Chapter 406 – Yes, Young Master

In this life, due to here selfishness, she went back on her words, and again due Bai Chen Feng, she tried to rob her present body.

And the most stupid thing of all, she even attacked Young Master Ya. Young Master Ya was a Mystic Spirit Master, an insignificant Spirit Master like her had dared to strike him, her stupidity was truly beyond help.

If Young Master Ya had not valued their past relationship and let her off, the both of them would have died together long ago.

Seeing that Huan Qing Yan was ignoring her, Huan Meng Yue started her work.

She held a shovel used for harvesting and started to dig up the Gecko Grass that was growing near Huan Qing Yan’s cave entrance.

“Eh, there’s quite a lot of Gecko Grass around here! It’s so numerous and abundant…”

Huan Qing Yan threw a cold stare at her, numerous and abundant? The area outside the cave was totally barren and desolate, there wasn’t a since blade of grass in sight.

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Huan Meng Yue veered close to the cave entrance. It was unknown how she did it, but after a couple of moves, a hole was created in the fence installed at the cave entrance, “Eh? Young Mistress, how come you’ve damaged the fence? Are you thinking of escaping?”

Huan Qing Yan’s instincts were telling her that something was not right. The fence was made using Cold Iron and was very sturdy, how could a low star Spirit Master like her open it?

“Huan Meng Yue, what are tricks are you playing?”

Huan Meng Yue revealed a sly smile, “Young Mistress, since you choose to do things the hard way. This time you are done for.”

When she finished, Huan Meng Yue quickly shouted out loud, “Someone come quickly! Someone is trying to escape the Cliff of Reflection… come quickly!”


Within an untamed forest deep in a mountain, where no one would pass by.

A temporary cave dwelling was created, numerous inhibiting spell formations were constructed around it.

Ji Mo Ya was undergoing temporary seclusion within.

As the knife was stabbed in his chest, the process of pulling it out was very complicated.

He had already lost a drop of heart’s blood, he couldn’t afford to suffer anymore losses.

He wanted to pull out the knife himself, only when he did, would he be able to understand how much pain his heart held.

The knife slowly shifted out, only after a long time did it finally get pulled out.

If not for his exceptionally strong willpower, he would have fainted multiple times during the process.

Fortunately, he was very careful throughout the entire process, no more heart’s blood was loss during the process.

The heart’s blood was very important to every individual. If too much was loss, it could cause a person’s cultivation to drop.

Mo Si could only anxiously wait by his side, “Young Master, your injuries are very serious. Why not return to your clan and use the Spirit Celestial Pond to heal?”

Ji Mo Ya shook his head.

Mo Si of course knew the reason behind this decision, it was because his Young Master was worried about that little fat girl. The Young Master was afraid that the elders within the clan would notice the abnormality of his injuries and harm the little fat girl as a result.

This woman truly does not deserve the Young Master to make such considerate decisions!

However, he did not dare to say anything, he was worried that it would be like rubbing salt on his Young Master’s wounds. He also could not mention the little fat girl’s name in front of him.

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Else the Young Master would feel heartache again.

With an exhausted expression, Ji Mo Ya threw the knife onto the floor, a crisp sound was heard as he had used all his strength to throw.

“I will be entering closed-door seclusion here for a few months.” he wanted to enter a deeper state of mediation in order heal his injuries.

He was already injured before this. If he did not focus on recovering right now, he might never be able to recover completely.

Mo Si completely supported his decision, “Yes, Young Master, please focus on your recovery. Be rest assured that I will wait for you outside and guard you with my life. I will ensure your safety”

He was afraid of Ji Mo Ya changing his mind.

He immediately left, sealed up the spell formation, and gave instructions to the men.

Ji Mo Ya stared at the harvesting knife with a cold numb gaze, the harvesting knife slowly started to melt into a puddle of metallic liquid.

He then summoned his second spirit treasure, a small and extremely plump-looking humanoid with ginseng whiskers…

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