Chapter 79: The Dangerous Fellow Has Come

Ye Jian remained unaffected, and she carried her bag and walked out of the school gate leisurely. Just when she was about to jog for half an hour back to the recruits’ camp like she always did, she heard a series of horns from behind her.

An emergency signal made by a military vehicle. Others did not know, but the moment she heard it, she turned and immediately looked over to where the horn sound came from.

“Get in.” Xia Jinyuan poked his head out from the car window. Smiling at Ye Jian who stood still blankly, he beckoned, “Why are you still standing there for? I came to send you back.”

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To even know how the military drivers communicate, lass, have you actually learned all the communication ways of the military?

Ye Jian subconsciously wanted to reject this offer made by such an elegant and dangerous man. But against his slight smile, which seemed to assure that everything would be fine, she let out a sigh and walked over to the jeep.

She opened the door and sat on the passenger seat before giving an honest smile.

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That expression made Xia Jinyuan laugh. “I really don’t know. Do you really not know? Or are deliberately pretending not to know?”

The lass looked extremely calm. He did not believe that she did not know why he came.

“I don’t know. For Captain Xia to come all the way here to find me, I’m sure it must be something important.” Ye Jian smirked. With a light smile like that of a gentle breeze, she spoke spiritedly, “If Captain Xia doesn’t say it, then I really don’t know.”

The shallow smile formed by his thin lips now became broader. In an elegant posture, he opened up to speak casually, “Student Ye Jian, your attitude being like this is not good ah. What you’re doing is feigning ignorance.”

“I believe, there are things that so long as I myself know is enough. There’s no need for me to make any guesses about what others are thinking.” Ye Jian smiled indifferently. Against the cold military aura from the man beside her, she spoke calmly, “If the enemy doesn’t move, neither will I. Isn’t that the law of a soldier?”

In just one night, this lass already grew so fast to even know how to use the law of a soldier against him.

Xia Jinyuan started the jeep and drove while smiling at her. “Where did you put it? That thing is dangerous, and moreover, you’ve yet to master it and have no qualifications to be in possession of it. Although your starting point is good, but, things like that are better safeguarded by us.”

“In the living quarter. I didn’t bring it.” Since he had already spoken to this point, there was no need for her to remain dumb, and she admitted honestly, “I didn’t touch it. It’s kept well for you guys to pick it up.”

He was right. Without qualification, having one would mean nothing. Grandpa Gen and Principal Chen taught her carefully, but those teachings were not for her to break the law.

What’s more, that gun did not catch her eye.

Back in the recruits’ camp, Ye Jian took out the gun carefully from the bottom of a shoe rack and returned in less than three minutes.

The jeep was parked outside. At this moment, Xia Jinyuan who was in the jeep was speaking something with Principal Chen.

Under the setting sun, the handsome man with his elegant eyes gave a slight smile and said something to Principal Chen before receiving a reply, “Then we’ll hurry back tomorrow afternoon.”

“Well, with you, there’s nothing I would worry about.” Hearing the sound of footsteps from behind, Principal Chen turned and smiled at Ye Jian who was walking briskly towards them. “Captain Xia will bring you to the city for a while. It’s also good. Since you’re taking part in the competition, you should visit the library to purchase several sets of tests papers to do when you’re back.”

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