Chapter 1002 – God Chosen

Leafy was not injured and he got even greener.

Huan Qing Yan felt assured after seeing that, the expansion of her meridians caused even more spirit energy to flow through her body, she should not lose focus to observe her spirit treasures again.

Huan Qing Yan focused her attention on absorbing the spirit energy in her body.

The observers watched as the yellow light cocoon slowly started thinning, from the initial point of not being able to see the person within to slowly becoming visible.

Until the last trace of spirit energy was absorbed and the yellow light disappeared, then did Huan Qing Yan start to absorb the spirit energy from nature, creating a huge spirit energy whirlpool above her head.

Everyone understood immediately that she was becoming a Mystic Spirit Master after obtaining the inheritance.

The sun was setting as the natural spirit energy was gathering above her head.

The reddish glow of the setting sun and the purplish night background above it looked as though it has entered the spirit energy whirlpool and had fallen onto Huan Qing Yan, covering her in an aurora light that contained hints of gold.

At that instant, everyone thought that a celestial fairy has descended and was mesmerized.

Even Ji Mo Ya’s unique atmosphere that constantly stood out was outshined by this aurora light.

Shang Qiu Meng Qian slapped his thigh and stood up, “Qing Qing, good one!”

Bai Chen Feng had also displayed a mixed expression of joy and surprise, Nan Gong Bei Chen also found the situation unexpected, even the Half-Sages were looking flabbergasted…

Even at their age, they have not witnessed such grandeur before.

F***, this was what a real Spirit Master should look like!

Huan Qing Yan only felt the bottleneck of cultivation level was endlessly challenged and slowly weakened.

Suddenly, she heard a breaking sound in her mind, the bottleneck has shattered, countless spirit energy rushed into her body.

The inheritance within her sea of conscious quickly turned into rows of words and engraved themselves into her mind, preventing her from forgetting them.

Huan Qing Yan felt as though her entire being was being elevated to another realm.

When she looked at the world again, the mountains looked greener while the water looked pristine; the energy of life in her surroundings was more pronounced than before.

She could even detect the kind and bad intents that were once hidden from her.

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“She seems to be promoting!”

Someone shouted.

“Looking at her condition, it did seem like she is becoming a Mystic Spirit Master!”

 “What! You can promote after accepting an inheritance?”

“Take a closer look at how is bestowing the inheritance. It is the manifested spirit of the Chef Sage…”

“Looks like this missing bloodline that the Bai Li Clan found is not simple, no wonder they made it such a big event! They do possess real strength, not only are they able to create a fake Saintess, but they also have such powerful descendants…”


Huan Qing Yan was not affected by the discussions.

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She continued to guide the spirit energy within her body…

The worried Bai Li Feng heaved a sigh of relief despite believing that Huan Qing Yan would surely accept the inheritance without any issue.

Becoming a God Chosen and one personally selected by the Chef Sage!

However, he cannot let his guard down and be free of worries until the last moment. Now that he saw that Huan Qing Yan had not only became a God Chosen but also promoting to a Mystic Spirit Master, he was extremely delighted.

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