Chapter 62 (V2): Let Me Become a Servant

Fang Shi rolled her eyes at him, “Now you’re being foolish again! How can the woman side of the family withdraw from a marriage!” Especially for a family like the Shi family and Shi Fengju’s appearance, if they were to refuse the wedding, who else would dare to marry her? Surely the others would be thinking that there must be a reason or some flaw which she could not tell others, otherwise, why would she refuse such a good marriage? To tell the public that they were fearful of the cousin-in-law who was going to become a concubine would not be a reason they wished to hear! Which Young Master of a large household does not have more than one wife?

Fang Shi glared at her husband, but she was also dissatisfied with Sang Wan, “Even so, there’s no need for you to be the one to take the step back! Can’t she enter the family one or two years later? Must it really be so rushed? You, are you trying to throw away your own face!”

Sang Wan smiled bitterly and sighed, “Sister-in-law, no matter how foolish I am, I would not be so foolish as to do so! Even if I were to lose my face, I wouldn’t let my Sang family lose its face ah! But my mother-in-law——”

Fang Shi and Sang Hong looked at each other. They were clear as to what Sang Wan meant.

“Outrageous!” Fang Shi grind her teeth, “That mother-in-law of yours may seem like she treats you well, but who knew she had such a bad heart! Ai, was she just acting because we were present then!”

Sang Wan shook her head and spoke gently, “My mother-in-law is a good person, but she’s too naive. What’s more, Gu Fangzi’s isn’t young anymore, so——”

“But there isn’t a need for it to be in such a hurry!” Fang Shi sneered, “Whatever the reason, I’ll not buy it!”

“Sister-in-law!” Sang Wan squeezed Fang Shi’s arm tightly and spoke with gratitude, “I know Sister-in-law is thinking for the best of me, I, I wish I could dig out my heart and show how grateful I am to Sister-in-law! But I, I——”

Sang Wan was anxious, in pain, and in a state of panic. She was afraid that because of this incident, Fang Shi would become annoyed and ignore her and she could not help but cry.

Seeing the way she was now, Fang Shi’s heart felt unbearably tight, yet tender and sour. She patted Sang Wan’s back gently and soothed, “Enough, enough, let’s not cry anymore! To cry for something like this isn’t worth! As your sister-in-law, I shouldn’t have said what I said, you’ve your own troubles too! Since the matter has reached this point, then let it be! When she marries into the family, then you can use your authority as a wife to punish her!”

Sang Hong could not help but intervene, “I think that Fengju’s personality is quite good, and I’m sure your mother-in-law’s isn’t playing an act. After all, Gu Fangzi is blood-related to them, so Sang Wan, you’ve to also take into account their feelings or things wouldn’t end up in your favor.”

“What are you rambling on about!” Fang Shi spoke with distaste, “Other’s are already bullying us to such a state and you’re still playing sides, and telling Sang Wan to endure! If it’s me, I wouldn’t even leave them with any face!”

Sang Hong frowned and spoke, “What do you know! Sang Wan will be living there, if you were to create a ruckus, how will she be able to continue on living there!” With that said, he sighed, “Big Brother doesn’t hope for anything else but for your Second Brother to be able to pass the provincial civil service examination and then the highest imperial civil service examination. When that time comes, not just Gu Fangzi, but even the Shi family will not dare to treat us anyhow!”

Fang Shi stopped her mouth at that moment and nodded before opening it again, “Now that’s more like it! If he were to become an official, then no one will dare to look down on us Sang family!”

Sang Wan felt an indescribable sense of warmth and gratitude, and she spoke with thanks, “Big Brother, Sister-in-law, thank you! For the days after this, I’ll live to my fullest. What I can do, my heart knows the line that I cannot step pass! So long as the day continues when I stay in the Shi family, I’ll definitely not let the Sang family lose face!”

“Good, good, it’s good that we’re able to accept the situation and move on!” Sang Hong stretched his brows gently.

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But Fang Shi smirked again, “When’s the day? When that time comes, I’ll attend the wedding feast!”

“What are you planning again!”

“Relax, even I can stay within the norms!” Fang Shi sneered, “If none of us were present, the Shi family might even think that there’s no Sang family at all!”

Sang Hong spoke no longer.

“August the sixth. When that time comes, I’ll have someone fetch Sister-in-law.” Sang Wan said.

“Good! Then I’ll wait!” Fang Shi smiled.

Sang Wan was sure that with a Sang member present, it would give some credibility and the Shi family servants would not look down on her!

If the king hides, the devil would become more demanding. No one would be more clear than Sang Wan who had lived a life before.

As they were chatting, they had a loud push from the courtyard, as if someone had entered. Fang Shi rose from her seat and was about to ask, only to hear a girl’s cautious chuckle, “Big Cousin, Cousin-In-Law, you’re here!”

“It’s Sang Rou!” Fang Shi frowned, “Why’s she here!”

Sang Wan quickly patted her eyes with her handkerchief to dry her eyes before standing up too.

“Sister Sang Rou!” Sang Wan smiled politely.

Sang Rou was flattered and quickly held Sang Wan’s hand, “Sister Sang Wan! It’s been some time!”

“Yes, Sang Rou, do you have any business here?” Fang Shi smirked and rubbed her hands on her clothes.

“Keke, it’s just that, I saw Sister Sang Wan’s carriage, and I thought it has been some time since I’ve seen Sister Sang Wan so I decided to come pay a visit!” Sang Rou smiled, but it was somewhat unnatural.

Sang Wan and Fang Shi were both speechless. The carriage was deliberately parked in a discreet area so that the Second Sang family would not see it. She was just about to leave, but who would have thought that Sang Rou would spot it.

