Chapter 82: Wei Lan is in Trouble

Lying on his bed, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was still wondering what the devil training was. It sounded terrifying. Unknowingly, he started to get goosebumps.

It seemed like Qin Zheng wanted to speak to him as she stared at him with a complicated gaze. However, with Du Wan and Zhou Li Li always by her side, that wasn’t possible.

Within the system, a quest popped up on the screen:

“Task: Touch Qin Zheng’s inner thigh (Complete). Reward: Jeet Kune Do (Beginner)

“Please accept!”

When Su Ke saw the notification, his heart rate picked up. It felt like he was back there with the drunk Qin Zheng, his hand stroking her inner thigh.

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Lying on the bed, her body tensed while right hand slowly opened and held up to eye-level. On top of that, it actually had an indescribable softness and carried a hint of Qin Zheng’s body heat. He then tightly clenched his right fist, squashing the feeling away.

He then turned around and jumped off the bed. 

Inside the system, he immediately decided to accept the reward. Quickly, a white light flashed, followed by a warm current flowing through his whole body.

A huge amount of information went into his brain. How to kick, punch, move, how to go on the offensive from the defensive, and vice versa, etc. It was like his body changed.

Su Ke felt like his flexibility, agility, reflexes, and strength had all been improved. Unknowingly, he started to move his body and punch out with his right fist, causing a gust of air to blast forward.

“If this punch landed on Wu Yi Ren’s head, it’ll cause a concussion!” Su Ke said to himself.

He felt more confident now, even rather prideful. Right now, he had made Wu Yi Ren his life’s enemy. He’s spent every moment plotting his downfall.

At this moment, his phone started to ring. When he went to take a look, Liu Qing Qing had actually sent a short message.

“Brother Su Ke, what time are we going to meet tomorrow?”

Su Ke then broke out in a cold sweat. He actually forgot about it.

When he invited Liu Qing Qing out that day, he said that he would contact her that night. Luckily, he had left his phone number. If not, he would’ve been beating himself up over it.

Liu Qing Qing sat on her pink-covered bed. Warm colours adorned her walls, making her room look rather cosy. She was also hugging a large teddy bear that looked really furry and cute.

She was waiting and waiting for Su Ke’s call, but the clock hit 10pm, and it never came. She pouted, her expression unhappy as she sighed. She finally couldn’t resist, so she sent a message, causing her to tightly grab her phone and stare it.

Finally, her phone vibrated. Liu Qing Qing couldn’t help but smile, her eyes bright.

“Is 3 pm tomorrow afternoon okay?”

“Okay!” Liu Qing Qing wanted to go out the entire day, but since Su Ke had already arranged a time, she could only agree. Maybe Su Ke felt like the noon would be too hot, she thought.

Looking at Liu Qing Qing’s agreement, Su Ke also relaxed. He’ll be really busy tomorrow.

It was so hard to catch a break. He needed to accompany Wei Lan in the morning to buy books, then he had to walk around with Liu Qing Qing. At night, he had to go with Fang Fei and undergo devil training from Du Wan. God, what is this? After he finished texting, he went to lay down on his bed, but he didn’t feel sleepy.

Thinking about what happened the past few days, he realized that he didn’t spend any of his reward money. He estimated that he had around 5000. Math was mastered, English was mastered, and Language and Literature was at the intermediate level. His combined sciences was still at the beginner level though. These levels were enough for him to make a beautiful comeback at the examinations.

Even though he couldn’t confirm if he could beat Wei Lan, he will definitely make people sit up and take notice of him. Also, besides these rewards, he still had military boxing mastery, intermediate piano, driving mastery, intermediate street basketball, and a special surprise. Compared to his depression just now, he felt a bit more comfortable.

A had night passed before the day arrived. Luckily, Wei Lan asked to meet at 9 am. Su Ke slept for a bit to recharge before he went to wash up and get a new change of clothes before heading out.

“Eh! You’re here early?” Su Ke was there 10 minutes early. He didn’t expect the lass to already be waiting for him though. He immediately felt a bit embarrassed, like he was late.

“It was boring to wait upstairs. Why not come down to enjoy the fresh air?” Looking at Su Ke’s awkward expression, Wei Lan was really kind.

She then smiled, causing her dimples to show, making her even more alluring than the morning sun. She seemed to have dressed up, looking very youthful and energetic. She was wearing a short-sleeve white shirt with a grey dot, and a giant Winnie the Pooh on her chest. Below, she wore black slim-fit jeans and white canvas shoes that were completely spotless. Her whole outfit was really playful and cute. When she turned around, Su Ke saw the jeans cupping her behind tightly like two full bowls, causing his heart to skip a beat.

The two of them didn’t take a bus but rode bicycles instead; smiling and chatting all the way to the bookstore. The bookstore was the largest in the city. It would be especially crowded during the holidays. Of course, a large portion of them was just window shopping.

Su Ke had been here before, but he usually just headed to the fiction book area.

This time, Wei Lan led the way to the high school assessment book area. Looks like Wei Lan had been here quite a few times since she was so familiar with the place. She also knew exactly where each subject was packed, but high school assessment books were all quite popular since they were all related to whether a student could pass their exams.

“Which book do you want to buy?” Wei Lan saw that there were a lot of people, so she turned to Su Ke and asked.

“Me?” Su Ke had thought about this question on the way over before pointing at the section containing the combined sciences section and said, “I want to go and take a look over there!”

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“En, then you go look. There are too many books here, so don’t get carried away!” Wei Lan smiled. She then waited until Su Ke had nodded and walked away before entering the crowd and finding her own books.

Su Ke casually flipped through a few books and compared it to what he knew. There were quite a few problems that he didn’t understand at all. When he was about to analyze it though, he suddenly heard Wei Lan scream, so he turned around to look.

“F*ck! Wei Lan’s in trouble!” Su Ke saw that Wei Lan was panicking as she got into a dispute with a guy, causing him to quickly run over and help.

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