Chapter 1001 – Smooth Like A Ball

After the yellow light surrounded her, a powerful conscious enter her mind.

She felt a series of needle-like pain and they made her want to moan uncontrollably from the pain.

Yet her senses have been suppressed by spirit energy, preventing her from screaming; the moment she opened her mouth, a wave of spirit energy would choke her. She was not even able to cry and she felt suffocated.

While the conscious wreaked havoc inside her mind, the spirit energy that wrapped around her also started diving into her body.

The spirit energy belonged to the Chef Sage and was very powerful, it swam through her meridians and charged through her veins domineeringly.

It broke through several points of resistance, opening up her meridians and letting it recover before opening it again, repeating the process!

This happened for a cycle, then another and another.

Huan Qing Yan did not know how long it took, it felt as though ten thousand years had gone by. The pain from her meridians being torn apart and reconstructed made it hard for her to breathe. The conscious inside her mind did not care if she could handle the inheritance and kept pouring information into her mind.

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She wanted to just faint on the spot, at least fainting could give her a breather.

Yet she was incomparably alert, she could literally feel the moment her meridians were torn apart and being reconstructed bit by bit every time it happened.

As the spirit energy washed through her, she could see the filth within her body being expelled by the spirit energy and turning into ash by the spirit energy outside her body.

She could also see the hidden injuries that were caused due to childbirth were being slowly nourished by the spirit energy and were being healed at a visible rate.

She also saw her meridians becoming larger and stronger after each cycle.

Due to the childbirth, her cultivation had been slowly dropping below Late Stage Spirit Master, it was only prevented thanks to the various medicines and herbs provided by the Bai Li Clan.

Plus, Piggy and Leafy were also heavily injured; she has been constantly diverting her spirit energy to nourish them, causing her cultivation to be at a standstill.

This seemingly endless amount of spirit energy kept infusing itself inside her body, causing Huan Qing Yan to sense her repressed cultivation to slowly start to rise.

On her wrists; Piggy and Leafy, who were in hibernation, were also slowly recovering from their dispirited state.

Leafy was originally a long vine, but its heavy injuries caused it to become a thin and short stalk with a few green buds.

However, the green buds were now containing traces of gold; Huan Qing Yan sensed that Leafy would become even stronger after recovering from its injured state.

However, Leafy was still in hibernation and focusing on absorbing the endless supply of spirit energy.

Piggy was slightly more active, it was unknown if it was due to absorbing too much spirit energy as its body had turned as round as a ball while its wings had become meaty and heavy. Its four trotters were also as smooth as a ball; it was looking like a fluttering moth that was floating mid-air.

Every time it beat its meaty wings, sparks would fly would, and the sparks produced also contained traces of white.

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Piggy was slightly worried about Leafy and went to check on it and felt assured after seeing that the green buds were becoming larger.

Leafy might be unconscious, but its instincts were still present; a thin vine extended out and flipped Piggy, causing Piggy’s legs to face the sky.

Piggy was greatly angered; after spending great effort to flip its body upright again, it opened its mouth and shot fire at Leafy.

Leafy was covered in fire, but it simply shook itself slightly and extinguished the fire.

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