire Technique, violent and rampant.”

(TL note: They didn’t say anything about the other 5 techniques)

Ten different techniques, each unique in their own ways. Had these techniques been brought out to the public, it would most definitely instigate a bloody war between the clans. In the Cang Lan Sect however, these were just entry ranked techniques that were free for anyone to cultivate.

After looking through every technique, Li Fuchen finally picked the Scarlet Fire Technique.

There were two reasons for him choosing the Scarlet Fire Technique:

Firstly, his current cultivation technique was also fire based, the Red Jade Technique. Thus, it would ease the difficulty of the Scarlet Fire Technique due to their similarities.

Secondly, the Cang Lan Sect had two ultimate techniques, they are the True Cang Lan Technique and the True Inferno Technique. Had he picked any other techniques, the path towards learning the True Inferno Technique would be cut off, even though he was still far from being able to cultivate it.

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