Chapter 374: Recorded facts in Blue Waves


The trees were dark green, shaded by foliage and a faint smell of plants surrounded this place. Moreover, birds cheerfully sang among the trees as their chirps filled the air. Coupled with the gurgling sound of spring water, it was music to the ears.

Currently, Long Yi who had left the Lightning God Temple was taking a deep breath with an intoxicated expression on his face. The familiar sight of greenery and the fragrance of nature relaxed Long Yi’s mind and body. After being in the Lightning God Forbidden Area for so long, Long Yi had almost forgotten the feeling of being surrounded by natural greenery again.

“Well, we are finally out of that damned Lightning God Forbidden Area. It has already been quite a few days since I last smelled meat… My mouth seemed to have already forgotten the taste of eating meat.” Long Yi looked pleased with himself as he said.

“Yes, yes, father, I want to eat roasted meat! I want lots and lots of meat!” As soon as Niu’er heard Long Yi mention the word ‘meat’, her eyes shone and she immediately began to drool.

“If you want to eat roasted meat, then go get the materials.” Long Yi quickly instructed Niu’er as he patted her head lovingly.

Niu’er immediately entered the forest to catch their meal along with the Violent Lightning Beast, Fire Qilin and Little Three. While the four of them went to catch beasts for Long Yi to cook, Long Yi led everyone over to the side of a water source not too far away from them. Long Yi led everyone to the edge of a cliff which seemed to be made up by huge rocks stacked on top of each other as they got ready to cook their first meal after leaving the Lightning God Forbidden Area. On that cliff, there were many holes and seams from which clear spring water flowed down. A curtain of mist formed whenever a gust of wind blew onto the cascading water, which created a refreshing breeze when it blew onto the faces of Long Yi and the rest. This gave them a nice and cool feeling and revitalized the group who just came out of the Lightning God Forbidden Area.

“Wow, this place is truly beautiful. If we can live here for a long period of time, how nice would that be!” Nalan Ruyue exclaimed with admiration. She, who was accustomed to the sight of the vigorous and vast sea, felt at home when she saw the pretty sight of this refreshing body of water.

“If you want to live in a place for a long time, then go to the Elven Forest. The scenery in the Elven Forest is much more beautiful than this place.” Long Yi laughed. Whenever Long Yi thought of the Elven Forest, he couldn’t help thinking about that fairyland-like scenery and his cute Elf Princess Lu Xiya. Of course, there was also someone else he thought of other than his cute Lu Xiya, it was the sexy Elf Queen. Those perfectly round and plump buttocks truly were the best under the heavens.

“Pervert, you’re always letting your imagination run wild!” Looking at Long Yi’s infatuated ** expression, Wushuang immediately knew that he was thinking about some other woman again. A sense of disgust rose in her heart as she imagined Long Yi thinking about other women.

Long Yi came back to his senses looked around. Seeing all the other women around him were staring at him with disdain in their eyes and killing intent slowly leaking out of them, he laughed hollowly and changed the subject of conversation, “What are you all planning to do next?”

“Naturally, go back. After Niu’er finish eating, I am taking her back with me to the Illusory Forest.” Liu Xu happily expressed her plans of leaving.

Long Yi frowned and said, “How about roaming around the Blue Waves Continent with us? Aren’t you bored of staying in the Illusory Forest every day?”

Liu Xu shook her head. Raising pretty face with a proud and aloof expression on it, she lowered her voice and said, “Although that Dragon Clan elder let us go for the moment, that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t meet other members of the Dragon Clan. Niu’er has yet to grow up and my strength is also not enough to protect her. There’s no way I can take the risk of roaming around under these circumstances, what if we accidentally run into a member of the Dragon Clan?”

Long Yi was startled and nodded his head, “That is also true. The Dragon Clan has a special way to track your aura, not to mention that I’m currently not in possession of the Light God’s spirit tablet. This is indeed a risk we can’t take.”

After he woke up, Long Yi discovered that both the light spirit tablet and dark spirit tablet were missing. As Long Yi thought about why he wasn’t able to see Dongfang Kexin and Feng Ling after he woke up, adding on to Feng Ling’ strange behavior, he managed to connect the dots. Long Yi was able to roughly guess what happened to the two tablets, but after considering Feng Ling’s feelings, he didn’t take the initiative to mention what happened to the two tablets.