Fang Shi then laughed, “Ai, Ah Rou’s eyes are becoming more and more incredible! How did you know that carriage is Sister Sang Wan’s!”

Sang Rou quickly smiled and said, “That’s simple, a carriage of that style, which of our family and friends are able to ride on one other than our Sister Sang Wan! Only Sister Sang Wan has such a blessing!”

“That’s true!” Fang Shi patted her clothes, ‘Then, you all can go ahead and chat, I’ll go do the dishes!”

Fang Shi gave a wink and Sang Hong left too. Sang Wan’s original intention was to leave, but since she was discovered by Sang Rou, her visit would definitely be discovered by Second Uncle Sang and Second Aunt Sang. There was no escaping from having to pay them a visit later on.

“Ai! Cousin, Cousin-in-law, you all can carry along with your things!” Sang Rou’s eyes glistened and her face brightened up.

Sang Wan and Sang Rou then began to make an effort to talk about the weather. In the past, there wasn’t much those two could talk about, and now, it was even more so. In the eyes of the public from before, there was a possibility that Sang Wan would be abandoned by the Shi family at any moment. There were many who envied and hated her for having such an arranged marriage, and they yearned to witness the day she plummets. Sang Rou was no exception. Those eyes that looked at Sang Wan always brought her with discomfort.

At this moment, when she looked at Sang Rou whose face wore a stiff smile as she wished to say something to please her yet do not know how, Sang Wan felt even more so that she would have to brace herself for what was to come.

“My sister has now turned so decent and stylish, zeze, it really is something unexpected! Sister Sang Wan, you truly are blessed!”

“Now that Sister Sang Rou has said it, I feel somewhat embarrassed!” Sang Wan forced a smile awkwardly. All Sang Rou talked about were those words, but there was never once she asked how she was doing in the Shi family, and whether her life was to her liking or not. She could not help but lament deep in the heart: In this world, only her brothers and sister-in-law treats her dear!

Sang Rou smiled before letting out a sigh, but those envious eyes never stopped staring at Sang Wan to a point that Sang Wan couldn’t shake it off. “Still, you must have suffered too on your own. But like what others say, first comes bitter than comes sweet. Now you live a life under the light of blissfulness! Unlike me, I’m afraid my head must always be lowered for a lifetime! I don’t wish for much, but all I ask for were just fewer scoldings and beatings, and have a peaceful life!”

As she spoke, her eyes watered and she quickly used both her hands to wipe the tears off.

Sang Wan could only force a smile to comfort her, “Sister Sang Rou, don’t say that, Second Uncle and Second Aunt will surely make a path for you!”

“Them?” Sang Rou snorted and sneered, “You might laugh, but I’m sure you’re aware of how they are. Money that my father gets his hands on will never see light again, what else can he see other than money? As for my mother, keke, I just hope that I’m still alive when she makes a path for me! I fear that by the time my eyes are closed and my feet can no longer feel the ground will my sin then be finally cleared!”

As she spoke lowly, she sobbed.

“How can that be! You are, after all, their daughter. They’ll definitely care about you! Even if it were for the Sang family’s image, they’ll definitely care about you!” Sang Wan’s mouth felt dry, but she did her best to smile and coax her.

Sang Rou’s body suddenly stiffened, as if she had finally seen light at the end of the tunnel. That’s right, how did she never thought of it before? She was sure that if she were to bring this up to her father, he would at least care for her a little. Even though he may be scrooge, his reputation was almost as important!

“Perhaps,” Sang Rou gasped for breath and snorted, “But I’m just not sure if I can wait until then!”

“Sister Sang Rou is still young, what are you saying!”

“Young?” That word must have hit Sang Rou’s sore spot and her tone became bitter, “Have you seen a missy who isn’t matchmade yet at the age of nineteen?”

Sang Wan was stunned. She was at her wit’s end as she looked wide-eyed at her. What a person, that had nothing to do with her, so why vent it all on her!

“I’m so sorry Sister Sang Wan!” Sang Rou sensed that she had lost her own composure and quickly clasped Sang Wan’s hand, “I’m so sorry, so sorry! I didn’t mean to, you, don’t blame me, please!”

Sang Wan shook her head, “How can I blame my cousin!”

“Then that’s good. I knew you had always been one who had a big heart,” Sang Rou then smiled without worry before giving Sang Wan a few more compliments. She added on, “Ah yes, I don’t know if the Shi family lacks any servants. My good sister, why don’t you try talking to my father and have me become a servant of the Shi family! We’re sisters, I’m sure I can be of help to you!”

Sang Wan became speechless. She glanced at Sang Rou and saw a face full of expectations. Only then did she realize why Sang Rou tried to get closer to her.

Just that——

Isn’t this illogical!

Powerless, Sang Wan thought to herself.

They were cousins, and their fathers were born from the same mother to become close brothers! To go to the Shi family and become a servant, what a stunt!

“How can I do that, you’re my sister, how can I make you a servant of the Shi family!” Sang Wan quickly laughed. Under Sang Rou’s glare, like a tiger eyeing greedily at its prey, she found it somewhat difficult to cope with where the conversation was heading.

“Then I won’t become a lowly servant, but be one of those in the management or anything else!” Sang Rou’s eyes glistened even brighter than before, “Doesn’t a huge household like the Shi family have a household department of some sort? I, will surely side with you on everything!”

Sang Wan became even more speechless than before and could only smile, “At this moment, my mother-in-law is the one in-charge of the household. Moreover, the management servants are those born in the Shi household and worked in the house for many years to climb up to their position. Besides, a management servant is still a servant, how can I turn my own cousin into an insult! If others were to know, they’ll surely mock at it!”

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