Chapter 80: You Need to Use a Hoe to Pull Them Over

“Okay! A single man and woman together in the same room? Say, are you guys doing unsavoury things?” Du Wan then peered in, looking the two of them up and down as she clicked her tongue before smiling with ridicule.

“Eh!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was frightened by her sudden appearance, causing him to nearly dropped the bottle of water he was about to pass to Qin Zheng. Feeling like he was caught in the act, his face flushed completely, not knowing how to react.

“You d*mn lass! What did you say? Can’t you see that your elder Sister is drunk!?” Qin Zheng had experience and reacted. She feigned anger as one of her hands grabbed the bottle, while she then ran the other through her messy hair.

“Aiya! Sister Zheng, don’t pretend. Look at the disheveled state of your clothes, and your face looking like a monkey’s butt!”

Du Wan walked in after she spoke before pulling down the corner of Qin Zheng’s dress.

Su Ke then followed Du Wan’s movements before Qin Zheng’s dress once again fell to her thighs, bunching around her waist. Before he could even get a glimpse at her high-density tights though, his view was blocked by Du Wan. His face was on fire.

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Qin Zheng then realized her inappropriateness and quickly slid off the bed. Su Ke really found himself at a loss. Standing was wrong while sitting down was also wrong. He could only smile awkwardly and say, “Sister Du Wan, don’t tease me!”

After she said so, Su Ke managed to escape from the trap. He could hear Du Wan’s unceasing laughter, making his face redder and his heart beat faster.

“Ai yoh!”

Su Ke then lifted the beaded curtain and ran out with his head down in embarrassment.

Who knew that he would bump into two full and elastic buns on someone’s chest? Luckily, Su Ke managed to slow down his momentum, causing his hands to push that person’s waist, so he didn’t actually hit her.

“Eh! Sorry!” Su Ke then looked up and could tell with a single glance who the woman was. The person that was currently hiding her chest while staring at Su Ke with ridicule was called Li Li.

“You brat. You’ve already done bad things inside, and now you even want to come out and take advantage of this sister!?” Li Li wasn’t hurt by Su Ke, but she wanted to tease him, so she kept continuously rubbing her chest. “Look, you’ve hit me. If they become deformed, you better pay up!”

Su Ke then rapidly opened and closed his mouth, but didn’t say anything. He could only scratch his head with a red face. A moment later, he reacted, “Sister Li Li, your clothes are really beautiful today!”

“En? Really?” Naturally, women love to hear that phrase. Li Li then immediately dismissed her teasing and looked at her clothes.

Li Li was still young, looking to be around 24 years old. Maybe in order to keep cool, she bunned her hair up, showing off her slender neck. She had an eye-catching silver necklace along with a loose knitted shirt and a white collar. The design was like a spider web, but it was really unique. Below that was a pair of very tight light blue skinny jeans that reached mid-calf. Even though she wasn’t tall, only around 1.6m, her legs looked really long. 

Since she agreed with Su Ke’s tastes, she reached her hand out and patted him on the shoulder. “Little boy, your eyes aren’t bad!”

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“What!? You say that your house’s highly eligible bachelor has a mistress?”

Behind the curtain, Du Wan’s voice went a few octaves higher, filled with anger.

“Sister Zheng, don’t be afraid, we’re here!”

When Su Ke heard these words, he could only imagine Du Wan patting her chest, her expression full of righteous fury.

Qin Zheng’s voice was lower though, so he couldn’t hear her words. He could already guess the story. To the side, Li Li had obviously gone to eavesdrop. Looks like beauty and gossip was a woman’s weakness.

He didn’t know what Qin Zheng said, but Du Wan was obviously worked up as her voice became even more shrill. “Sister Zheng, I’ll bring someone to Du Yuan Fang and beat him up until even his mother won’t recognize him. What playing around!”

“Hua lah!”

Du Wan then pulled open the curtains and furiously walked out. Her chest was swelling up in indignation, her face was dark, and she continuously said, “Angering me to death!”

“Su Ke!’ Du Wan shouted when she saw Li Li and Su Ke together, pointing at him.


When he saw Du Wan’s vicious look, he was taken aback. With his face full of confusion, he didn’t know what he did wrong. It couldn’t be about him secretly touching Qin Zheng?

“We’re going to give Du Yuan Fang a lesson tomorrow. Okay?” Du Wan then gritted her teeth, looking like she couldn’t wait to beat him up.

Su Ke’s head was filled with black lines. Where is this Yuan Fang? Today is an angry day. Looks like a catastrophe is unavoidable. At least it wasn’t him doing anything wrong!

Before Su Ke could reply though, Qin Zheng had pulled Du Wan’s arm and glanced at Su Ke. Her eyes were still slightly glazed, but her cheeks were not as red. It was unclear if it was because she was intimate with Su Ke or the alcohol.

“Du Wan, don’t be like that. The more you act like this, the worst it’ll get. I’m afraid that sl*t will cry wolf!” Qin Zheng looked like she had considered everything and sounded rather logical.

When Du Wan heard this, she was even angrier. She also understood though. The more you oppose some things, the more it will happen. It was just like flying a kite.  If pulled too tightly, the strong will snap. She then frowned and tightly clenched her fists.

Li Li was also thinking seriously. Only Su Ke was in a daze. Qin Zheng then started glancing at him periodically. When he looked back though, she would immediately gaze away.

“I got it!” Suddenly, Du Wan lit up as she came up with an idea before turning towards Su Ke.

“Su Ke, I’m giving you a task!”

Su Ke’s face was full of doubt as he stared at her speechless.

Du Wan was really excited and looked victorious as she explained. “Go and seduce that sl*t tomorrow and get her away from him. That way, Yuan Fang will have no way out!”

Su Ke looked suspicious and stunned.

“Why are you just standing there? This is your chance. If you can complete this task, I will definitely give you a reward. Aren’t you always after my private areas? How about I let you touch them?” Du Wan then twisted her waist, causing her chest to bounce slightly, like waves surging forth.

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