Chapter 78: The Direction of My Hand

It looked like Qin Zheng was almost asleep. Her head was turned down, her eyes were tightly shut, and her long black lashes were curved up with a tear clinging to the edge of her eye. While quietly resting on the bed, her abdomen rose and fell as she breathed. Her chest also moved and didn’t sink at all, but it even looked rather upright and full.

Her high heels had long since been kicked away, causing her two long legs to be on display, making Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s heart race. The posture that Qin Zheng was in right now really reeled people in. She had put her left leg flat on the bed, while her right leg formed an upwards v. Her tiny arched foot rested on the bed, while her knee was a little sensual and her calves were slender.

With her position, her thighs were a little bit plump, causing her dress to slip down and expose her whole leg. Su Ke helplessly and audibly gulped.

The stockings that Qin Zheng was wearing were the legendary pantyhose that you wear from your feet and double as underwear. He didn’t know what kind of material it was made of, but under the light, the shape of her legs was really alluring.

Following the line of her legs, Su Ke couldn’t control his gaze as his eyes climbed upwards. The further he went, the more her thighs oozed with sexiness. At the base of her legs, the stockings were similar in density to boxers and were 100% pure cotton. They were slightly more transparent than the other parts, only completely covering the most important without a single break. Su Ke couldn’t even see the outline of her underwear.

Did Qin Zheng even wear anything below that? Just as he thought about that, Su Ke’s heart beat wildly as he unconsciously gulped again. Even though he peeked at Liu Meng Meng before, this wasn’t the same thing!

When he peeked on Liu Meng Men, there was a shelf separating them. Since they were on the 3rd floor right now, there was only the two of them. Su Ke knew that if he stepped forward, he could touch it. It was silent on the 3rd floor, so Su Ke could only hear his heart pounding louder and louder, just like drums. His hands were also already covered in sweat.

“I can’t look! Definitely can’t look!” Su Ke this chanted in his heart.

He then stole a quick peek, before taking a few more and not being able to look away.

Su Ke forcefully shifted his gaze, but he then landed on her full, round, and upright chest instead. He was then finally able to suppress the heat in his body before releasing a breath.


Before he even finished his breath, the sound of a notification suddenly rang. Taking this chance, he entered the system and saw a new task.

Only allowed on

“Task: Touch Qin Zheng’s inner thigh. Reward: Jeet Kune Do (Beginner level).”

“Jeet Kune Do?” Su Ke looked at the three words, and his first reaction was to scream Bruce Lee, the founder of this martial art!

Jeet Kune Do is definitely a real skill, and it was much, much better than his own military boxing. Its strength lay in actual combat. If he was going to learn it, he would be able to take care of a dozen Wu Yi Ren in just a few minutes. He didn’t know why, but Su Ke hated Wu Yi Ren even more than those hooligans. His first thought was to beat him up.

“This reward is really great!” Without even realizing it, Su Ke already decided to get the reward. Another problem suddenly popped up. The task was touching Qin Zheng’s inner thigh! Where was the inner thigh?! It was one of the most intimate places on the female body.

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If he did such a thing, it would be very immoral! Su Ke then blanked and kept asking himself. “What to do? What to do?”

He didn’t know what time he started, but his gaze fell back onto her jade thighs. They were also round, smooth, and tightly wrapped in black silk, making her skin faintly discernable.

“Gu Dong! Su Ke then swallowed his saliva before sweat gathered in his palms and the bottle of water that he was holding slowly lowered.  His chest undulated up and down, causing his breathing to be really loud in his ears.  

Qin Zheng was still asleep without any movement.

At around 30, she was even better maintained than some young girls, but she gave off a sense of maturity with her flushed cheeks and drunkenness. While breathing steadily and sleeping sweetly, tears suddenly dripped from her eyes. They then slid down her face and across her cheeks before disappearing down the other side.

Who should he hate when a beauty cries? The situation made Su Ke feel a little bit pitiful.

“Hu!” Just thinking about the task and the reward, how can he be scared?

He still had to find a chance to teach Wu Yi Ren a lesson. He then unconsciously clenched his fist. “I must do it gently or she’ll wake her up!”

“I’m only going to touch her anyways. It’s not like I’m doing anything else!”

“En! I only need to be fast. Maybe she won’t notice?” 

He thought about it a million times before finally coming to a decision.

Because of his anxiety though, his youthful face was pale as he carefully crept forward, even quieter than a cat. His eyes were also locked onto Qin Zheng’s expression.

Luckily, she was still asleep, completely unable to sense Su Ke’s approach. The short steps actually made Su Ke feel like he had walked 25,000 miles. He was finally by Qin Zheng’s bedside, just a meter from his goal. The way her lace was designed, her thighs were below a few folds.

With how close Su Ke was, the black pantyhose was right below him. At this critical position, Su Ke dared not to look anymore. He then gritted his teeth and reached out with his hand. His arm trembled as he continued to reach out, getting closer and closer.

20 cm.

10 cm.

1 cm.

Su Ke could then feel her body heat. Suddenly, he could then feel the heat and texture of soft flesh on his palm. A loud thud sounded as his brain blanked and his legs turned to jelly before he nearly collapsed on the spot.

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