Chapter 1003 – Bottomless Auroras

Even a calm person like Ji Mo Ya could not help but smile when he saw what had happened.

Let alone Shang Qiu Meng Qian and Nan Gong Bei Chen, they two had already gathered their heads and were whispering with each other.

Bai Chen Feng’s face looked cold but there was gentleness in his gaze.

After the last trace of the Chef Sage’s spirit energy was absorbed by Huan Qing Yan, the pressure emitted disappeared. The statue, Bai Li Feng and the elders of the clan all stood around Huan Qing Yan to guard over her.

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They were worried that some crazy fella seeking death might come over to disturb her, the Bai Li Clan might not be able to handle the resulting losses.

When they saw Huan Qing Yan opened her eyes, and the energy in her body stabilized, they were relieved and was about to speak.

When a surprising change occurred again!

Usually, one would require great amounts of spirit energy when promoting to a Mystic Spirit Master, at that time,  the natural spirit energy in their surroundings would be completely drained after the promotion.

However, it might be because the spirit energy left behind by the Chef Sage was too abundant, Huan Qing Yan still had a large amount of spirit energy that was still unabsorbed; the excess energy was swirling above her head, not disappearing.

Especially at this moment when the day turns into the evening, the spirit energy created a mysterious fluctuation.

Everyone looked in awe as a bottomless aurora fell from the sky, the spirit energy was colored by the aurora turning into a sea of light that looked like it were fire due to the hue of the setting sun.

This sea of fire made of spirit energy slowly descended, everyone felt pressured as though this fire ocean was coming down onto them.

Those with weaker wills instantly turned pale, the feeling they had was as though they were being baked by the sea of fire, causing them to start sweating.

Everyone was at a loss at what to do, none has encountered such a situation before and looking at the spirit energy gathering again made it look as though someone was about to promote again?

Is this special treatment of a God Chosen selected by the Chef Sage?

Some who were fast to react thought of absorbing the spirit energy for their own use.

Since there was so much spirit energy, absorbing some sneakily should be fine, right?

However, when these small characters absorbed the spirit energy, they immediately cried out in pain.

The spirit energy was like a fire that scorched them internally the moment it entered their bodies, feeling like a tyrannic blaze that would burn their meridians and vessels into ashes.

The scream instantly attracted the attention of everyone; they saw these people, with burn marks on their palms and arms, who was rolling on the ground in pain.

Extremely horrifying.

Everyone looked at those people rolling on the floor before looking at the oppressive sea of fire in the sky in awe.

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A light flashed through Ji Mo Ya’s eyes, he did not encounter this sort of situation when he became a God Chosen as well.

Was it because Chef Sage’s God Chosen was from the Bai Li Clan?

Just that the previously spirit energy from the Chef Sage was yellow that represented defensive qualities of Earth.

Yet the spirit energy above everyone was filled with offensive qualities, represented by the red color of Fire.

Can it be that another cultivator had been selected as a God Chosen somewhere else and was also promoting? Thus creating this resonance?

This was not only Ji Mo Ya’s opinion, but many others were also making similar guesses.

After Huan Qing Yan broke through her bottleneck and opened her eyes, she felt her wrist turning hot. She inspected it with her divine sense and saw that Piggy had absorbed too much spirit energy, its round belly was facing upwards as its wings beat weakly, looking as though it was trying to flip itself upright with no avail.

After trying several times, it gave up, helpless. When it saw that Huan Qing Yan was around, it immediately grunted and begged to be comforted. Despite that, it was still absorbing spirit energy without showing signs of stopping. 

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