Chapter 81: Training to be a Devil

“Eh!?” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was scared silly. What was going on in the mind of this evil spirit called Du Wan? That kind of ambiguous suggestion can also be voiced. He felt his heart jump violently, but after taking one look at Qin Zheng’s face, he actually felt like doing something for her.

“Eh, what eh? Are you willing to touch my privates?” Du Wan scowled, with her hands on her waist. The two rabbits on her chest were even more eye-catching, coupled with her pure childlike face.

“I’m willing!” Su Ke was bombarded by the sight of her and just nodded before agreeing.

He then realized what he said. He didn’t intend to answer her question, but Du Wan, who was still indignant, blushed, but her countenance didn’t change.

“Eh! I was saying I was willing to help Sister Qin Zheng!” Su Ke quickly explained.

“What? Then you mean that you don’t want to touch me?” Du Wan raised her eyebrows. She actually felt a bit shy just now. With Su Ke’s explanation, she immediately felt like she was treated unfairly and flared up again.

“Eh!” Su Ke then cried without tears. How is he supposed to answer that? He could only stand there in embarrassment, his smile looking even uglier than his crying.

“That’s enough! Wan Er, don’t make things difficult for Su Ke!” The flush on Qin Zheng’s face gradually disappeared. Maybe it’s because this whole situation was because of her, or maybe she remembered forcing a kiss onto Su Ke, but seeing him in a difficult situation and filled with embarrassment, she decided to help him out.

“Su Ke is obviously still just a 3rd-year student. When the time comes, don’t try to help and end up making it worse!” Qin Zheng was then immediately refuted by Du Wan. “Sister Zheng, don’t look down on Su Ke. Even though he looks like this, when he’s dressed up, there definitely won’t be any problems. At that time, I’ll personally make him a rich young master. I don’t believe that that sl*t won’t be moved!”

When Du Wan was done speaking, she pointed at Su Ke. “Look at him; he’s good-looking and his figure isn’t bad. Even though he’s not muscular, looking at how he caught the thief the last time, he’s not bad. Seducing a woman should be a piece of cake for him!”

Qin Zheng’s gaze was always looking away, but she was now looking directly at Su Ke. Even though Su Ke didn’t even reach 1.8 meters tall, he definitely wasn’t short. With smooth skin, bright eyes, and an aquiline nose, she looked refined and elegant. She didn’t know why, but Qin Zheng then suddenly blushed.

“That’s right. Su Ke, are you helping Sister Zheng or not?” Sure enough, Li Li and Du Wan are close friends. Even their thinking is the same, causing her to actually completely agree with the plan; even trying to urge him on.

Li Li saw that Su Ke was making a bitter face, causing hers to change. In a move that inspired devotion, her voice suddenly went up as she said, “Su Ke if you help Sister Zheng, I’ll bet myself too. If you don’t want to touch Du Wan’s privates, you can touch mine!”

After saying so, she actually took a big step forward. Su Ke’s blood was pumping. Looking at Li Li’s full chest and her red knitted shirt that looked like a spider web covering it, her two rabbits bounced; startling Su Ke so badly, he took a step backward.

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Looking at Du Wan and Li Li’s hungry gazes, then looking at Qin Zheng’s complicated gaze, Su Ke choked out, “I want to help Sister Zheng, but, but I really can’t!”

“En! Su Ke is really too shy. He really can’t do the task. Forget it; Wan Er, Li Li. Sisters, I thank you!” Qin Zheng paused then smiled casually and said, “If you want the little boy massage to your chest, I fully support it!”

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“What! Sister Zheng, you think I can use a massage?” Du Wan then pointed at her chest indignantly before glancing at Zhou Li Li, “Li Li can think about it!”

“Wei! What are you saying? I have a gold level chest, okay? It’s flexible, well-proportioned, full, no sagging, no slackness, and no enlargement. It’s a real, round chest!” Zhou Li Li was still angry. She actually held her chest and teased, “Unlike you, that’s carrying around 2 meatballs, sleeps with chest pain, walks unbalanced, and eats with them on the table!”

Du Wan got angry as she charged at Zhou Li Li. “I vehemently disagree! I need to touch yours and find out what kind of chest it is!

“Yah! A rogue!” Zhou Li Li shouted sharply, suddenly fighting with Du Wan. It was getting more and more ferocious until Su Ke had to quickly take two steps back to leave the battlefield.

Fortunately, though, the idea that Du Wan suggested seemed to be discarded. Su Ke was more relaxed now. He then glanced at Qin Zheng, who was looking at the two women fighting.

Her eyes seemed distant like she was thinking of something.

Thinking that there was no business more for him here, Su Ke was about to walk over to the piano, since that is where his skills lay. Before he could take more than a few steps though, he heard Du Wan shout behind him.

Su Ke then turned around to look and saw Du Wan jump out from the fight, breathing harshly and her entire face was red. Her chest was undulating unceasingly. Zhou Li Li was no better off, so she covered up her chest. Looks like Du Wan’s Godly Dragon Chest Grab had reached maturity, causing the damage to not be small at all.

“En?” Su Ke felt uneasy.

Du Wan tried to forcefully calm her breathing as she asked, “Su Ke, let me ask you; do you want to help Qin Zheng or not!?”

“Of course I want to!”

“Good! I’ve decided to give you specialized training and make you into a good playboy; a mighty lady-killer. You’ll definitely be able to seduce that sl*t and make her unable to escape your clutches!” Du Wan said seriously.

“Ai! Du Wan, you’re a teacher, not a trainer. Don’t mess it up when the time comes!” Li Li said, not feeling very hopeful for the training.

Su Ke didn’t know what these people did for a living. Only when Zhou Li Li mentioned it, did he find out that Du Wan was a teacher; a teacher! Who knows if anyone is able to pay attention when this kind of teacher teaches a class.

“Go away! I’m talking to the little boy right now!” Du Wan glared.

“Then why do I feel like you’re getting less and less serious! You could grab me so easily, so where did you learn that from? Yourself?” Zhou Li Li was filled with ridicule as she raised an eyebrow at Du Wan.

“Su Ke, do you want to learn?” Du Wan just ignored Zhou Li Li’s provocation.

Instead, she stared pointedly at Su Ke and waited for his answer. Looking at Du Wan’s serious face, Su Ke then sucked in a breath. Looks like he needed to bite the bullet. “Yes, I’m willing to learn!”

“Good! We’ll start training to be a devil tomorrow!” Du Wan nodded, her eyes brightening.

“Training to be a devil?” Su Ke repeated her words in his heart, causing a sense of dread to shoot up his spine.

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