Chapter 79: A Forced Kiss

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was really anxious as his hand moved by the centimeter.

As soon as he felt the soft texture, his brain was shocked before he scared himself for a moment. His right hand was affixed to her inner thigh. His hand was also trembling, making her leg tremble too. It was really satiny, especially with the body heat coming off of it.

He the unconsciously slid his hand forward.

“I’m finished! Hurry up and stop!” Su Ke shouted silently, before gritting his teeth and trying to pull himself away. His hand didn’t move though, he even lightly gripped it.

“En!” Suddenly, at this very moment, Qin Zheng let out a sound. Her soft voice startled Su Ke as he looked up at her face.

Her cheeks were bright red, and her eyelashes shook as she opened her eyes slightly and looked at him.

“F*ck! This is bad!” Su Ke was so scared, he forgot about his hand.

His heart nearly stopped beating, and his face turned ghastly white as if he had lost a lot of blood.

Qin Zheng then squinted and stared at Su Ke for a few seconds. Su Ke could feel the satiny, soft, and delicate skin in his hand. His heartbeat was even faster, and he wanted to explain, but he had forgotten how to speak.

The right leg that Qin Zheng had raised slowly went down as Su Ke’s hand finally left her skin. He was so scared and immediately regretted his actions that he couldn’t move. How could he face anyone after this!?

While looking glazed over, Qin Zheng parted her lips to speak while her voice slightly trembled.

“Yuan Fang, did you come and find me?”

“Eh! D*mn! Who is Yuan Fang?” Su Ke, who had been scared silly, was even more confused now. He didn’t have any recollection of the name, which stunned him even more.

He saw Qin Zheng propping herself up slowly and continue to stare straight at Su Ke.

In the next second, her eyes reddened, looking like she was about to cry.

Su Ke said inwardly, “This is bad, she’s going to cry!”

He guessed that it was because he had secretly touched such a private area.

He figured that Qin Zheng felt insulted and wronged, which was the reason for her tears.

Su Ke felt like he was at a loss. Before he could recover though, Qin Zheng reached out her hand and bent forward before grabbing Su Ke’s arm and pulling him into her embrace.

Su Ke was originally scared and felt like his legs were jelly. Qin Zheng then suddenly pulled him closer, causing his legs to slide and making him fall forward. Luckily though, his hands fell onto the bed.

“Sister Qin Zheng!” Su Ke’s palms were against the bed, while his legs were still on the ground. His upper body was being fiercely hugged by Qin Zheng, and he could feel her chest pressing against him. When he wanted to leave her grasp, she hugged him even tighter.

“Yuan Fang, I knew that you wouldn’t ever want me! As long as you leave that girl, I can let it go!” Qin Zheng was getting emotional, causing her voice to be choked with sobs as her tears fell like rain. She then tightly hugged Su Ke. Unknowingly, the two of them were tightly embraced.

Su Ke fought it for a little while, but he failed in the end. He didn’t dare use strength to hit and hurt Qin Zheng. In the end, he could only lean on her bed and use all of his strength to keep his distance. At that moment, he realized that his face was rather wet.

He then noticed that Qin Zheng was sobbing.

“Yuan Fang, don’t leave me, okay? Okay? Okay?” Qin Zheng said repeatedly. As she spoke, the strong smell of alcohol wafted into his nose, causing him to feel slightly dizzy.

“D*mn! Who exactly is this Yuan Fang? It can’t be her husband?”

Su Ke could now confirm that Qin Zheng was still drunk and didn’t know who he was. Looks like she probably wouldn’t even react if he touched her. En! She definitely hadn’t woken up then. Thinking until there, Su Ke felt a bit relaxed.

He was scared to death just now and nearly peed his pants. The stone in his heart was finally gone and his body felt light.

His voice had also become louder. “Sister Qin Zheng! Sister Qin Zheng! Wuwu!”

Su Ke wanted to wake Qin Zheng up. After all, the two of them were hugging and being really scandalous. If someone saw, especially those gossiping 3rd level customers, then Su Ke’s reputation would disappear. His mouth then suddenly twitched after he called her name, before sealing his mouth shut.

Qin Zheng then directly locked her red, soft, and slightly cold lips onto his.

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His heart, which had calmed down, suddenly started up again. His eyes then suddenly widened as he felt her gentle lips unceasingly open and close as if she wanted to bite his.

His whole body went boneless, and then his arms that were supporting him went soft, causing the two of them to be even closer.

When he wanted to break the kiss, it angered Qin Zheng. Su Ke could only feel a soft tongue trying to wiggle into his mouth. Her tongue swept from left to right, and carried an alcohol taste, caused Su Ke to give in.

At this time, he could then hear a laughing voice reaching the second level and coming closer and closer. Su Ke was stunned for a moment. If he was seen right now, the consequences would be severe.

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“Sister Qin Zheng!” Su Ke used force to break the embrace, as his voice unconsciously became louder as he stood up. Qin Zheng was dazed, looking a bit more sober as she looked up at Su Ke.

After it seemed like Qin Zheng realized the current situation, her face became even redder before she quickly glanced away in embarrassment.

He then forcefully calmed his racing heart and took a deep breath.“Sister Qin Zheng, drink some water!” Looking at Qin Zheng’s shy demeanor, he turned around to pick up the bottle before passing it over.

“Hua la” The beaded curtain was then pushed open before Du Wan Tan of Tong Yan Ju stuck her head in. Su Ke was about to speak as soon as he saw her, but the vixen spoke faster.

“Good! A man and a woman getting along like a house on fire. Are you guys doing some bad stuff in here? Hurry up and confess!”

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