Chapter 83: You Can Come Find Me

Suddenly, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character heard Wei Lan scream as she got into a dispute, so he quickly put the book back and ran over.

Su Ke anxiously walked over to Wei Lan’s side and saw that her face had paled. “What happened?” He didn’t know whether she was anxious or flustered, but her breathing was rather erratic and she blushed when she saw Su Ke walking over.

She then pointed at one guy, “He… he touched my butt!”

“Wei! You need to have evidence! Who touched your butt!? Which one of your eyes saw it? There are so many people here!”

The guy in front of him was wearing a white shirt with a golden Nike logo and looked like a high school student. He was also wearing beach shorts and a pair of flip-flops.

He was staring at Wei Lan, looking rather arrogant.

After taking stock of Su Ke, he realized that even though Su Ke was on a higher-level, he looked delicate and weak.

The guy wasn’t scared in the slightest as he smirked and completely dismissed Su Ke.

Su Ke’s expression darkened. Who was Wei Lan? She was basically almost his girlfriend.

He hasn’t even touched her butt yet, but this brat dared to!

Looking at the brat with short hair, he could almost make out his scalp. His face was also full of pimples. He then unconsciously clenched his fists.

After receiving the Jeet Kune Do reward, his actions created a cracking sound, causing the surrounding customers to stand on one side.

When Wei Lan sent them a beseeching look, all of them pretended to be busy.

“He was always behind me. I keep walking away, but he keeps following me! He molested me twice!” Wei Lan saw that no one was willing to help her, so she trembled with a frantic voice and looked like she was on the verge of tears.

Su Ke took a breath and calmed the fire in his heart.

He then patted Wei Lan’s shoulder and smiled before speaking with a soft and consoling voice. “It’s okay, don’t be scared!”  

Su Ke’s voice was like magic. All the anger inside Wei Lan dissipated in a second before her eyes became red and misty.

Unwittingly, she clutched Su Ke’s shirt, giving off a helpless appearance.

While Su Ke’s face was soft, he knew about the anger he held inside himself.

Ever since he gained the military boxing mastery, his fuse had gotten shorter.

If they weren’t in a bookstore that had so many witnesses, he might have just taken action.

“Hmph! I admit that I’m guilty, so please hit me!”

That brat already knew that Su Ke and Wei Lan were together.

While looking at Su Ke’s appearance like a coward, the brat protected his butt and smirked mockingly.

Su Ke, who was comforting Wei Lan, furrowed his eyebrows.

He then raised his index finger and rubbed his nose before softly saying something to Wei Lan and walking over to the other guy.

Su Ke took one step, two steps, three steps; before finally standing right in front of him.

“Apologize!” His voice was really soft, so no one in the surroundings heard him.

“Ha? Brother, are you sick? If you’re sick, just go to the hospital! Don’t come and talk to me!”

It was obvious by the way he talked, but he was a hooligan. His expression was unreasonable, and he curled his mouth derisively before saying, “I made Brother mad, oh-”


The brat hadn’t even finished speaking before he saw Su Ke lifting his right leg and feeling a sharp burst of pain in his abdomen. His body then flew backward and landed on a bookshelf, causing it to fall and make books crash on his head.

Since it happened so fast, he didn’t even know if he was kicked silly by Su Ke, or if he was just concussed by the books. He sat under the bookshelves with one hand on his stomach, and his pimpled face was flushed red. His eyes were also dazed.

When he saw Su Ke take a step forward, he flinched, unconsciously wanting to flee.

With the bookshelf behind him though, there was no escape and no room to move.

“What are you going to do?” The guy was obviously scared.

The surrounding people had already hidden away, but they were also anticipating a show.

Someone glared at Su Ke as he shook his head and took a step forward.

He then reached out and grabbed the guy’s shirt so tightly, his Nike shirt collar changed shape. Su Ke bent down and spat out, “Apologize!”

His voice didn’t sound angry, and his face carried a trace of a smile.

Looking into Su Ke’s eyes though, one could feel the frigidity inside him.

“I!” The Nike brat was kneeling on the floor, his stomach in agony.

Because it was so painful, his forehead was covered in sweat. When he wanted to speak, he felt his shirt tighten as he was unceremoniously hauled up by Su Ke.

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He never expected Su Ke to be so strong. The kick he received just now had given him unimaginable pain, almost causing him to puke up his breakfast.

He was now like a trussed up chicken, scared until he couldn’t move.

“Apologize! I suck at keeping my temper, so don’t make me ask 3 times!”

Su Ke then pulled his shirt and leaned forward to say something into his ear.

“Su Ke!” Wei Lan was suddenly standing behind Su Ke, pulling at his shirt cuffs.

His anger from just now had faded since he took action. She was worried about Su Ke though. The bookstore had so many people, and even a uniformed staff member was coming over.

“It’s fine!” Su Ke faced Wei Lan with a smile.

When he turned back though, his face was icy cold.

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Looking at the brat’s surprised and anxious face, he couldn’t help but snort.

“Eh! Sorry!” When the guy heard Su Ke’s cold tone, he was completely frightened.

If it wasn’t for Su Ke’s grip, he might have fallen down as he quickly apologized to Wei Lan.

“Su Ke, let’s go!” Wei Lan didn’t want to buy books anymore; she just wanted to leave. Especially when she felt that so many bystanders were watching her, causing her face to feel hot and making her ashamed.

“En! We can go!” Su Ke then released his grip, making the guy fall to the ground and back on the bookshelf like a puppet with his strings cut.

Maybe it was because Su Ke’s grip was too tight, but when he was free, he took in a few deep breaths.

Su Ke then noticed that the brat was clenching his fist in anger, panic, and indignation.

“You can come and find me at Seventeenth High, Su Ke!”

Su Ke pulled Wei Lan’s hand and shouted as he walked away.

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