Chapter 1004 – Lightning Tribulation!

It looked as though it would rather die from overeating than to let it waste!

Huan Qing Yan felt like laughing while feeling annoyance at the same time.

She stretched her hand and flipped it upright before poking at its head: “Your stomach is on the verge of bursting and you still do not want to stop!”

The flying pig shook the only thing that could move on its body, the tail, to express its objection and reported: “I am to enter Nirvana soon, how am I to be reborn if I do not eat more spirit energy?”

Huan Qing Yan was originally about to rub the flying pig’s belly to ease the strain when her hand paused mid-air, she curiously looked at the flying pig: “What did you say just now? Am I hallucinating?”

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The flying pig rolled its eyes, it wanted to fly up and step on Huan Qing Yan’s head a couple of times but when it tried to move, the swirling spirit energy in its belly made it want to vomit the spirit energy out.

It quickly raised its claws and covered its mouth, worried that the spirit energy will leak out.

Huan Qing Yan laughed: “Looking at you now, you are still a pig. Just say that you are promoting, why call it Nirvana? Do you think you are a phoenix? Don’t think that you are one just because you have wings now.”

What replied to her was a huge fireball shot from the flying pig.

When Huan Qing Yan returned to her senses, she looked at the spirit energy gathered above her that had reached its peak, nearly half the sky was swirling with spirit energy. 

Lightning could be seen flashing within the spirit energy.

This was Lightning Tribulation!

The moment the Lightning Tribulation appeared, everyone knew that a spirit treasure was going to face a tribulation!

A Lightning Tribulation only happens when a spirit treasure is to face tribulation.

This only happens on legendary spirit treasures like the Dragon or Phoenix?

Everyone instantly looked at Ji Mo Ya. 

Didn’t Ji Mo Ya’s spirit treasure experienced Lightning Tribulation a couple of years ago? Why did it happen again now?

Everyone began to feel nervous.

It was said that Lightning Tribulations were extremely vicious and could injure the people nearby!

That time when Ji Mo Ya was about to face a Tribulation, many people had gone to the Holy City to observe. However, the moment the Lightning Tribulation arrived, there was not a single cultivator within the city who were present not hiding.

Ji Mo Ya faced nine Lighting Tribulations and nearly died…

Therefore, some of the sharper individuals started to quietly move away.

The Half-Sages were also confused about this occurrence and looked at the sky.

Ji Mo Ya was also shocked when he saw the Lightning Tribulation, his first reaction was, his Dragon Spirit Treasure did not fully complete its Tribulation?

He sent his divine sense to check the dragon spirit but found that other than some agitation towards the incoming Tribulation, it showed no signs of any oddity.

Whose spirit treasure could attract a Lightning Tribulation as well?

“Little Ya, is it your spirit treasure?” Sage Cai asked with a frown.  

Ji Mo Ya replied “No.”

At that moment, he heard the sound of exclamations from people in shock.

Ji Mo Ya raised his head and saw a black ball flying out of Huan Qing Yan’s wrist and into the sky.

The ball that has two vaguely visible wings moved quickly and charged towards the layer of fiery red spirit energy that contained lightning.

Ji Mo Ya felt the ball to be somewhat familiar. 

However, before he could recall what it was, the spirit energy reacted to thee winged ball as though it found its relative, and were started to charge towards it.

The crackling sound of lightning striking was heard and it made the people below feel the pain.

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They also started smelling a charred scent that was spreading out.

Huan Qing Yan looked at the flying pig that was surrounded by lightning, she had also detected the charred smell.

As well as the current emotions and state of mind of the flying pig.

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