“Long Yi, I want to return to the Moxi clan. I haven’t returned for a very long time.” Si Bi warmly looked at Long Yi with a yearning look in her eyes as she said..

“My husband, Lingr and I have to return to the Dark Church, you should go with Si Bi.” Leng Youyou leaned on Long Yi and said.

As for Nalan Ruyue and Barbarian Bull, they will follow Long Yi wherever he goes.

Long Yi thought for a bit. In any case, if he wanted to accompany Wushuang to Lost City, it would be better to enter the Huangmang Plain from the entrance of Proud Moon Empire’s northern part. If he entered the Huangmang Plain from the northern part of Proud Moon Empire, he would be able to accompany Si Bi, Leng Youyou, and Lingr. There was a chance he would be able to go to the Hengduan Mountains and Mea Principality to take a look at Long’er and Wuhen on the way as well.

“Fine, I will go to Proud Moon Empire together with you all. However, I wonder what is the current situation of Blue Waves Continent.” Long Yi said with a smile. He still didn’t know that it had already been more than half a year outside and the flame of wars had already spread throughout the entire Blue Waves Continent.


On the year 8788, 22nd day of the 12th month, it had already been more than five months since Long Yi had entered the Lightning God Forbidden Area. Troops belonging to the Violent Dragon Empire and the Nalan Empire were pressing on their attack on the Proud Moon Empire every passing day. Since the attack started, Proud Moon Empire had lost several cities and several thousand li of their territory. During this time, eight principalities and several tens of small kingdoms that were attached to the Proud Moon Empire dispatched troops to assist the Proud Moon Empire in the war. However, all the principalities and small kingdoms attached to the other two empires had also sent their troops to participate in this war. At this stage, in Blue Waves Continent, other than the Hengduan Mountains as well as other remote areas, the flames of war had already swept through the entire Blue Waves Continent. Countless cities were turned into ruins, countless common people became destitute and homeless, and in an extremely short period of half a year, Blue Waves Continent lost many young warriors and soldiers. Of course, the casualties in the war didn’t only involve soldiers, several million innocent people were also massacred by the armies of the empires.

Although the main battlefields were concentrated in the Proud Moon Empire, as well as border principalities and kingdoms, cities which were destroyed and changed to ruins were not limited to those places. The border villages and cities of both the Violent Dragon Empire and the Nalan Empire were frequently massacred and plundered by the light cavalry of the Proud Moon Empire. Proud Moon Empire, who was already forced into a hopeless situation, was unusually united from the top to the bottom. They changed their city defense strategy and began to launch attacks on both the Nalan Empire and Violent Dragon Empire. Fuelled by the rage of being invaded by the other two empires, the Proud Moon Empire’s troops left a mountain of corpses in their wake. They adopted the fierce extermination strategy. They didn’t confront the troops of the other two empires, instead they especially attacked and killed unarmed common people regardless of gender and age.

This kind of guerrilla warfare made both the Nalan and Violent Dragon Empire extremely stressed. Their actions served to add oil to the already burning fire as the troops of the other two empires intensified their attacks. The sad news of the death of their beloved ones coming from the rear stimulated the ferocious nature of the soldiers from both empires. Every time they captured a city from the Proud Moon Empire, the troops would massacre every single person in the city, down to the last dog. The actions of the armies were making the entire Blue Waves Continent insane as the violence escalated time after time.

Currently, the reputation of the Violent Dragon Empire’s Unparalleled Battalion was already like the sun at high noon. Their name alone could terrify the troops of the Proud Moon Empire. At the same time, the Unparalleled Battalion was deeply respected by the troops of either army. As Unparalleled Battalion had an iron-clad military discipline, they were the only troop to adopt appeasing means after capturing a city. They would never harm the lives of the innocent people inside the city, but against their enemies of the other empire, they would carry out a bloody slaughter, completely opposite of how they treated the innocent.

The vice battalion commander of Unparalleled Battalion, Tyrant Bear, has slaughtered more than ten thousand enemy soldiers in the short span of five months. Everyone gave him the title, ‘Violent Bear Slaughter God’. As for Beitang Yu, due to her intelligence and cold-blooded means, she gained the title of ‘Hell Angel’.

