Chapter 80: Respect is a Virtue

Go to the city to buy a few sets of papers? Not coming back tonight but tomorrow afternoon? Wasn’t that making a bit too much of a fuss?

And most importantly, she did not wish to travel with Xia Jinyuan.

Her whole body and heart were rejecting the idea intensely, but the sensitive Xia Jinyuan must have surely sensed it.

However, there wasn’t a choice since he had to take her to the Bureau for her to give her statement.

His eyebrows rose gently, and the smile on his face seemed to become a little sinister. “Driving since the age of eleven, he has at least nine years of experience. Therefore, Student Ye Jian, there’s no need to worry.” When Principal Chen said that, the sinister smile on Xia Jinyuan’s face vanished into a serious expression. “Uncle Chen, rest assured that I will bring Student Ye Jian back safely by tomorrow afternoon.”

Even after the jeep had driven for several miles, Ye Jian’s heart still had not cooled.

She sat with a cold face, not looking at him through the corner of her eye. However, he was not angry. Instead, he often glimpsed at her once in a while.

Once the jeep drove out of the mountain road and into the highway towards the city, Xia Jinyuan then opened his mouth slowly to speak, “It seems that I have offended you yet again. Your little face is stretched like a bullet.”

“I’m not angry, but I just don’t want to talk to you.” Ye Jian rubbed her brows and leaned comfortably at the back of her chair. “The handgun is now with you, so why must I still make a trip to the city? Moreover, you did not ask me before whether I agreed or not.”

So it was because of that… The edge of Xia Jinyuan’s lips rose, and he apologized conveniently, “I had intended to take you to the city, but for not telling you in advance, I apologize. But…”

“Captain Xia, I don’t like others making any decisions for me when I’m oblivious,” Ye Jian interrupted impolitely and turned her head to gaze coldly at him, “I absolutely, absolutely don’t like it!”

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At this moment, Xia Jinyuan realized that he had stepped on this little lass’s… minefield.

Restraining himself as he kept the smile on his face, he once again opened his mouth, and he spoke with a clear voice which clearly showed he was giving his respect to Ye Jian, “I’m sorry, Ye Jian. I only considered things from my own point of view and did not think of how you might feel.”

That was right. He should not see her as a child but as a young adult in the same position as him.

“The handgun is one thing, but I’ll need you to accompany me to the city. Rest assured that you won’t be pulled into this. It’s just that the Bureau wishes to know where the handgun had been, and it is necessary to have it recorded.”

“The Municipal Public Security Bureau only gave me 24 hours, so even at such a late hour, I’ll need to take you there,” Xia Jinyuan said seriously as he revealed the entire thing thoroughly.

The apology he made and the form of respect he gave her made Ye Jian understand the position he was in. Even though her expression still remained cold, she was at least able to continue normally, “I also need to apologize. I should have handed it in as soon as possible.”

Ye Jian was not one who was not understanding and inflexible. In fact, she had an extremely transparent character.

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The her whose character was transparent had already guessed right when she heard that she had to go to the city.

But the cold expression she had was just not to let the other party know what she adhered to and the principles she lived by!

The her from her previous life had never persisted with a stand and thus ended up suffering until the end of her life.

But in this life, she must let those who know her that she was one with persistence and principles, and no one could change that!

When they arrived at their destination, they spoke no more.

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