At this moment, in the city lord mansion of a captured city, Beitang Yu was looking at the military map hanging on the wall. From time to time, she would make gestures with her little hand and there would be a complex expression on her face, signaling that she was deep in thought.

“General Beitang, Violent Dragon Legion’s vice-commander, Ximen Tian, sends the military report.” Nangong Nu who was wearing a suit of armor entered the room and made a report. The flames of war had already made this wimpy kid of former days change into a real soldier. Now, his back was straightened, he had sharp eyes, and killing intent oozed out of every pore of his body.

“Let me take a look.” Beitang Yu’s eyebrows rose and she took the sealed magic bamboo tube from Nangong Nu. Regarding the governing of the Unparalleled Battalion, Tyrant Bear had already given full authority to Beitang Yu. She was allowed to do anything she wished and she was able to command anyone she wanted. This clearly exhibits the position of Beitang Yu in the Unparalleled Battalion.

After quickly reading through the contents of the report, Beitang Yu sneered and exerted some force in her dainty hands. The report turned into fine powder in her hands as her eyes radiated killing intent. With a cold voice, she said, “Vice commander asked us, the Unparalleled Battalion, to make a detour and carry out a sneak attack on Jing’an City. Humph, does he think I still don’t know what he’s thinking? Although Jing’an is merely a second tier city, there are several military camps stationed around that city. If the sneak attack failed, then we will fall into a situation where we will be besieged from all sides. At that time, if vice commander came slightly late to the rescue, then we, the Unparalleled Battalion, will be unable to escape and will definitely be wiped out.”

“General Beitang, then what should we do?” Nangong Nu asked.

“Tell a messenger to deliver this oral message. Tell the vice commander that the Unparalleled Battalion have just finished sieging a city, and the troops are tired and need to rest. As such, he should request another battalion to siege Jing’an City.” Beitang Yu sneered and said. Although the Unparalleled Battalion was inside the organizational system of the Violent Dragon Legion, the Unparalleled Battalion was an absolute independent battalion. Long Yi had once said that even if Emperor Long Zhan issued an order, they don’t need to give a damn about it.

Nangong Nu received the order and left. After seeing that Nangong Nu had left to relay her order, Beitang Yu turned to look at the military map on the wall again. Now, the Unparalleled Battalion was just like a sharp knife that was piercing through the Proud Moon Empire. As for the other big legions, they had fanned out to the wings, with the Unparalleled Battalion in the center.

“We cannot penetrate further, in case someone stabs us from the back, that would be troublesome.” Looking at the military map, Beitang Yu muttered. The Unparalleled Battalion was her sweetheart’s, so she must manage it carefully. If she were to make a mess out of the battalion her sweetheart created, she would be embarrassed to look at him.

Beitang Yu sat on a high-backed chair. Suddenly, Long Yi’s face with a bad smile when he was in her bedchamber appeared. In the next moment, Long Yi’s grim handsome face when he was in the military camp appeared in front of her eyes. She was completely infatuated with him. It can be said that Long Yi was the military soul of the Unparalleled Battalion. Every single one of his actions and moves, the way he spoke, these were the things which made all the officers and men of the Unparalleled Battalion feel united together.


Late at night, Long Yi with his half-closed eyes leaned against a big tree outside his tent. He had turned a deaf ear to the fight which was ongoing far away.

Because of the disappearance of the Lightning God Forbidden Area, everyone knew that someone had completed the mission. As such, groups of greedy adventurer groups began to search high and low for the lucky groups that survived, leading to continuous clashes.

Long Yi wasn’t interested in these things. In any case, as long as they didn’t provoke him, he was too lazy to care about the life or death of others.

“Tonight, whose tent should I go to? Youyou’s? Wushuang’s?” Long Yi’s heart was burning. He thought about that devilish figure of Leng Youyou, before changing his thoughts to Wushuang’s supple and smooth skin. Looking at all the options before him, Long Yi was unable to come to a decision. Long Yi dared to guarantee that no one would reject him regardless of whichever tent he entered. Just the thought of this made his mind wander with thoughts of sleeping together with everyone at the same time.

Just when Long Yi was cracking his head, a lonely and slender back view reflected in the eyes of Long Yi. Her long light blue hair was fluttering in the night wind, she was none other than Feng Ling. She flew to the top of a big tree and sat at the top of that tree, facing the wind.

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